From the not much of a surprise dept: Babeu out

Ditches congressional race to give another go at sheriff’s race

With controversy swirling about him like a dervish, and his major source of campaign funding coming from gay groups here and around the country, it has long been expected the problem plagued Paul Babeu would ditch his congressional bid. His fundraising took a significant hit from the previous quarter when he boasted he had outshone his opponents in the cash haul.

Exercising good judgment has never been his strong suit, as evidenced by these photos.

Between January and March, Babeu took in $144,000 from individual donors, well short of the $256,000 he raised in the final quarter of 2011.

We have covered the egotistical and embarrassing Pinal Country sheriff in numerous posts. For a complete rundown with chronological links to his downfall, check out Paul Babeu: Dead candidate walking. In February Babeu told the Washington Gay Blade he’s “110 percent in the race for Congress” and that when he’s elected to Congress he’ll make pro-LGBT initiatives a defining issue.

In the upcoming August Republican primary, Babeu would have faced off against incumbent U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, and state Sen. Ron Gould. This morning, Gosar released this statement regarding Babeu’s withdrawal from the race. Gould released this statement.

FOX News 10 reports here on the departure, including a video interview with Diane Ryan

The daily newspaper provides an easy to navigate campaign finance comparison page here.


12 Responses to From the not much of a surprise dept: Babeu out

  1. East Valley PC says:

    Paul Babeu doesn’t have the sense he was (probably) born with. This man has no business either enforcing or writing law. He needs to take a permanent hike. That will give him more time to post his half nude photos he takes of himself on Men to Men, as he seeks more guys to get it on with. In a display of sound judgement, he did this while serving as Pinal County Sheriff!!

  2. Teller Of Truth says:

    Where is his buddy John McCain? They walked the border together as McCain worried about retaining his senate seat. Seems like there’d be a bit of quid pro quo here. Where’s Johnny?

  3. Sally Forth says:

    You’ll grow a long beard waiting for McCain to give Babeu an assist. With John McCain, this is a street called One Way.

    I do have to admit this ad is more hilarious each time I watch it. It’s a good bet the well documented filthy mouth of McCain has never uttered the word “dang.” And what progress on that fence have we seen since this fraud get back in DC? Zip, Zero. Nadda.

  4. Reagan Regular says:

    Untold lies and 30 million dollars later, the people of Arizona still have uncomfortable backsides…and “Preparation H” won’t offer the needed relief! The Legacy of the Unholy Alliance between Babeu & McCain?”

  5. BlaineD says:

    Everybody should have seen this coming, I wonder if he can even win as sheriff?

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Unfortunately, Glenn Beck’s usually great website,, has picked up a story off the Associated Press, and is reporting this:
    “Conservative Sheriff Drops Congressional Bid After Being Hounded by Illegal Gay Lover”
    Of course, you can go to that site and leave a comment beneath the story, but you must register with a user name, etc.
    I went to the very bottom of the home page, where it says “send us a tip” and told them that they need a fact check.

  7. teapartypatriot says:

    I have a job much better suited to Arizona’s Gay Caballero, babeu, than again “serving” as a media whore / sheriff – he should think of all the joy he’ll have as a TSA agent.

  8. Payson Rodeo Rider says:

    In retrospect, it all becomes so clear…the “Lavender and Lilac Boys” from DC who were “deputized” by John to come here and run his Senate Campaign had their “Gaydar” pinging off the meters when they realized that Sheriff Baldy was the same “rough and ready Rump Ranger” they had seen in pictures on their favorite “alternative” websites.

  9. Casa Grande Conservative says:

    Paul Baboon now claims he wants to concentrate on being Pinal County Sheriff! Uh-huh…that’s about as true as McCain wanting to “complete the danged fence!”

  10. Reagan Regular says:

    PS: Sorry guys, but I have a catchier headline for this post: “Bald Headed Rat Quits Run for Congress!”

  11. Au H2O 2012 says:

    This was a “marriage” of ambitions and appetites long before Obama came out for Gay weddings! No wonder Cindy Lou and her zaftig offspring did their Pinup Pictures with duct tape over their mouths…talk about your “rear guard actions!”