AZ GOP Convention: Paulbots resort to chaos & UPDATE

In a never before seen spectacle, Ron Paul supporters, thrusting their fists in the air like brownshirts, booing and screaming demands, tried to overtake Arizona’s  2012 Republican Convention Saturday. The tactics of disruptive chaos employed by “Occupier” anarchists have been enthusiastically embraced by these zealots.

The Arizona Republican Party held its daylong meeting, as approximately a thousand state delegates gathered to elect  national convention delegates to attend the August GOP event in Tampa, Florida. The usually respectful and orderly proceedings held this year at Grand Canyon University became a thunderous battleground for what the zealous, anti-establishment activists refer to as the “Ron Paul Revolution.”

Their childish rudeness reached a pinnacle as the Paulbots loudly jeered and booed Josh Romney, speaking on behalf of his father, presumptive Republican presidential contender, Mitt Romney. Count on the newspaper to get it wrong, headlining that he was “booed off stage.” Josh Romney held firm, was courteous and although his speech was disrupted by the fringe group, he stayed at the podium and finished his comments.  Gov. Jan Brewer also spoke.

Balloting for National Committeeman and Committeewoman took place late in the day after many of the Republican attendees left, since those from outlying counties had long distances to travel to return home. Bruce Ash was reelected to his post, but the position of Committeewoman will require a run-off between Sharon Geise who currently holds the post and former state Sen. Karen Johnson, a Paul enthusiast. 

State GOP chairman Tom Morrissey, unable to control the proceedings, had already gaveled the meeting adjourned, since there was no longer a quorum, throwing the Paul supporters into a raucous tantrum.  Geise garnered 274 votes, to Johnson’s 329.  Another candidate, Linda White, had 133 votes. The necessary 50% +1 was not reached by Johnson. 

Out of nine congressional districts, Ron Paul’s delegates won two positions, one each in CD 1 and 5. Platform Republicans, pledged to support the party’s nominee, won the other seven seats.

Although Arizona is a winner-take-all state –with all of the state’s 29 national delegates allotted  to a single candidate — we took a hit when the state decided to schedule the primary before March 6. The Republican National Committee penalized Arizona for the transgression by removing half of the original 58 delegates.

We received this video of the Ron Paul anarchists’ savage disruption of the end of the Arizona Republican Convention and the sham election of a bumbling incompetent imposter named David Fitzgerald as the new Paulestinian AZ GOP State Chairman, claiming the current chairman abandoned his post. Watch it to get a true picture of what these fringe radicals are all about.


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  1. Mike says:

    hack article – I was there and supported Dr. Paul — the way this convention was run makes me embarrassed to be a Republican

    our so-called “fringe group” is in the midst of taking over the corrupt Republican establishment

    • Pima Pal says:

      So Mike, you’re embarrassed to be a Republican? In my estimation you have no idea of what the Republican party actually stands for. One thing for sure, anarchy is not in the GOP platform. If you were there (so was I, by the way) weren’t you the slightest bit sickened by the nazi like salutes and drowning out of other’s voices, so only yours was heard? The post was correct in using the term “brownshirts.”

      All of you are contributing to Obama’s reelection as surely as if you had cast a ballot for him. Your shortsightedness is appalling and your synchronized boorishness is frightening.

      • Chris Cooke says:

        I know what the Republican Party stands for. It stands for undeclared wars against third world countries. It stands for trillion dollar bailouts for their mates in banking. It stands for imprisoning and murdering of foreign and American citizens without due process. It stands for stealing democratic processes by cheating, lying and deception. It stands for ignoring the American Constitution. It stands for massive spending of money it doesn’t have. In fact it stands for everything the Democrats stand for. This evil being paid for by the same Corporate identities and people as those who pull the Democrat’s purse-strings.

        By contrast Ron Paul stands for decency, honesty, fairness, humanity, commonsense, liberty and the Constitution – things the Republican Party used to stand for – and used to care about. With this platform Paul would beat Obama hands down. Open your eyes! It’s you who are being led blindfolded by the nose.

      • Joe the Plumber says:

        If Romney gets elected, you can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of people will stay home or vote 3rd party just like they did for McCain.

