Rick Santorum: The ultimate narcissist

March 23, 2012

Though lagging in delegates, it’s either him or Obama in Santorum’s bitter world

In the most shocking of statements, presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Republicans should give Barack Obama another term if he (Santorum) doesn’t win the GOP nomination.

“You win by giving people a choice,” Santorum said during a campaign swing through Texas. “You win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who’s just going to be a little different than the person in there.” Santorum sarcastically added, “If they’re going to be a little different, we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch-A-Sketch candidate for the future.”

Even rival Newt Gingrich appropriately tweeted: “Rick Santorum is dead wrong. Any GOP nominee will be better than Obama.”

Santorum was referencing Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom’s recent comment (Video link) that “everything changes” for the fall campaign. “It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch,” he spontaneously said on CNN. “You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again.”

Romney issued a statement expressing disappointment “that Rick Santorum would rather have Barack Obama as president than a Republican. This election is more important than any one person. It is about the future of America,” Romney said. “Any of the Republicans running would be better than President Obama and his record of failure.”

This was Santorum in 2008, before his ego got in the way and caused him to put himself before the future of the United States of America:

This is the latest delegate count courtesy of Real Clear Politics.

Vernon Parker: Déjà vu all over again

March 22, 2012

Perennial candidate Vernon Parker is back.  This time the former appointed Paradise Valley mayor and current councilman is taking another stab at a Congressional run.  Political watchers will recall that after a strenuous weeklong campaign for governor in 2010, he switched gears to mount a run in what was then CD 3, finishing fourth in a race ultimately won by Ben Quayle.

The easily distracted Vernon Parker also gave brief consideration to running for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, another gig that never came to fruition. Now the 52-year-old Parker says he will move in order to run in the newly constructed Congressional District 9.

Three other Republican have already entered the race: Travis Grantham, Wendy Rogers, and Martin Sepulveda.  Three Democrats have also thrown their hats in the increasingly crowded ring.

Seeing Red AZ has previously covered Vernon Parker in these posts:

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This article titled, PV Mayor’s consulting firm falsely certified, appeared in the Arizona Republic July 23, 2008.

ICE falls in Obama, Napolitano mode

March 22, 2012

Unenforced laws are meaningless

The decision by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials not to deport six illegal alien demonstrators arrested Tuesday after protesting in front of Trevor Browne High School and obstructing traffic for more than two hours is not unique to Phoenix.

This is a repeat of contrived and practiced performances all around the United States as those in the U.S. illegally make demands, aggressively blocking busy roadways while chanting “Support the DREAM Act!” and “We will no longer remain in the shadows.” As an example, this was the scene in Georgia during a protest of immigration reform legislation. Seven protestors boldly disclosed their illegal status, knowing they would face no penalty.

In a statement ICE said, “Upon further review, ICE has determined that these individuals do not fall under ICE’s enforcement priorities and the agency has lifted the previously lodged detainers. ICE is focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes the removal of criminal aliens, recent border crossers and egregious immigration law violators, such as those who have been previously removed from the United States.”

“Smart and effective…priorities?” Could those include getting out the vote for Obama from a grateful new voter base? Democrats, including Jeff Flake’s liberal Democrat congressional chum Luis Gutierrez, cheered the lenient policy. Gutierrez is the one who complimented Flake for helping “turn more red states blue.“ (Read fourth paragraph from bottom of linked article to the end.)

Homeland INsecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano has sent a clear signal that “student demonstrators” who could qualify for the nightmarish DREAM Act are not an enforcement priority for ICE. Under government directives, ICE officials now say their focus centers on deporting violent illegals.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has just released its list of endorsed federal candidates for 2012. The list of 125 candidates will continually be updated   These incumbent members of Congress are those ALIPAC has supported due to their support for the existing border and immigration laws, rather than replacement laws that would exacerbate illegal immigration, such as Dream or Comprehensive Amnesty plans.

A group called Dream Activist, an online organization based in several states, has organized acts of civil disobedience in numerous cities in recent years. This page links to the organized training received by illegal youth to demand college tuition, and conduct protests. The guide book can be seen here.

