Paul Babeu: Dead candidate walking

We’ve already used the headline Bombshell! Bye-bye Babeu? so this one was the next obvious choice. Things are not looking good for the Pinal County sheriff and congressional hopeful.

Since this damaging report titled “Deleted Pinal County Sheriff’s Office files spur investigation,” is based on records obtained through a public-records request initiated by the Arizona Republic, we have linked directly to the newspaper article here.  Read it for yourself.

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This link to the Babeu for Congress event page shows “no upcoming events.”  Don’t expect that to change.

Read McCain uncharacteristically mum on pal Babeu’s loathsome connections, where we exposed Babeu’s appearance with neo-Nazi, white supremacists. — June 24, 2010.

Read McCain’s double standard: Shouldn’t white supremacist trump infomercial? — July 21, 2010

The editorial in today’s edition is aptly titled “It’s looking bleak for Babeu.” 

There is little to dispute the fact that Babeu is a goner.

16 Responses to Paul Babeu: Dead candidate walking

  1. Pachyderm member says:

    All of this news must make for a renewed interest in U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar’s and state Sen. Ron Gould’s congressional campaigns. i wish them luck. Line up behind one of these good men. Gould is a strong conservative.

  2. garvan says:

    Just tossing this out for comment: who would serve the cause of liberty the best: a gay conservative or straight liberal?

    • MacBeth says:

      Are you kidding, garvan? Babeu a conservative? He gave a much needed boost to the campaign of John McAmnesty, who isn’t a conservative in his own dreams, much less in actuality..

      • garvan says:

        I see your point, but just for argument, setting Babeu aside, would you rather have a conservative gay or a left-wing straight in Congress?

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Babeu is not gay. He is miserable.

      He’s a homosexual who took advantage of young men, portrayed himself as a border hawk while boffing a Mexican national whom he later threatened with deportation, helped elect McCain, and deserves prosecution not elective office.

  3. Kent says:

    Here’s your answer garvan…..A straight talker who is not an arrogant, self-promoting crook who thinks it’s fine to have sex with students and post half naked photos of himself on “gay” websites.

  4. Maggie says:

    My preference would be a straight conservative, who knows and adheres to the US Constitution and has a belief system (it doesn’t have to be mine!) that recognizes a higher power and the natural order that is the basis for our rule of law.

    • garvan says:

      Of course, Maggie; that would be the preference of everyone posting here (except for Zach).

      But it still doesn’t answer the question, who would better advance the cause of liberty over against tyranny better:
      a gay conservative or a straight liberal?

  5. DeAnn says:

    Thankfully we don’t have to make your choice. We have conservatives running.

    • garvan says:

      That’s great! But someday, somewhere, conservatives are going to be faced with that question.

      • Realist says:

        That’s why we have primary elections.
        However, should the time come when we have only gay conservatives running for office, it won’t matter. With zero births, the population will have dwindled down to nothing.

  6. Annie O. says:

    Garvin, if the day came that a true conservative homosexual (obviously not talking about Babeu here) got elected for office, he/she would be mercilessly bullied by the liberal homosexuals and media so that they wouldn’t last long anyhow. Witness what George Zimmerman, a second amendment Hispanic, is enduring now. So, if given so many other options, why expend the energy?

    By the way, if George is a White Hispanic, is Barry a White African American? If these ‘gymnastics’ weren’t so pathetic and often destructive, one might almost be tempted to laugh at the media’s antics.

  7. Jack says:

    I give Baboon two more weeks to stay in the race. Today is the deadline for this quarter’s financial reporting with the FEC. His numbers are undoubtedly pathetic. Currently he’s only raising funds from gay groups around the country. I look forward to seeing the figures when they’re posted. He’ll be broke candidate walking.

  8. Night Owl says:

    If he’s capable of exercising such judgement, Babeu needs to show some decency and respect for the people of the district and get out of this race. His ego must be huge or he must be abysmally ignorant if he thinks he has a chance of getting to first base with this campaign. It seems he has better luck with young men.

  9. G. Gyre says:

    At some point, PCSO command staff, who include some honorable men, have to decide whether they’re going to continue to stand quietly by while Babeu inflicts insult after disgrace on the agency. They have a responsibility to protect it.

  10. Ron Johnson says:

    Paul Babeu’s sexual orientation is nobody’s business and has no relevance to his competence or capabilty to perform as an outstanding conservative and champion of the rule of law in Congress. Bleeding hearts liberals who disagree with his principled stand on illegal immigration are the problem and explain why Obama has gotten away with his dereiiction of duty in securing the border. The sooner American citizens acknowledge that the U.S. is a sovereign country with internationally recognized borders and has the right to keep illegals out, the sooner this country will be on a path to a brighter future for all Americans. We are not and should not be a repository for anyone who decides that it’s their “right” to come here and stay here regardless of our laws. Their mere presence here is unlawful. End of story. Best of luck to Paul Babeu. Religious right fanatics take notice. There is separation of church and state and your narrow-minded views have no relevance on selection of your best representative for Congress.

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