AZ Redistricting? The fat lady hasn’t sung yet

Dual lawsuits were filed Friday challenging the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission and seeking to prompt the redrawing of the commission’s legislative and congressional districts.

The lawsuit challenging the legislative maps, filed in Superior Court by attorney Mike Liburdi of Snell & Wilmer, contends the decennial maps give unfair advantage to Democrats. Thirty-nine percent of Republican state legislators were negatively impacted by the legislative lines drawn by the commission, headed by controversial chairman Colleen Coyle Mathis.

Attorney Lisa Hauser with the law firm of Gammage & Burnham has filed the federal court challenge to the congressional plan.

Gov. Jan Brewer and other Republicans have criticized the commission’s maps and the process used to draw them.

Last Fall, Mathis was ousted from her position for “gross misconduct,” only to be reinstated by the state Supreme Court.

Mathis’ husband, Christopher, a Democrat lawyer, served as treasurer for a Democrat legislative candidate in 2010 and the duo donated to other Democrat candidates. As chair, Mathis’ tie-breaking vote with the commission’s Democrat members resulted in the hiring of mapping consultant Strategic Telemetry – a company with strong ties to high-profile Democrats. Registering as an Independent served as a cloak to conceal her actual bent. Ken Strasma, the national target director of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign is president of Washington D.C. based Strategic Telemetry.

One thing is certain. There is nothing “Independent” about Arizona’s purported Independent Redistricting Commission.  It has been mired in controversy since its inception.

Thoughtful resolutions of these lawsuits should bring welcome relief to the citizens of Arizona who deserve better than they have gotten.


5 Responses to AZ Redistricting? The fat lady hasn’t sung yet

  1. teapartypatriot says:

    WHY has it taken so long for somebody to legally challenge the outrageously biased results of the d-cRAT socialist Redistricting Commission ?????

    Where’s RINO brewer been (yeah, she’s been finding ways to SPEND the $3 BILLION sales tax increased she helped rip from the pockets of Arizona residents) ? Where’s the Repub Legislature been (yeah, agreeing with RINO brewer to INCREASE STATE SPENDING) ?

    The State of Texas should have been an easy role model to follow – they wouldn’t swallow the leftist results of their non-independent Redistricting Commission and immediately went to court and fought hard to correct the atrocity.

    Seems that the Repubs in Phoenix have gotten a little FAT AND LAZY. Must be that $3 BILLION that’s the ONLY thing that catches their attention.

    • Pima Pal says:

      TPP: You’re so busy grousing that you obviously missed the fact that Gov. Brewer was the one to call for Mathis’ removal. That’s the problem with too many of the tea party types. They have themselves and their flexing egos as their single focus and miss important facts. You’re a dope.

  2. Vince says:

    One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to actually beleive Colleen Mathis is anything but a liberal democrat. Arizona Republicans have been screwed without a kiss by Mathis and the unconcealed Dems. The three of them made up a majority and kicked the Republicans to the curb.

  3. Doc says:

    This whole thing has STUNK TO HIGH HEAVEN from th’ “git-go”! I find myself FULLY Mistrusting the State Supreme Court. Mathis is just this side of a felon according to some of the info I’ve read. How she could be re-instated to ANY position including dog catcher is beyond me…unless there’s something goin’ on that we’re not “privvey” too…

    That sed, hypothetically speaking; ya’ gotta’ observe the coincidental collusion of Congressman Flake’s & his good friend Congressman Guitierrez (did I flub that or what?) desires to turn more “Red states blue”…OURS Being th’ MAIN ONE ? ! ? ! This “redistricting” hocus-pokus surely could get that done for ’em…

    …just spiffballin’…

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    It’s great the suits have been filed, and rather than grousing about the timing of them, let’s support them.

    This is just one more example of Gov. McBrewer fiddling while AZ burns. She had the power and the legal authority to act right from the begining, but she didn’t.

    She should have taken action as soon as the scam appointment was made, but she didn’t. She could have taken action as soon as the imposter and her co-conspirators hired the obamao campaign to draw the maps, but she didn’t. She could have demanded a criminal investigation into the illegal hiring of obamao Telemetry, in violation of state statutes, and the subsequent shredding of acres of documents and the competing bids, in violation of state law, but she didn’t (this was so flagrantly illegal that a state purchasing agent resigned rather than be involved). Gov. McBrewer could have opposed the AZ Suspended Court when they made an illegal decision in a lawsuit that had never been filed, by locking Mathis out of her gov’t office and posting DPS as guards until a new appointment could be made, but she didn’t. She didn’t even have enough sense of duty to whine in public about what was going on.

    Remember this AZ Suspended Court at election time. They are the same robed injustices that just commuted the death penalty of a vicious murderer who tortured and murdered his girlfriend and here two teenage children 20 years ago in Tucson. They didn’t think the torture and murders were sufficiently vicious & depraved. So much for justice in AZ.

    And one little side note to AG Horne, who finally bowed to public pressure and stepped up: Where stands the criminal investigation into the illegal hiring of obamao Telemetry? How ‘bout an update? SRA people, support the lawsuits.

    God bless America, including AZ.