Romney’s VP? Marco Rubio ain’t the guy

Conservative Florida Congressman Allen West, an Army Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) with a distinguished record doesn’t collude with liberals on re-christened amnesty

PJ Media is reporting that Florida’s Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and liberal Democrat Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez have been engaged in a “fruitful conversation” regarding introduction of an alternative to what we have long termed the “nightmarish” DREAM Act.

But the plotters were larger than just this odd twosome. The duo was also deeply involved in dialogue on the topic of back-door amnesty with Democrats Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Rep. Charles Gonzalez of Texas.

According to the report, under Rubio’s version, certain illegal minors “would receive legal status, but not a special pathway to citizenship.” Gutierrez has derided that alternative as the “Stolen Dream Act,” but said he’s now willing to give Rubio a chance to see how the proposal comes together.’

He asked me to give him a chance, and I’m going to wait,” Gutierrez said. “I asked him when did he think we could hear more, he said in a few weeks. Sounds great to me.”

No doubt it does.

Longtime readers of Seeing Red AZ will remember Luis Gutierrez as Jeff Flake’s comrade on exactly such issues. This blog has an entire category devoted to Jeff Flake’s preening arrogance, left-of-center positions, McCain-like flip-flops and liberal associates.

Prime among them is his close congressional ally Chicago’s “lonely far-left” Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who actually commends Flake for “helping him turn more red states blue“ in this article in Progress Illinois — hardly the trait Arizona Republicans are looking for in their next U.S. Senator.

After giving strenuous support to the La Raza-backed DREAM Act, slick trickster Jeff Flake found a way to be on both sides of the issue, which in its simplest form is a state-subsidized reward for lawbreaking.

Here the pro-amnesty Flake, now in campaign mode, changed his long-held, lenient-on-illegal-immigration position, vexing his cheerleaders at the pro-open-borders Arizona Republic. Flake’s politically expedient reversal on border policy exposes him as McCain‘s astute protégée, for which the stunned newspaper angrily slammed him as a mere “politician.”

As serious Vice Presidential considerations take form, Florida offers us a superb alternative to the much hyped Marco Rubio. U. S. Rep. Allen West is an actual conservative. Check out his bio. You’ll be impressed.

14 Responses to Romney’s VP? Marco Rubio ain’t the guy

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m stunned to find out that Rubio, who gave such a conservative sounding and dynamic speech not long ago, would collude with liberals on this shamnesty plan which rewards lawlessness. What a disappointment.

  2. teapartypatriot says:

    Conservative Florida Congressman Allen West, an Army Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) with a distinguished record doesn’t collude with liberals on re-christened amnesty…

    BUT he does collude with the socialists in wasting our tax money through the despicable d-cRAT socialist payoff to blacks known as PIGFORD.

    How about commenting on that atrocious vote by West, Seeing Red AZ ? (And don’t just repeat the lame bs West threw out to CYA when his vote supporting PIGFORD was disclosed.) Thank you.

    • LD20 says:

      TP, I am disappointed in West for that vote too, but after Jeff Flake’s lies to us on how and why he votes or why he did not go vote please, I will take Allen West anyday. Amnesty Jeff is McCain lite. I am also working as hard as I can to make sure Jeff Flake is defeated at the voting polls.

      I belong to several Tea Parties and I know of no one or no group of Tea Partiers that have or will endorse Flake. I guess you are really a Disguised TeaPartyPatriot.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    Rubio’s adept at being all things to all people as he lassos in various voting blocs. He’s a Cuban. He’s an American. He’s a Republican who aligns with Democrats on abhorrent rewards for illegals. As a child, he was first baptized as a Mormon then his family converted to Catholicism. He is a high dollar contributor to Christ Fellowship an evangelical church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention which he frequently attends. Marco Rubio? He’s a chameleon. But he’s not a conservative, regardless of how much you liked that speech.

  4. jcf says:

    Rubio is not eligible for Presidency, therefore V-P according to Art. II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of our Constitution – Just like Obama.

  5. LD20 says:

    I thought according to the Constitution you had to have at least one American Parent to be considered Natural born? And Rubio had none.

  6. xamericanpridex says:

    Bottom line for me… Rubio hasn’t got the stones to stand up to the illegals so he hasn’t got the stones to be VP!

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      The real “bottom line” is this:
      Marco Rubio has NO DESIRE to stand up to illegals. Forget having “stones.”

  7. jcf says:

    I’ve been out of the loop attending the dinner of a 37 year-old organization that gave out 38 scholarships to graduate students in the areas of science at our 3 AZ universities – ARCS (Achievements Rewards for College Scientists) A little free publicity there.

    There is a difference in the Constitution for requirements to be a senator – 9 years a citizen of US +++ all the other stuff.
    President – Natural-born and most of the founders carried with them at meetings Vattel’s Law of Nations (including NBC). Minor vs. Happersett in 1880’s referred to NBC as born on US soil of 2 US citizens. They could be naturalized before birth of NBC. Why this importance? To protect us citizens from a CIC with dual allegiance.
    In other words neither Osama Bin Laden nor Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (father’s name??) could come here as a student from a foreign country, impregnate one of our citizens and the offspring be eligible to achieve the highest office in our land.
    To my knowledge Rubio’s parents were not naturalized citizens when he was born. There are some things I like about Rubio, but I won’t accept him as NBC anymore than I do BHO. Give me the rejected appellate nominee Miguel Estrada anyday!!!! (I guess the Dems never allowed a vote on him for appellate court, so delete the word rejected.)


  8. what rubio is suggesting is a sort of ‘work visa’ for those ‘illegals’ who we have educated in the public schools at a cost of around $10-25k a year and who have gone on to college and we have subsidized for 4 or 5 years. Do we deport them at the benefit of Mexico? And before you slam me or block me SR does anyone have an alternative? Rubio will seal the deal for us and work on a solution to an enormous problem in this country. But before we do anything we need to cut off the carrots aka welfare, free medical care and scholarships (romney).

    • ZOO says:

      An “enormous problem” for who?

      We don’t need to deport anybody. Attrition.

      Cut off freebies, hand them legality, then entitle them to more freebies? That’ll teach ’em.