      • Diogenes says:

        I understand your thinking what you do if your news sources consist of the mainstream propaganda media. But it just ain’t so. Mike is not embarrassed to be a Republican, but of the devious, underhanded nonsense the GOP establishment has been pulling to thwart the delegate voting. People are embarrassed at the BEHAVIOR of the establishment GOP. They have presented fake slates to deceive voters, allowed ballot stuffing even when it was pointed out to them WHILE it was occurring, refused to hold votes, ignored Robert’s Rules of Order and the party’s own rules, and adjourned meetings in violation of those rules rather than conduct GOP business and conventions openly and in accordance with the rules.

      • Paul Marchant says:

        A pox on both our houses. Ron Paul should be ashamed, Paul supporter for the most part were rude and classless and I will personally show up to any future Ron or Rand Paul speech and show them the same discourtesy in the future.
        As for our leadership it was amateurish; we waited for hours because there were not enough ballots, the little asterics next to the Romney endorsed candidates on the ballot was insulting if not illegal, and why were we not prepared in advance with the slates? We showed up for a gun battle with squirt guns. Ronbots knew exactly which 6 delegates to vote for in each district while we were voting for our favorites out of 74 in cd 5. My understanding is that Ron Paul supporter won 2 out of 3 in cd 5. Morrissey did us no favors by starting the show by scolding the Ron Paul supporters but i suppose if he had been courteous and graceful like Romneys son he would have been booed. And to you Ron Paul supporter: you probably missed the respectful way the Republican Party delegates treated your spokesperson but I hope our delegates to Florida extend the same lack of respect you showed for the son of our next president.

  2. Night Owl says:

    This is what the Ron Paul supporters will give us — 4 more years of the very dangerous, bowing to Muslim potentates and funding terrorists, Barack Hussein Obama.

    Voting for the elderly Ron Paul is the same as casting a ballot for Ross Perot in 1992. Those foolish voters were instrumental in gifting the presidency to Bill Clinton. Watch this to get an idea of what the Ron Paul idiots are prepared to shamefully hand down as a legacy to our future generations. They are playing at being astute, but showing themselves as political pawns in a game that will cause untold suffering to the American people.
    Watch this sobering video (you can click to avoid the opening commercial:

    • Awake says:

      Garbage hate propaganda- divisive – us and them – boogeyman hate focus – Jesus would be ashamed of this Zionist blood lust.

    • Frank Harris says:

      Unless Paul runs third-party, your “Voting for the elderly Ron Paul is the same as casting a ballot for Ross Perot in 1992” rhetoric is useless puffery.

      And, for the record, those were NOT “Nazi salutes”, as was erroneously pointed out earlier. Going Godwin is not an honorable way to win this.

  3. Brandy Baron says:

    Paultards obviously belong with the OWS ninnies where they can be with like minded circus performers :o\

    • ptponder says:

      First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi.

  4. matt says:

    Obviously the Mitt Romney voters are butt hurt that we know the rules and followed the chairmen around to watch where the ballots were going and to observe the counting. I could see the pure anger in the mitt romney elite establishment type. Very angry people who do not believe in rules or any type of honest process. If it hadn’t been for Ron Paul voters being there it would have been pure chaos indeed considering the AZ GOP chairman could not even allow a floor vote for adjournment….instead he broke the rules and adjourned with 1 person saying “2nd” to Randy Pullmans “I motion to adjourn this meeting”.

    • Paul Marchant says:

      we got gamed fair and square Matt, i have no gripe with that and i will give you kudos. Well Done on the vote rigging but aren’t you a little embarrassed about the classless interruptions?

      • Overtaxed1 says:

        You do not know if we got “gamed fair and square.” The ballots were handed out according to the count of the PC captains and there wasn’t a recount when our PC captain, a Ron Paul trainer, went up to get our ballots for the final round. A very important Republican worker’s name was left off the ballot when he was confirmed to be on it. Nothing was fair and square about any of it.

        I certainly do agree with you Paul, the knuckle dragging Ron Paul people were “classless.” They had to call security to get them off the stage even after the microphones were turned off.