Worsley’s new pals at Periódico de la República de Arizona

March 21, 2012

On Day One newspaper liberals already slobbering over political hired gun

Within a day of political unknown Bob Worsley announcing that he is running for the state senate in the newly crafted District 25, the incumbent Republican Sen. Rich Crandall —  first elected in 2007 — suddenly decided to step aside to provide Worsley a clear path.

This unprecedented move raises a few questions.

Former Senate President Russell Pearce is returning to the campaign trail, and political novice Worsley, the chosen pugilist in this round, has been quickly anointed as the imposing stalwart to try to remove him.

But by whom?

And why is he viewed as so formidable that the district’s incumbent senator is wiling to fall on his sword for him?

This source provides the answers to the vexing questions. Read the wording under the third and final bold-faced heading very carefully. The only words missing are SB 1070.

Be advised the left-wing support machine is in full gear and at heightened alert. In today’s Arizona Republic, compliant columnist Laurie Roberts is already giving the kid glove treatment to multimillionaire Worsley. She quotes him as claiming Pearce is a “boring…one note” candidate with a “depressing message.” Not a single word about Pearce’s jobs bill, his longtime legislative actions on behalf of a stabilized economy, opposition to raising taxes,  and his consistent message of less governmental intrusion. On the topic of illegal immigration, Worsley concedes “no question the federal government needed to be woken up.” Fluent Spanish-speaker Worsley supports a “humanitarian, comprehensive approach.”

“Woken up?”

Couple that with today’s derogatory editorial on Arizona becoming the ‘Birther’ state, which uses the same odd phraseology, beginning with the words “You’ve awoken the day after ….”

We can’t help but wonder if Worsley‘s been moonlighting for the newspaper of late.  If so, editorialist Linda Valdez might find herself kicked to the curb. With Worsley’s deep pockets, he’d probably crank out this same blather — factually incorrect and grammatically questionable — sans salary.

A few missing points about Russell Pearce that you’ll never see in the Arizona Republic or hear from its accommodating crew:

Pearce was the recipient of the 2009 “Legislator of the Year” award and was recognized as the top Hero of the Taxpayer legislator by the tax watchdog group, Americans for Prosperity.  The Goldwater Institute consistently rated Pearce as the #1 legislator who “proved to be the strongest ally against government encroachment on liberty.” The Pachyderm Coalition, a Reagan Republican group, recognized Russell Pearce as the #1 legislator. Pearce was one of only seven legislators in the entire nation and the only one in Arizona to receive the “Hero of the Taxpayer” award by the American Tax Reform Association. He also authored TABOR, Arizona’s Taxpayers Bill of Rights and sponsored tax reduction legislation, including the largest tax relief package in Arizona’s history. In 2011, Pearce was honored by Arizona School Public Relations Association for his outstanding contributions to public education

Mr. Worsley needs to pay attention. Sen. Pearce is anything but a “boring…one note” candidate with a “depressing message.”  He is a principled and consistent conservative with a proven record.

Reminder: NW PAChyderm Coalition meeting tonight

March 21, 2012


The Honorable Russell Pearce

Former AZ Senate President, author of SB 1070 and candidate for State Senate will  discuss his future plans and other issues related to the state of Arizona.

There will be ample time for Q & A.

Location: Dillon’s Arrowhead (Patriot Room)
20585 North 59th Avenue, Glendale AZ 85308 (Map)
((easy access just north of the Loop 101, east side of 59th Ave.)

Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 (3rd Wed. of each month)

Time:  Dinner Meeting at 6:15 p.m.

Dinner: Your choice — order from menu

Diane Douglas

The PAChyderm Coalition is a Reagan Republican organization.

Illinois primary: Romney wins big

March 20, 2012

Romney 47%,  Santorum 35%, Paul 9%, Gingrich 8%

Despite sunny weather in Obama’s Democrat-heavy home state, voter turnout has been low today in the GOP presidential primary.

CNN’s Election Center is providing live updates.

Live streaming results are also available here via Politico.

GOP candidates Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have 54 delegates at stake in this election.

Check out the delegate calculator here. Then take a look at the scorecard by state.

Money well spent?

March 20, 2012

The Obama’s 13-year-old daughter Malia is taking a spring break respite from the tough life in the White House, cooling her heels this week in Mexico.

Although the country is on the U.S. Department of State’s website as among the most dangerous on the planet her parents felt secure in allowing their young daughter to travel. Never mind that Mexico is on the same list with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan. Iraq, Libya and Somalia and her father‘s own federal offices tell Americans to “delay non-essential travel“ to the country. The list was updated last month.

