Illegals receive $billions yearly via IRS loophole

AZ’s J.D. Hayworth exposed this massive fraud in 2007

NBC Eyewitness News 13 in Indiana — yes, Indiana — shows a massive IRS tax loophole which provides over $4 billion per year in tax credits to millions of illegal aliens.  In many cases recipients of American taxpayers’ misused monies have never set foot in the United States.

Indiana is approximately 1700 miles northeast of the Mexican border.

A device known as the Additional Child Tax Credit is being used to pay for children living in Mexico — who have never lived here. One thief admitted through an interpreter that his address is being used to file tax returns for numerous children, including multiple nieces and nephews. “If the opportunity is there and they give it [to him] why not take advantage of it?” he asked in Spanish. As a stunning example, thousands in tax credits have been awarded to an illegal alien who claimed 20 children live in a single trailer, that actually housed just one little girl.

The IRS is aware of the magnitude of this fraud yet  has done nothing to rectify it. In fact, this is the IRS website giving ten tips on how to apply. The application forms are easily downloadable.

Watch this shocking exposé put together by News 13 investigative reporter Bob Segall. He spent three months looking into this outrage.

Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration says report after report sent from his office has been ignored by the IRS. Here he is in 2009 reporting on more IRS deceit to a congressional committee on first-time home buyer tax credit fraud. The Harvard educated lawyer has the title Honorable before his name. It obviously belongs there.

But before both TV 13’s exposé and Inspector General George’s frustrated pleas, former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth sounded the alarm on this outrage — back in February 2007. His spot-on commentary The New ‘Visa’ Card? appeared in Human Events at the time. Take time to read it.


6 Responses to Illegals receive $billions yearly via IRS loophole

  1. teapartypatriot says:

    “…awarded to an illegal alien who claimed 20 children live in a single trailer, that actually housed a single child.”

    And, I’ll bet romney’s $10,000 gambling fund that each of these 20 will miraculously find a way to cast one (or more) votes for OBOZO in the next election.

    • Chuck says:

      If you’re really a “patriot” you won’t think twice about supporting GOP presidential candiate Mitt Romney. However, I doubt that you will based on your mischaracterization of the “gambling fund.” It’s people like you who will help reelect Obama. Personally, I’ve sick of hearing all of this garbage.

      Look at the dolt your boy Rick Perry is. He was waiting for applause that never materialized.

  2. ZOO says:

    So, how is all this playing out in Arizona? This is government corruption, aiding and abetting, treason, and malfeasance all wrapped up into one. I’ve been screaming about it for 5 years. Last year KTVK reported that the Arizona D.O.R. was using “new software” to stop it – but did they? All the tax returns from illegals use ITIN or 9??-??-???? to file, making them easily isolated. For this you need “new” software? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Not a SINGLE RETURN with an ITIN on the front, and STOLEN social security number(s) on the attached W2s should have been processed by ANY tax authority anywhere. This shows the depth of criminality in government throughout the U.S.

  3. LEO IN TSN says:

    Come on now, you’re losing your focus. The IRS cannot possibly police this enormous tax fraud because all of their agents have been assigned to audit Tea Party groups, conservative talk show hosts and Republican campaign donors. Thousands of new agents are being trained to chase down American workers who won’t buy obamaocare government healthcare. They just don’t have the resources to do income tax fraud.

    But that’s’ not all! Millions more American tax dollars, in the form of social security payments, are being mailed every month to aliens living in other countries. This fiscal black hole is never discussed or scrutinized, not by auditors and not by congressmen. When the Social Security Administration uncovers a case of identity theft by an illegal, they refuse to report it to law enforcement. Instead they send a “letter of concern” to the illegal employer telling him that his new employee has a problem that needs to be corrected.

    But that’s not all!!! Under the reign of a former AZ governor now living in DC, welfare screeners at the AZ Dept of Economic Security were ordered to create faux social security numbers for illegal applicants, so the new computer program would be fooled and the illegal application could be processed. This led to a huge boom in the rental mail box business in towns along the border. In San Luis, the Postal Service had to buy new modular buildings to contain all of the mailboxes being rented by Mexican citizens, who come across the border once a month to pick up their checks. I don’t think the DES roles have ever been audited.

    AZ hasn’t had a representative since JD Hayworth who has the courage to try to expose and eliminate these rapes of American taxpayers. Now we have the McAmnestys, McFlakes, McLewises who live in our wallets so they can foster these illegal friends. When is enough really enough?

    God bless America.

    • paul Marchant says:

      Leo, great point. I visit San Luis frequently and the Post Office is larger and newer than any i have seen in Phx. It is a block long and the boxes take up two floors! amazing

  4. paul Marchant says:

    this is just the tip of the iceberg… just for a teaser, next time you have to take a loved one to the ER (my last few trips have cost about a thousand each out of pocket WITH insurance) use a hispanic name and claim you are ‘undocumented’ (work on your broken English beforehand). These ‘non-profit’ hospitals write off Billions and pass the buck on to us. That is precisely why JOe Wilson yelled “YOU LIE” to Obama after barry claimed obamacare would not cover illegals. then there is the double standard with licensing. if you are a us citizen you are required to take a written and driving test in order get behind the wheel. if you are from Mexico Illegally you just need a high school id (matricula) and no questions are asked. If you come to the US from Mexico legally of course you have to follow the rules. “you cannot have open borders and a welfare state” Milton Friedman.