Sheriff Joe Arpaio refuses to bow to fed’s overreach

County Attorney Montgomery backs Sheriff: Tells feds to “put up or shut up”

The page one banner headline in today’s issue of the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) screams out: “Arpaio defies feds’ order.” Directly below that is this accompanying screed: “Court battle looms as sheriff refuses to let Justice Dept. monitor office.”

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s complete response to this federal overreach is contained in this press release.

In this succinct comment, the duly elected, career law enforcement official responds to the ultimatum: “I am the constitutionally and legitimately elected Sheriff and I absolutely refuse to surrender my responsibility to the federal government,” he said in a letter the Justice Department. “And so to the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say, ‘This will not happen, not on my watch!’”

The Arizona constitution, Article 12, Section 3 unequivocally states that the sheriff is elected by the people of the county he serves. Joe Arpaio has been reelected to an unprecedented five 4-year terms.

Last we heard, not a single person in the Obama administration’s Justice Department, including — U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder —  has been elected to anything. They are appointed bureaucrats who are intent on swaggering their Obama-bestowed leftist heft while attempting to diminish legitimately elected officers of the law.  Joe Arpaio is doing the job he has repeatedly been elected to do.

And Arpaio has the support of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery who at a news conference today, accused federal officials of spreading misinformation and attempting to foment unrest in Maricopa County by alleging discriminatory police practices without providing proof to back up the accusations. “I want to make it absolutely clear: If the Department of Justice actually has information that supports their assertion that there continues to this day systemic concerns of discriminatory policing or racial profiling, I demand, I demand as the chief prosecutor of Maricopa County, I demand as the duly elected officer with responsibility for prosecutions, to be given that information immediately,” Montgomery stated. “This posturing, this playing hide the ball in the context of civil litigation, is disgusting, particularly when it involves criminal prosecutions.” Montgomery challenged the feds to “put up or shut up.”

A lesser man than Joe Arpaio would have taken the easy route and caved to these outrageous demands.  Not so, Joe Arpaio.

County Attorney Bill Montgomery is a graduate of West Point Military Academy who has seen real combat before and is up to the job again.

The people of Maricopa County are fortunate.


40 Responses to Sheriff Joe Arpaio refuses to bow to fed’s overreach

  1. LD 7 PC says:

    I’m delighted to see that County Attorney Bill Montgomery is not taking this guff, either. The fact that he stands with our sheriff against the Obama INjustuce Department makes me a very proud Republican.

  2. Jim Williams says:

    Yes we are fortunate. We are fortunate because we do have at least one agency that we can count on to enforce the law and a County Attorney that stands with us and the Sheriff.I am proud to be an Arizonan and to live in Maricopa county. I am proud to call Joe My Sheriff.Thank God for elected officials that understand their positions and who they are accountable to. Thank you Sheriff Arpaio and Thank You Bill Montgomery for standing up against the corruption in Washington.

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Yes! Two “stand up” guys who care more about the jobs they were elected to do and the citizens who put them in place to carry out their duties than they do the DC partisans. Go Joe!! Go Bill!!

  4. Doc says:

    No suprize that Sheriff Joe’s takin’ heat from th’ feds. He’s got “o-bow-mao-i’m-sorry” by th’ you-know-whats over his birth in-certificate…& our own senior ?senator? mccain’s been galavantin’ with his good buddy lindsey graham again…cavortin with th’ muslim brutha-hood:

    …can SOMEBODY (ie:Governor, state legislators, etc….) here @ home riegn this guy in or what???

  5. LD20PC says:

    Joe has just gotten reelected, Obama is too stupid to realize how we stand with Joe against him. And the Justice Dept under Eric Holder is nothing but a criminal organization. GO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • East Valley Voter says:

      Sorry to break the news to you, but you are very wrong, LD20 PC.
      Sheriff Joe Arpaio is up for reelection this year. That’s why everyone from Obama’s Justice Department and the press to the “professional” Hispanic activists are coming down so hard on him and doing it in unison. There have been ongoing daily protests in front of the building where his office is for at least the past couple of years. I work nearby and see the sign carriers, banner holders and screamers. It’s a circus. These leftists were emboldened after taking out Sen. President Russell Pearce. Now they are coming after the sheriff.