But why worry? Malia and her entourage of school friends are well protected — guarded by a team of 25 taxpayer-funded U.S. Secret Service agents, as well as Mexican police.

Doesn’t that knowledge warm your cockles?

Ron Barber pulls a fast one

March 20, 2012

Rethinking commitment didn’t take long

Remember Ron Barber?  He’s the Democrat aide to former AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who selflessly desired nothing more than to complete the remainder of her term. Giffords stepped down in January to concentrate on her recovery.  The special election primary is April 17 followed by a June 12 general election.

But it seems the headiness of the rarified D.C. air got to Barber in record time. After hobbing and nobbing with the liberal elitists, Barber, 66, has reconsidered his original pledge to serve as a temporary placeholder. The career bureaucrat, who worked for state government since 1976 before his stint with Giffords, has now decided he wants the big prize — the remainder of Giffords term plus a full one of his own. He made the announcement yesterday.

His initial statement “I’m running for Congress because we need someone who will put politics aside to solve problems for the people of Southern Arizona,” suddenly rings hallow.  We suspected as much at the time.

Four Republicans have officially announced for the GOP Primary Special Election: Frank Antenori, Jesse Kelly, Martha McSally and Dave Sitton.

Barber received Giffords’ support to temporarily fill the Congressional District 8 seat.

 Other Democrats, wanting to show their support for his place holding and out of respect for Giffords, opted out of the short term race. AZ Democrat legislators Paula Aboud, Steve Farley, and Matt Heinz along with Nomiki Konst, started campaigns for the regular two-year term in the redrawn Congressional District 2. 

Barber’s newly announced power grab could impact them negatively, since – were he to win — he would have incumbent status in the general election. Sniffing his own blood in the water, Farley has already dropped out.

So much for honor among Democrats.


It’s official! Russell Pearce announces for state senate

March 19, 2012

Mesa’s Red Mountain Tea Party had quite a lineup of elected officials in attendance tonight. And unusual for political types, they were all united in a single cause:  Support of former Senate President Russell Pearce  — who announced his plans to run for the Arizona State Senate in the newly reconfigured Legislative District 25 — previously LD 18.

On hand to introduce the architect of Arizona’s nationally copied illegal immigration law known as SB 1070, were Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and legislators from around the state, including: Rep. John Kavanagh (LD-8), Rep. Justin Olsen (LD-19), Rep. Justin Pierce (LD-19), Sen. Sylvia Allen (LD-5), Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (LD-22), Sen. Steve Smith (LD-23), Rep. Steve Montenegro (LD-12), Sen. Andy Biggs (LD-22), and Sen. Ron Gould who has announced for Congress in the redrawn CD 4. Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce also spoke.  In a massive show of unity numerous other legislators stood with those introducing Pearce.

First to address the massive, standing room only, crowd of hundreds in support of Russell Pearce was Haydee Dawson, an officer with the Arizona Latino Republican Association.

Game on!

Career politician Jeff Flake exposed

March 19, 2012

U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon has put out a hard-hitting new video exposing Jeff Flake. Watch it here, and listen as Jeff Flake laughingly calls himself a liar.

Seeing Red AZ has an entire category devoted to Jeff Flake’s preening arrogance, left-of-center positions, McCain-like flip-flops and liberal associates. Prime among them is his close congressional ally Chicago’s “lonely far-left” Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who actually commends Flake for “helping him turn more red states blue“ in this article in Progress Illinois — hardly the trait Arizona Republicans are looking for in their next U.S. Senator.

After giving strenuous support to the nightmarish La Raza-backed DREAM Act, slick trickster Jeff Flake found a way to be on both sides of the issue, which in its simplest form is state-subsidized lawbreaking.

Here the pro-amnesty Flake, now in campaign mode, changed his long-held, lenient-on-illegal-immigration position, vexing his cheerleaders at the pro-open-borders Arizona Republic. Flake’s politically expedient reversal on border policy exposes him as McCain‘s astute protégée, for which the stunned newspaper angrily called him a mere ”politician.”

Although he purports to be a conservative in his East Valley home district, Flake has a much different persona in Washington D.C.

We urge you to watch this first-rate Cardon video clip.  It matters.