AZ’s SB1070: Still favored by majority

Regardless of how often you’ve been told otherwise — Arizona’s SB 1070 is really not so “controversial.” There’s nothing controversial, after all, about expecting those entering our country to do so lawfully and respectfully.

A new Fox News poll shows 65 percent of voters favor the law, while 31 percent oppose it. The negatives are not much of a surprise when that number is juxtaposed against the 2011 U. S. Census numbers showing the Hispanic population in Arizona stands at 29.6. Nationally, the figure is 16.3.

Republicans favor Arizona’s law, by 84 percent, while 46 percent of Democrats are supportive. Democrats oppose the law by 51 percent.

Complete Fox News poll results can be seen here.

In October 2010, Rasmussen Reports indicated Arizona voters are “still bullish” about the state’s law.

8 Responses to AZ’s SB1070: Still favored by majority

  1. Doug Johnson says:

    Living in a border state abutting Mexico can make even a lamb “bullish.” I’m a native Phoenician and have seen the drastic changes. Middle class neighborhoods have turned into barrios, with cars parked on previously thriving, now dead lawns turned to dirt and schools using translators to interpret the elementary student’s plays for their parents who refuse to acclimate and learn English. Stores have Spanish signage and there is zero attempt to become Americanized. Of course there is hostility as people who own their homes are forced to sell and take on new mortgages.

    • Fed Up says:

      The difference, Doug, is that other immigrants throughout our history have come legally and have been thrilled at the prospect of becoming Americans. The people you describe want to annex America to Mexico and turn us into a corrupt third world nation exactly like the one they left. To many, the USA is not an entity to praise but one to exploit.

      I’ve seen this video on these pages before, but just found it to remind you what we are facing. This is what is happening in our neighbor Mexifornia, previously known as California:

      • PAL says:

        You are correct maybe with an exception. I first heard about this plan on a 2001 trip to Chiapas w/a PHX Arts group. One of our local tour guides who also taught at the U of Mexico explained the theory. There are actually several plans entertained. There is the one you describe and another where parts of 5-6 states would be used to create something similiar to our Indian reservations with the same governing arrangements, primacy over state laws, and answerable only to the Fed Govt. The same claims of illegal taking were made.
        I just read in that Madeline Albright is now registered an opinion with the Supreme Court against SB 1070 and I am worried now.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Not only is SB1070 “favored” it is also being used as a model for legislation around the entire country. SB1070 actually mirrors federal law, a fact which is rarely stated by its detractors. There is NOTHING adverse about a nation (the USA) wanting to maintain its own borders and expecting those who come here to do so legally. We have among the most generous immigration policies in the industrialized world. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing that our immigration system is “broken” or “needs to be fixed.” Marco Rubio is losing me with that argument that flies in the face of facts.

    My grandparents came here from Italy. They did so eagerly and proudly became American citizens. Sure, my grandmother made her own pastas from scratch and bought prosciutto, but they also learned to love Chinese food and thought American hamburgers were terrific! They would have been offended to be identified as hyphenated Americans, titles too may embrace today. They were Americans who came from Italy. Period.Today our family has its rich history nicely blended with others and all purely, proudly and gratefully American.

  3. patriotmom says:

    Don’t forget that of the 29% Hispanics, 6% or more are illegals who are working and, in many cases, voting. So, not only are they taking jobs and influencing the job market ( more jobs are requiring bilingual skills ), but they are illegally voting in OUR elections.

    If SB1070 gets shot down, we need to try again with other legislation. Many illegals left before- we can do it again.

  4. ZOO says:

    The rat-filled media continues to threaten the GOP with the “Hispanic” vote, and regurgitating “they’re 16% of the U.S. population!” Does that mean that half are illegal aliens but all 16% (50 million per 2010 census) will be voting? Is the media inflating the vote power, or encouraging fradulent voting by invaders?

  5. jackhammer1941 says:

    We still support the laws of the land as long as we still have this free land to fight tje good fight

  6. chad palmer says:

    fact… 2010 zero gop $ into Latino gotv. fact…2012 Chaiman Morrisey appearences on Univision 4x and currently collecting 50,000 to advertize in the Latino media. fact… Arizona is the future of the United States not cal. liberal losing blood sucking p.o.s we are American’s born here, or legal citizens who due legal process have become Americans. Give me your tired, hungry, poor, and eat, drink and love God without fear for Jesus Christ is His name, He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, call Him Jehovah, Yaweh, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace the Son of Elohim our Eternal Father. If you will kneel while fasting and praying for the truth, I promise you in the Sacred and Holy name of our only Messiah who is Jesus the Christ, you will know the truth of all things under Heaven on Earth so help me God this is real and the truth that never changes. Glory to God our Eternal Father and Author of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.