  5. Overtaxed1 says:

    I was there and have never been so disgusted at the behavior of the very weird Ron Paul bunch. Most look and acted like they were raised by morons with no standards for respectful appearance, respectful manners or self respect. They are using the Saul Alinski tactics and are honored to be organizing just like OBama did. Their Nazi type salutes were appalling to say the least and Chairman David Fitzgerald, Chairman of the old LD6, was on the stage leading them on. He certainly was not representing those who elected him. Watch out Prescott, David is headed your way and he is a trainer of this motley bunch of no goods who will surely help O Bama win again if allowed to continue their self-loving ways.

    They certainly showed their contempt for the Republican Party last night. They hate everything about it and are blatant anarchists to say the very least.

    • awesomesaurus says:

      Morons huh? Oh you mean their parents who are rank and file Republicans?

      Like them or not, call them whatever petty names that make you feel better. FACT: Romney cannot beat Obama without their support. I would play nice with these “no goods”.

      I’ve been a Republican for 10 years, and I love the fact we are getting more people into the party. They are young, and are loud because they are passionate. Sure, they are disrespectful, BUT i bet people were simply rude back to them. Why not give a little constructive advice like “I know what you are doing, but remember the nature of these conventions….etc” Name calling and screaming right back doesn’t help.
      You don’t see Romney supporters getting rowdy because his supporters don’t actually like him. They are just betting on horses. It’s the bet on who we think can win mentality that has got the country where it is today, and that came from both parties.

    • Jonathan Allen says:

      Saul Alinski tactics??? Sounds like you’ve been drinking the Sean Hannity Kool-Aid.

      If the Paul supporters were Anarchists, they would not participate in the primary system. There are Anarcho-Capatilist-Libertarians. That support Dr. Paul, but I tend to believe that they could not have Stomached the primary process in any form, much less the kluge that occurred yesterday.

      I am a life long republican. I voted for president Bush (43) both times he ran. I voted for Mitt Romney in the 2007/2008 primary’s. This time I supported Ron Paul. That hardly makes me a Paulbot or an Anarchist.

      Cheering and showing support is Hardly a Saul Alinski tactic, rather your tactic of vilifying your opponent while avoiding logical disussion IS A SAUL ALINSKI tactic.

      This, just like your schitzophrenic simultaneous support for ‘smaller government’ and a larger military makes you look hypocritical and unintelligent.

  6. Ryan Kelly says:

    Your post is CRAP…untrue and very biased…you should go get a job at Fox News

  7. LD20 says:

    I was there also, young Romney was not booed off the stage through no efforts of the Paulbots. They were as usual rude and a bunch of dirty unkemp fools. There is much to be admired about the loyality they show toward RP, but I truly believe Paul himself enjoys their spectacle of disrespect to all others who do not believe as they do. RP is not running for reelection and I thank God for that, they will have to ban behind Rand, but the truth is Rand had to distance himself from his Father to get elected.

  8. Annie O. says:

    I was also there last night to the very end. I have heard previous descriptions from Ron Paul supporters of how they were so terribly abused at other state meetings around the country. After being a witness to yesterday’s Ron Paul debacle, I now know I was being lied to by the Ron Paul anarchists.

    I had sympathy for some of Paul’s opinions before. NO MORE!
    I thought I sensed a vein of anti-semetic rhetoric in many of the blog comments I have seen previously by Ron Paul supports. I need no longer have any doubt. They are unquestionably anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Not only that, they remind me of the NAZI thugs shown in the WWII documentaries.
    They are unable to win with the majority of the voters. But by resorting to the tactics of the far-left and far-right, they plan to take over through deceit, lies, chaos, and force. If they had had clubs there last night, the brutes would have used them.

    • Jim Konos (@JimKonos) says:

      Did you just get done smoking crack or are you totally delusional?

    • Stacy says:

      Have you cashed you check from Romney yet ?

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      I agree. Many Paulestinians are barely concealed anti-Semites. They have earned this moniker with their bomb throwing tactics,

  9. jon says:

    What a sad piece of propaganda this is. The Ron Paul followers followed Robert’s Rules of Order, plain and simple. If the elite establishment wants to break the rules then whine about it and demonize the Ron Paul supporters then they should go join the Democratic party. It’s time this corruption ends, and pitiful articles like this show the sorry support of the corruption provided by those that are mad we don’t support big government and fascism.