  6. chad palmer says:

    Yavapai County is in Awe of the the guts y’all are showing down there in the trenches. God Bless Sheriff Joe, CA Bill Montgomery and Honorable Russell Pearce, Rep Debbie Lesko and Rep. Carl Seel and Senator Gould, Senator Burges, Rep. Burton ( I appologize if I forgot someone on the frontlines, too many to list.) for uniting against our common enemy, the Marxist crap shooters, trying to tear down our Freedoms.

  7. ZOO says:

    Crime suppression sweeps in 70-80% Hispanic areas of the valley by simple math, will mean the majority of citiations and arrests will be Hispanic violators. It isn’t “racial profiling” and the DOJ knows they can’t prove it, thus their refusal for disclosure of details. Barring a long drawn out case they can’t win, the chest-beating and threat of a suit is a double-edged sword intended to take out Arpaio at election time and send Hispanics screaming to the polls to re-elect Obama. This year will mark the 12th consecutive that the criminal executive branch has played Monopolio with our language, sovereignty, and culture; and each year we edge closer to the point of immutability.

  8. brad says:

    Joe Arpaio, and Bill Montgomery.. I salute both of you sirs!
    True patriots who shine with the light of truth. You have earned the respect of all of us, which is rarely earned.

    Very rare indeed!

  9. Ron says:

    Would it be too much to say in the event of positive discovery of the Presidents birth certificate being forged, that all bills he signed into law would effectively be nullified?.

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  11. alfred nuemann says:

    In GOD and Sheriff Joe we trust. Thank you sheriff for being a TRUE “John Wayne” style American Citizen! You keep going and dont let the NWO push Maricopa around. You have the PEOPLES support!! GOD BLESS SHERIFF JOE!! WE HAVE YOUR BACK!!

    • alfred nuemann says:

      one more thing, If Sheriff Joe need a little show of strength, all he has to do is ask for volunteers from his jurisdiction and deputize them. I dont think the corrupt officials would attempt to throw their weight around in a county overflowing and full of armed deputies. All you got to do is form the posse Joe! The feds will get the message!

  12. Redman from the West..... says:

    Wow…..? Now, why is the ‘prez’, & his admin., more worried about, a county sheriff, than doing his own job, protecting our ‘borders’. Talks about ‘security’ and all, over from the middle ‘east’, but nothing, from south of the border here????? Go figure?

  13. Douglas Most says:

    Go Joe, Go. A man with integrity is a man to be reckoned with!!!!

  14. Harokd Coleman says:

    It is great to see a man with honor standing up for America. Sheriff Joe has the info on king barry and his phoney birth certificate.
    The real on was located in kenya.
    Time for the sheep to get the hell out of the way, because we need lions to take back America.

    • patriot9878 says:

      Where was he when they murdered those people in Waco or 9/11? He needs to take his evidence to the prosecutor and be done with it

      • Stanford says:

        What are you smoking? Waco was decades ago and neither Waco or 9/11 occurred in Maricopa County. Sheriff Arpaio has no jurisdiction outside of the area in which he was elected. With the birth certificate, he is responding to a request by Maricopa County residents and it is actually a cold case posse that is investigating, not the sheriff. How could you not understand such simple concepts? You signed yourself “patriot.” You’d be a better informed one if you take some time to read the US and AZ Constitutions and learn who has actually oversight, where and why.

  15. Andre Gillies says:

    Sheriff JOE for President!!

    • Beverly Sue Walts says:

      In reality, that is EXACTLY what should happen.. along with him being prosecuted for his crimes against America and American Citizens…

      Thank God for this Sheriff Joe Arpaio. and County Attorney Bill Montgomerey.. for remembering what America is SUPPOSED to be.. makes me want to move to Arizona…. I agree… we need a man like Sheriff Joe for President..

  16. D B Blair says:

    Here in the Commonwealth of Pa. we don’t have Sheriffs as you do in Az., and that’s a shame, ‘cuz with Sheriff Joe you’ve got a winner. If only the MSM would actually report what he’s REALLY been up to in recent months, as opposed to what he’s been accused of…

  17. patriot9878 says:

    Do they have sheriffs in Waco Texas? Sheriff Joe should just retire and go fishing. Because if you think the feds are going to allow Joe to win and then what all the other sheriffs in the country will think to do the same thing. If Joe wins Obama would be finished. I just don’t see it. Wasn’t Clinton a draft dodger and wouldn’t that have made him not be able to be president?

