AZ CD8 conservative Kelly v. liberal Valdez, bearded Barber

Jesse Kelly: Worries mount at the Periódico de la República de Arizona

The uncloseted leftists at the daily newspaper are ramping it up for their latest adored liberal. Here we are treated to the slice-and-dice machete work of Linda Valdez as she gives unconcealed support to Democrat Ron Barber in the CD 8 race. She refers to the decades-long government bureaucrat, who at 66 should be looking at retirement rather than an new slurp at the public trough, as “white-bearded, polite and slightly professorial.” A kindly word-picture when credentials are lacking.

Of conservative Republican Jesse Kelly, 30, Valdez spews he “has the gravitas of a soufflé and the charm of a used car salesman” — with the wrap-up that “Kelly has little experience.”

A challenge to that absurd dismissal is in order. When it comes to experience it’s worth remembering that as an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran, Kelly headed a squad in the mortar section of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, making life and death decisions, while fighting tyranny. He is a businessman, a husband and father — living in the real world and eager to make a difference. Kelly handily won the district’s special primary last month carrying 38-percent in a three-way race against a sitting state senator, a retired U.S. Air Force pilot and a broadcaster.

It is exactly that difference that Valdez, an unrepentant staus-quoer, abhors. She is bonded to the Obama brand of overreaching — into our billfolds, health care and lives. Barber, keenly aware of his own limitations, initially declared he was only running as a place holder and would move aside for an actual candidate at the end of the current term. He changed that tune after hobbing and nobbing with Nancy Pelosi and other libracrat swells.

In 2010, when running against an incumbent, then-newcomer Kelly came within a point-and-a-half of victory, although the incumbent outspent him nearly 2 to 1.

National Review covers the election with Kelly’s Second Act ….Jesse Kelly is poised for victory in a special election.

Wary of missteps, Ron Barber still refuses to participate in debates with Kelly though he’s been invited several times.

The numbers continue to be encouraging for tea party favorite, Jesse Kelly. The 8th District has nearly 425,000 registered voters with 159,000 Republicans, 134,000 Democrats and 128,000 Independents. Early voting begins Thursday, May 17, 2012, ending Friday, June 8, 2012. An early ballot can be requested until Friday, June 1, 2012. Let your vote be heard. It matters.


7 Responses to AZ CD8 conservative Kelly v. liberal Valdez, bearded Barber

  1. teapartypatriot says:

    The ruling-class Repub establishment at the RNC surprisingly committed money to kelly’s (i.e., a Tea Party-backed conservative !) campaign this time since they, like many, view barber as extraordinarily weak. (Also, the fact that the self-serving imbecile steele is no longer involved with them has done a lot to improve the RNC.) However, the RNC obviously did some homework and understands how bad and pathetic kelly’s last campaign was managed previously. So, they correctly decided to use their money to produce and air their own ads. Although most contain generic criticisms of d-cRAT socialist failures, they’re still an appropriate fit to barber. Let’s hope that people (including all those “julias” out there) pay attention and vote for their own BEST, LONG-TERM interests and those of America and support kelly.

  2. teapartypatriot says:

    “Wary of missteps, Ron Barber still refuses to participate in debates with Kelly though he’s been invited several times.”

    FYI: In the 2012 debates, kelly acted arrogant, snooty and too much of a non-specific generalist who repeatedly put his foot in his mouth. (Why would anybody with an ounce of sense get tangled up with the “flat tax” in a debate where you’ve got 30 seconds to make your point?) Barber isn’t the only person who benefits from NOT going before the people in a debate.

    • Catching On says:

      “Arrogant?” YOUR own pomposity reveals that you know more about the meaning of the word than Jesse Kelly could learn in a lifetime. Do you even live in the area encompassing the new district? I seriously doubt it, You’re an accomplished grouser with literally NOTHING to back up your allegations. I worked on Jesse Kelly’s 2010 campaign. Let me tell you, it was a pleasure to deal with the professionals I met along the trail.

      IF you even live down here, go sign up with Ron Barber. He’d be right up your alley. There’s nothing like an over the hill, gray bearded gov’t piglet to push his way up to the taxpayer funded teat again,

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    What a cheap shot from a cheap trick newspaper! I suppose they think this geezer who has had an entire career in state government is just the ticket for a congressional seat? Not a chance. It’s just that he’s a liberal with Gifford’s endorsement.

  4. Jason says:

    Check this out!! Conservatives will be happy to see that Breitbart is also impressed by Kelly!

  5. Pima Pal says:

    Ron Barber and his “white beard” ought to get a head start on the Christmas season and start auditioning now to get a prime department store Santa Claus gig. Maybe Ms. Valdez can put in a good word for him.

  6. Doc says:

    “…hobbing & knobbing with Nancy Pelosi…”….oooohhhh man! Th’ dude better get himself to a clinic…QUICK! Ain’t no tellin’ WHAT SORTA’ contageions that freak’s got!

    OH! Pima Pal…Santa Clause is a CONSERVATIVE! No…really…he is…my 3 kids & 2 Grandbabies all know th’ guy PERSONALLY…