Gov. Brewer praises fiscal “watchdog” Max Wilson

Calling Dist. 4 Maricopa County Supervisor Max Wilson “a proven watchdog for the taxpayer and dedicated public servant,” Gov. Jan Brewer has more than a few conservatives scratching their heads in bewilderment.

“Just as I have had to make the hard choices to right the state’s fiscal ship, Max has been a strong leader in managing Maricopa County’s budget and helping them do more with less. You can count on Max Wilson to speak the truth and do the right thing,” says Brewer.

Now that he has garnered this glowing endorsement of the Governor does this mean that Board of Supervisors Chairman Max Wilson will withhold support of massive payouts of taxpayer’s money to his cohort claimants and others alleging pain and suffering?

4 Responses to Gov. Brewer praises fiscal “watchdog” Max Wilson

  1. Jonathan says:

    Was Brewer’s endorsement intended as a joke? I find it very offensive. As chairman of the BOS, Max Wilson has the final authority on the payouts that are bankrupting our county. If Mary Rose Wilcox gets a $ million for “pain and suffering,” it will be a travesty. We’ve all suffered by having her on the board. Where do we go for our payout?

  2. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    Jonathan, Wilson is the type of spender that Brewer loves. As we speak, Brewer is holding up the state budget [that the conservatives] drew up because she wants more money to spend in a slush fund [Like the stimulus] that she can spend as she sees fit. The fund, I believe, she says it’s for fighting the feds. She also wants a bigger spending package than the Legislators are giving her…..Rino.

  3. RINO brewer, who raised taxes by $3 BILLION to gain support for her re-election from leftist unionist groups and who repeatedly vetoes outstanding legislation passed by the Republican legislature, has NEVER been cited for her intelligence. No wonder she’s often referred to as as Arizona’s version of alvin greene.

    Arizona, the RINO state.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    There is no surprise here. Brewer takes her marching orders from McCain. There are several well-placed RINO’s who have McCain on speed dial when Jan gets an original thought.

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