Trayvon Martin: He be da martyr

The Daily Caller provides an insight into Trayvon Martin, the sudden hero of the left. A photo accompanying his profanity-laced and sexually explicit twitter account, shows the tattooed 17-year-old flipping off the camera.  He used the handles NO LIMIT NIGGA and “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” on the 152 pages of compiled Twitter activity retrieved by the Daily Caller.

This is a standout, written by the “son” of Barack Obama, now given celebrity status in death:  “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”

Meanwhile Martin’s shooter, self-described Hispanic George Zimmerman has a $10,000 bounty on his head and has been abandoned by Hispanic groups some of whom are actually challenging Zimmerman’s ethnicity while bonding with Martin.

The National Council of La Raza* urges Latino participation in rallies for the slain youth, demanding “Justice for Trayvon,” insisting  that block watch volunteer George Zimmerman, as well as law enforcement be held accountable for the unfortunate death. Janet Murguia, the group’s President and CEO wrote this article. Her twin sister is Mary Murguia, a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Their brother Carlos is a US Federal judge in Kansas.

The racial overtones of this highly charged shooting have become irrational as black columnist Leonard Pitts “explains” why George Zimmerman is white.

* Do yourself a favor and read this exposé of La Raza by Charlie Norwood, the late Georgia Congressman, who provided great insight into the inner workings of the leftist organization and its anti-American agenda.

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11 Responses to Trayvon Martin: He be da martyr

  1. Zach says:

    There are plenty of hysterics on both sides, but the facts remain when you get down to it:

    An adult shot an unarmed 17 year old after being advised by police not to pursue. Video evidence does not show Zimmerman with any visible injuries from the supposed “attack”.

    A 17 year old kid is dead, and it is a tragedy regardless of what he had on his twitter account. Neighborhood watch captains should not be shooting people, especially unarmed people.

    • Elizabeth says:

      One swell kid. And he spoke so wonderfully of women. It’s no wonder he’s become a national hero.

    • ZOO says:

      “…plenty of hysterics on both sides…” How did you determine there are only two sides? Most people are waiting for more facts and don’t have a “side.” Other than the leftest media, Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and a host of celebrity idiots, who has demonstrated “hysteria?”

    • John says:

      The kid was a thug no doubt about. He did not deserve to die just because he was a thug, but he should have had the shit kicked out of him for acting out as a thug. What is really a shame is that Trayvon is symbolic of whole generation of “lost” young men. No education, no skills, nothing to offer society. Indeed a national tragedy.

      • Justin says:

        So true. Fatherless homes, failing unionized, government schools, moms with successive boyfriends…Trayvon Martin is a symptom/symbol of the Democrat LBJ administration’s failings projected decades later where government checks supplant fathers and too many minorities think it’s uncool to strive for and demand a decent education as a sure route out of poverty and lawlessness. it’s a tragedy this teen died. It’s also tragic that his life was a waste before his untimely end. For his mother to cash in on his name by trademarking it, speaks volumes.

  2. Doc says:

    I retrieved the following from

    All of this “race” is lamestream-media AND “POTUS” hyped BOOLSHEET! Who’s killin’ blacks?

    …uuuhhh…other blacks. THERE’S some truth for ’em!

    …nuff sed…

  3. Fances Majors says:

    Kinda fun watching the “oppressed” minorities jockeying for position.
    I personally never understood how a Mexican-American could be a minority since the majority have Spanish blood, wouldn’t that be European blood? As far as Zimmerman not being Hispanic because of his name, are these people really that ignorant? Ever hear of Linda Ronstadt? Do they not know that there was huge contingent of German miners in Mexico and South America? As well as ex pats who left Germany during the wars?
    The blacks involved in this mess have no reason to leave the plantation and will do anything they can to make sure they are considered the true minority.
    These race baiters from both “minorities” could care less about a dead teenager and a man well on his way to be railroaded. They are looking for both financial and political gain, pure and simple, while “We the People” are left to clean up the mess.

  4. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Trayvon Martin has been misrepresented as an innocent. He is a truant, suspended from school at least three times, a graffiti vandal and was caught with tools for breaking into homes, as well as jewelry including women’s rings and other possessions that were not his. He was not charged due to lack of solid evidence. No, he didn’t deserve to die for those crimes, but this is being played out of proportion just in time for a racial divide to usher Trayvon’s “dad” back into the White House.

    The Black Panter’s $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman and Spike Lee giving out what he erroneously thought was Zimmerman’s address, is reprehensible.

    • Doc says:

      Hey Cal- I wonder if th’ Spike Lee thing’s PROSECUTABLE…as well as reprehensible? And th “black cat’s” “bounty” as well for THAT matter.

      Ya’ notice how we out here in good ‘ol Arizona…where th’ 2nd Amendment is actually recognised & followed…seem to not have any of that “bad-luck kitty” trouble like they have back east…where th’ 2nd Amendment is a joke to them…& th’ 1st Amendment, & th’ 3rd, & th’ 4th, & th’…so on & so on…

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    As this has been playing out in the U.S. media, there was a trial going on in Florida regarding last year’s senseless murder of two British tourists at the hands of a 17 year old black kid who shot and killed them. Where was Court TV? Where was the show “In Session” which discusses court cases from around the country? The shooter was found guilty this week, and still had the defiant smile on his face as he was led away to prison. You can find the story on at least two U.K. online news sources—the Telegraph U.K. and the Drudge also linked to the story from the Telegraph on his website late yesterday.

    Glenn Beck did a great monologue on the other day. He stated that, on the same weekend that T.M. was shot in Florida, there had been 49 shootings in the city of Chicago. One involved a 4 year old child who was sitting on the steps of her house and was gunned down by a spray of bullets from a speeding car. Why is no one up in arms about a 4 year old black child being killed so brutally? Where is Sharpton and the usual troublemakers? They are silent because they know that there is a high degree of likelihood that it was a black-on-black crime.

    For those of you who do not subscribe to GBTV, Glenn had a 14 day free trial subscription. In April, he will be doing stories regarding Farrakahn and the Nation of Islam.

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