    • jackhammer1941 says:

      Lets remember some simple truths. Sheriff Joe is not after obama but rather the ability to be President of the U.S.A when there is proof he was not born on American soil. Second an even worse forgery is his selective service card looks like a 1rst grader did it. Long live Sheriff Joe!

    • Jon Goult says:

      Joe has already WON in the heart’s and mind’s of the People in America!

    • Nam Marine says:

      The Government has been breaking the Law of the Land for over 50 years!

  18. walt says:

    I’m a Texan and wish we had a “JOE” here!
    Go for all Americans!
    You represent more people than you know!
    The United States is watching!

  19. Night Owl says:

    I’ve notice the SRAZ editors have corrected some of the misspellings of “Sheriff,” appearing in the comments today…a fact which has caused me to wax poetic:

    There’s just one “R” in Sheriff
    It’s a simple concept, true
    Just think of “Joe Arpaio”
    He has but one “R,” too.

  20. James Elliott says:

    Here is Judge Napolitano about what the US Constitution allows and what it does not.

    An easy listen in a short time.

    • patriot9878 says:

      SHeriff Joe might end up in pink underwear in federal lockup. The feds are not going to let a sheriff cause a snowball affect. A country full of illegals and drugs it doesn’t do much to keep arresting them over just fining companies heavily who hire them. We know where drugs are manufactured and it’s in Colombia and we should send troops there to destroy their drug trade. BUt the CIA sells cocaine in this country to fund their nefarious activities.

  21. Larry l says:

    Keep it up Joe! We support you 100% my friend..

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  23. Yoda says:

    Kudos Seeing Red:

    If our Great Leader gets a second term there will be a hammer and sickle flag flying over the white house.

    There is a communist revolution coming to a neighborhood near you.

    Right on Seeing Red – WRITE ON!

    P.S. “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse.

  24. Full Patriot says:

    Looks like the first shot has been fired against Govt oppression. Things are starting to heat up with all the Feds trying to silence the local Sheriffs.

  25. Mr.Daniel Horvath says:

    Here in Arizona I have lived for 20yrs…Infact, as long as Sheriff Joe has been in power…Originally, I am from Ohio, and we all know how bad Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Cincinnati and Teledo have become…
    After moving here to Arizona, I have really woken up to the freedoms that we have in this state…I can carry a concealed weapon without a permit~! I can carry open, also if I choose. I can own an Assault Rifle that really disturbs extreme leftists. And I can still speak my mind, being a U.S. Army Vet….I earned my place in society and took an oath, just as Sheriff Joe did….And that oath has no statute of limitations on securing my state, or nation from enemies within, as well as outside our country….

    I was raised watching John Wayne and learning right from wrong.
    I was also taught that our form of government is based on God’s Law and the moras of British Common Law…That is where the Sheriff’s powers originate…

    Now these past several years, we have seen a drastic errosion in my Bill Of Rights, as well as our errosion of our Consitution through “Admistrative Law”! These type of “Adminstrative laws” is why we had “Fast and Furious” with rouge agencies as the ATFE…Think about the OP name they used?!…They created a crisis to implement more restrictive gun control laws by trying to blame you and me for giving guns to drug cartels in Mexico~! The fact of the matter is, “they created laws out of thin air, voted by no-one, conspired by them behind closed doors…They say it is legal….Like Ernest Hancock states: First they come with clipboards, then they come with badges and finally they come with guns….

    Sheriff Joe knows that he is the higest law within the county and the fact of the matter is, he has the power to kick the “Feds” out of Maricopa….He has more power than the President, as well as ANY Sheriff in any county….But they don’t want you to know that….Now, look at what they are doing across the United States using Administrative Law, to userp Common Law

  26. Nam Marine says:

    These men are true Patriots and Loyal Americans.

  27. B&T Coonhound says:

    Keep up the good work. You have supporters across this wide country. It is a shame to the very foundations of this country as to what is taking place. We need more people who are not afraid to take a stand for what our Constitution and Bill of Rights stand for.

  28. patriot9878 says:

    Sheriff you are the greatest you single handed will take down the federal government and expose them for the evil corrupt bastards they are. If you were around 100 years ago WWI would have been avoided. I just hope they don’t decide to make an example out of you for fear other sheriffs might decide to do the same thing and a snowball affect they can’t stop. This is what you get when you have a strong federal government and central bank the early presidents warned us about.

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