“If I wanted America to fail”

A powerful video that needs no introduction. Watch it, and then send the link on to your list. This is a “must see” as we enter the momentous 2012 campaign cycle.

5 Responses to “If I wanted America to fail”

  1. Clark says:

    This is a well done video. I sent the link to my Obama supporting, left wing, tree hugger brother-in-law in Vermont (where else?). It will rile him, but who cares. I’m still riled that he married my lovely and politically conservative sister.

  2. ZOO says:

    Perhaps an equal or worse burden than gasoline on household incomes is electricity, particularly in this hell hole we call Arizona. From June to October, cooling bills unseat monthly budgets and cripple those on fixed incomes. Conservation to low income residents generally means 120 days of misery, heat related illness, and even death. And every year, cost increases edge even closer to unstainable. The “non-profit” Salt River Project seems to have their hand in everything, from sponsorship of this to sponsorship of that, and a constant barrage of institutional advertising to absolute captive power consumers. If this utility truly belongs to residents, then they need to demand a complete overhaul of frivolous, unnecessary expenditures, and take a hard look at the salaries of the executive staff. This quasi-governmental entity is out of control.

    • Braveheart says:

      Excluding the pioneers and the Indians who preceeded them, just going back to my own younger years with evaporative coolers, we all made it just fine. The costs are still substantionally lower than running AC. We’re all spoiled and too many think they’ll die with out refrigerated air. My aunt has never had AC and she’s lived out here since the late 1950’s. She maintains she doesn’t like air conditioning and still has evap in her home. I visit often, and it’s really not bad.

    • JulieAnn says:

      And if you lived in the northeast or mountains it would be heating in the winter. Just a matter of where you want to live as to what you get to deal with.

      If you want to change things, Central Arizona Project board CAP, has several seats up for election this year. Jean McGrath has been begging us to elect more conservatives to help her on the board. Bob Burns, Susan Bittersmith, and other good people are running. Help get conservatives on this board. PS: These are unpaid positions. All they get for their hard work is a minimal mileage allowance and lunch on meeting days.

      • LD 10 PC says:

        You have not a clue what your are talking about, but that doesn’t keep you from yapping, does it? The Central Arizona Project is NOT the board Bob Burns, Susan Bittersmith, Gary Pierce, Brenda Burns et al are running for. They are running for election and relection to the CORPORATION COMMISSION, where even some of their staffers make six-figures. These folks are not donating their time or anything else. They are making high salaries while they continue to raise our utility rates.

        Get a clue, Ms. Clueless.

        And farmer Jean McGrath is pro-illegal alien. I’d not be promoting her!

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