AZ US Attorney: Kyl, McCain approve Obama’s pick

Anti-Arpaio choice emboldens left

WND reports that Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain have jointly approved the Obama administration’s nomination of John Leonardo for U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, calling it “welcome news.”

Leonardo is a recently retired Pima County Superior Court judge with a history of rulings unfavorable to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Since the sheriff’s Cold Case investigative team probing Barack Obama’s eligibility has found probable cause that Obama presented a fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service registration, the warm welcome of the Obama nominee is especially troubling.

Had either Kyl or McCain objected to Leonardo’s nomination, they could have refused to “blue card” him with the Judiciary Committee, a procedure exercised as senatorial privilege to either approve or block a federal judicial appointment in their state.

Arizona’s U.S. attorney position became vacant when Dennis Burke, a longtime Democrat Party operative and Janet Napolitano protégé abruptly resigned last July, just as the House Oversight Committee and an internal Justice Department investigation began focusing on the role his office played in the botched gun-tracking operation known as “Fast and Furious.” In January of this year, Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the Criminal Division of the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s Office, invoked Fifth Amendment protections against self incrimination when called to testify before Congress.

The efforts to discredit Sheriff Joe Arpaio have deep roots within the Obama administration, especially as Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has embarrassed Barack Obama with its findings as he heads into his reelection campaign.

This article by Jerome Corsi provides in-depth coverage.

15 Responses to AZ US Attorney: Kyl, McCain approve Obama’s pick

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    On Saturday, March 31, at 1 p.m., Sheriff Joe and lead investigator Mike Zullo will make a presentation of the findings regarding the validity of Obama’s b.c. It is expected to last about two hours. Location: Church on the Green, 19051 R.H. Johnson Blvd., Sun City West.

    I support Sheriff Joe.

  2. Doc says:

    So…I’d suggest calling our fine senatorial representatives to let them know how we feel about their support of this fella’…

    …but why? 1st off…you’ve all heard it from me before. I’m sure you’ve joined me in making their phones ring…to abso-freeking-lutly NO AVAIL what-so-ever…& 2nd off, they could give a rat’s @$$ about how we feel. They are after all….wwwaaaaayyyy above us lowly conservative Republicans…

    …by th’ way…where’s that danged fence anyway???

    • StetsonXXX says:

      If you’re waiting for the fence Mccain promised, you better find a good way to while away your time. It won’t be constructed in our lifetimes.

      McKyl are Arizona’s answer to the age-old question, What is
      duplicity? The two are practiced phonies who only masquerade as Republicans. Kyl claims to be pro-life but raises money for liberal Maine colleague Susan Collins, a committed pro-abortion senator.

      Kyl is more cunning than McCain, because he’s smarter. McCain is a dullard who needs to be spoon fed information and even then confuses Iran and Iraq.

      • Doc says:

        …he even confused his Romney endorsement with that of th’ annoying one…I know, man. I was bein’ a wizeacre about th’ fence comment…

  3. Clark says:

    Well, what do you know. Kyl, who doesn’t care because he’s not running again and McCain who knows that the electorate will conveniently forget by the time he’s up for reelection.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    The “marriage” of McCain and Kyl will give birth to a nightmare called Jeff McFlake. He will continue the liberal legacy and lying. He’s been honing his skills for years now, ever since he decided not to honor his Contract With America pledge to term limit himself. He later laughingly called it a “mistake.” Vote for Wil Cardon!! He’s our best choice.

  5. Realist says:

    Evidently our two US Seneators are more interested in “pay-backs-are-hell” for Sheriff Joe than expoising the truth about POTUS and saving our state and nation from being over run by illegals.

    Let this serve as yet another warning to all who cross the status quo/establisnment.

    By this action McSHame continues to prove himself as a disgrace to his office and a traitor to our country. I often wondered where Kyl was coming from…now I know. This speaks volumes regarding his character. What a way to end a lack luster career.

    Slime ball McShame and his newly exposed lap dog Kyl should both rot in hell for their betrayal of our state and nation.

    • Doc says:

      DAYUM Realist…Get It ON BROTHER! I just wanted to remind us all of a letter a fellow Conservative up here in Prescott got from McKyl regarding his support of eric holder. McKyl stated in th’ letter (I saw th’ actual letter, not an e-mail!) that he believed that mr holder was the best man for the job of A.G…..NOOOWWW…when asked about his vote in retrospect…he answers not. nuthin’. zer0. zipola. nada. ‘sumadder??? dim-0-craps & R.I.N.O.’s gotchur tongue, pal?

      Sooo…I got a call from Wil Cardon’s campaign THIS VERY AFTERNOON! Guess who’s 4X4 foot campaign sign’s gonna’ be in MY YARD?!?!?

      …here’s a hint…it won’t be mcflake’s…..

      …”mcflakes”…sounds like a off-brand breakfast cerial…yuk!

      • Night Owl says:

        Right again, Doc. Wil Cardon needs our help. McFlake is a lying flake who will be worse than we thought the gruesome twosome could ever be.

        I picked up some Cardon yard signs at the state meeting. Two for the front yard (we live on a corner) and the rest for the corners on the neighborhood main roadways.

  6. Teller Of Truth says:

    Remember this crucial fact: When liberal democrat MARY MURGUIA was formally sworn in as a judge on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at the federal courthouse in Phoenix, AZ’s so-called conservative Senator JON KYL was among those in attendance. He was there with Obama’s lapdog JANET NAPOLITANO!!

    This is all disgusting and we, the citizens of Arizona, have been played for suckers by the lefties WE PUT in POLITICAL office. At least we know what the Democrats are all about. It’s the Republicans who lie to us and con us. We’re getting screwed without a kiss.

    Jeff Flake is cut from the same cloth — only worse.

  7. I continue to hope and pray that in the Nov election, Arizona finally gets a Republican elected to the US Senate. And since Wil Cardon is the only such person running, he’s got my full support.

  8. Another LD11 PC says:

    Did we need more evidence that Kyl and McCain are sellout liberals?

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    Of course the McTraitor Twins would support a liberal jimson weed.

    Do not forget that the McDuo are endorsing McFlake, as well as other McRino candidates in several AZ congressional races. And other congressional candidates have been stubborn McAmnesty supporters in his race against a conservative patriot.

    That is a valuable yardstick to use in assessing which candidates measure up to deserving our support.

    PS: Last I heard, Patrick Cunningham is still taking up gov’t office space at the US Attorney’s Office, even after hiding behind the 5th Amendment shield, and the McTraitor Twins haven’t even squeeked about that. [By golly yes, Cunningham did work for JaNo when she was our AG—surprised?]

    God bless America.

  10. Angee says:

    Let’s all work for term limits ASAP. These two never should have
    remained in office for so long.

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