Is that radical Randy Parraz on the front page?

Republic goes mute on coverage of their open borders Fellow Traveler  Photo: Alexander S. Rosen 12 News

The Daily Endeavor runs an above-the-fold article on what it terms a “clash in Washington” over Arizona’s much copied law known as SB 1070.

Prior to today’s oral arguments in Arizona v. United States before the U.S. Supreme Court, there was a congressional hearing yesterday in which supporters of the continued flow of foreign nationals across our border were gifted with a showcase hearing by New York leftist Sen. Chuck Schumer. The actual purpose was providing a platform to vilify Arizona’s former Senate President Russell Pearce who was left to stand alone by soon retiring but never reticent Sen. Jon Kyl.  An iffy Republican, Kyl talked a good game when a well-heeled challenger mounted a senate bid as evidenced by this duplicitous campaign ad (video link). Kyl stands with Amnesty John McCain who was also momentarily morphed into a border hawk (video link) when confronted by a platform conservative.

Pearce, the architect of Arizona’s law testified along with three Democrats including disgraced former U.S. Sen. Dennis DeConcini, a Tucson lobbyist on behalf of for-profit prisons who retired in the wake of the Keating Five Savings and Loan scandal from which the equally tainted John McCain was able to rally. DeConcini oddly “apologized to the Latino community for Arizona’s actions.”  Lightweight State Sen. Steve Gallardo, never confused with an intellectual, opined “Regardless of what the Supreme Court does, Senate Bill 1070 is wrong and should be repealed.”

But nowhere is the name Randy Parraz mentioned in the daily’s lengthy coverage, although he peers out unmistakably from the massive full-color photo, just over Gallardo‘s shoulder. Parraz is the radical, pro-illegal, self-described “community activist” who has made a career of extremism rather than the practice of law in which he holds a degree.

Parraz’s propensity for the madcap is bared as he sends out a list of “hold the date” notices. Among them is an invitation for a June 7 fundraising event/forum fallaciously called Exposing the Abusive Policies and Practices of Sheriff Arpaio — featuring none other than George Gascon, ex-Mesa Police Chief, notable as a former Republican turned Independent turned Democrat. After moving to San Francisco for the top cop job, Gascon was elected District Attorney. Parraz and Gascon make a great team, both flaunt the laws they are sworn to uphold.

They will be doing so the day after June 6, D-Day, memorialized as the day the greatest generation rescued America, preserving freedom for the generations that followed.  It is tragic that the memories of those who sacrificed the last full measure of devotion for this country so many years ago will be sullied by a dastardly duo of alleged experts in the law.

7 Responses to Is that radical Randy Parraz on the front page?

  1. Maggie says:

    I don’t remember Dennis DeConcini apologizing to Americans for his role in screwing us over as a member of the Keating Five. But he‘s apologizing to illegals for any discomfort they feel? If they want comfort, they can go home. The same path they took here goes back the same way — and they won’t have to pay thousands to coyotes to get them home again.

  2. Vince says:

    This makes me furious. Arizona, and the other 49 states, have a right, duty, obligation, to enforce the law and ensure safety for the citizens. Both of my parents were Democrats. Even they would be sickened by what their party has become.

    Fortunately they raised me right and I’ve been a lifelong Republican.

  3. Chuck says:

    Gascan and Parraz are cut from the same cloth. Anyone who abuses the law and American citizens to uplift illegals as those two do, deserve no respect. I understand Parraz has been recommended for a cool $100,000 for his troubles by the Board of Supes. Just like judges Baca, Fields and the others who get undeserved $$ off of our labor. This is all shameful!

  4. Realist says:

    When a true Patriot, Russell Pearce writes a bill like SB1070 and testifies before a U.S. Senate committee to defend his “bill” that will ultimately save this great nation…a couple of pipsqueeks like gallardo and parraz are no match for the calm and collected former Arizona State Senate President. Who I might add, will be back in the Arizona Senate next year by popular demand.

  5. teapartytami says:

    yes, it is so incredible that fine, upstanding, decent, law-abiding, selfless, intelligent,hard-working public servants like pearce and arpaio are so villified by leftist loons.

  6. chad palmer says:

    For the record there are millions of legal Latinos who support SB 1070. I think the public would be shocked by the truth that the legal voting citizens of the United States of America are supporting Senator Russell Pearce and Sherrif Joe Arpio. That my friends is the truth from the ground and pound trench diggers. HOOAH

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