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    As I said before:

    I was at the convention. A handful of LP’ers had gotten to the floor as stealth delegates. They also had a group of leather-lunged back-up screamers in the gallery, some watching and some hoping to come down as alternates if any Republican delegates failed to arrive.

    The LP’ers performed in the finest Saul Alinsky-esque fashion. Their perceived Constitutional freedoms extend only themselves. They trampled on the 1st Amendment all day. Not only did they “shout down” Mr. Romney, but they did the same to other Republican speakers, including the Republican Governor of the Gila River Indian Nation. They did everything they could to disrupt and stall the convention. They have been well-schooled by their ACORN mentors.

    Their actions and their writings display perfectly that they will do all in their power to hand this great country back to Obamao. There may be some sincere Paul supporters who are not true LP’ers, and those should quickly reassess their personal plans for this country, because as the LP fanatics write above, Obamao is fine with them.

    God bless America.

    • 1st hand witness says:

      I just do not get it.

      Yesterday, the Ron Paul people did more to help elect Obama for a second term than any Democrats could have done in 12 hours.

      These are – for the most part – smart youngsters who want nothing more that for SOMEONE to follow the Constitution. they are excited, active and willing to work and walk the walk.

      They do not want Obama to have a second term in office — problem is, it seems they either want their guy or no one. These are not the actions of smart young people – only babies who will cry if they do not get their way.

      I was at the convention, and I too was appalled at their actions. They did the work, the planing, and they would have garnered far more support had they just voted their ballots and counted their victories – but no – they chose to act like “brownshirts”…….

      I spent a fair amount of time in the “counting area”, and it was clear to me that their actions were not in any way an attempt to insure the count was correct, rather it was to harass, intimidate and challenge the volunteers trying to accomplish their tasks – mostly accomplished by unpaid volunteers. (Gee, where were the Ron Paul workers??? I guess they would rather take the “brownshirt” role???)

      My suggestion to the Ron Paul leadership is this:

      Be respectful.

      Continue to do your planning / groundwork, but hurry – Dr Paul is getting older every day – time is NOT on your side.

      Get even more active in the GOP – by this I mean first learn the process and procedure, then participate in a helpful, respectful, honest way. If you see procedures that need to be improved, please work within the party structure to make it better for everyone.

      Mom always I could catch more flies with honey than with vinegar — Happy Mother’s Day!

      PS to Ron Paulers: would your Mother been proud of the way you and your group acted yesterday?

      • Frank Harris says:

        Unless Paul wins the nomination – a longshot, by any measure – or run third party… how, exactly, does this “[do] more to help elect Obama for a second term”?

  11. LD 19 Committeeman says:

    After talking to some of the mostly young Paul enthusiasts yesterday, it became clear to me they are not about defense of this nation or our allies, they want free access to their drugs as promised by pusher Ron Paul a doctor who partnered with leftist Barney Frank on decriminalizing all drugs, and they are self indulgent ideologues. If this is representative of the hope for the future in this country, we are doomed. I am thoroughly disgusted by what I heard and saw yestereday. These people are our dregs from a self indulgent society and raised by parents — many in fatherless homes — who prefer to be pals rather than risk upsetting their brats. And all the while they are being force-fed liberalism in our government schools (previously known as public schools).

  12. jackhammer says:

    Sadly, they pushed around Cindy a GCU security guard when she would not let them speak from the podium after Arizona Republican Party Chairman Morrissey ended the meeting. She was trying to keep her composure after the attack and finally broke down crying in the ballot counting room. I have seen this before during the Vietnam era, this is only the how it starts, when they don’t win in August there will be full scale social riots all over the U.S. trying to use fear and free speech as weapons. They are lead by a young Army Ranger Sargent named Sean, he is very nice and friendly and uses brt tactics to win friends and influence these social idiots to rebel against the GOP. From my point of view it appears the moderates still have a strangle hold on Arizona, they are using their money and influence to get their way and I was even told to leave the ballot room after the event was over but they were still scanning in the ballots. Also there were a lot of revolutionist taking pictures and video to be used later to release to the press and they will not negotiate to common ground, it is their way or no way. 2012 will soon be a memory in the annuals of time and once again the United States of American’s will win the social war and be a place of peace and happiness for generations to come just as it has for 200+ years. God Bless our Mother’s who raised us to know that Love of God, Family and Country is what our Founding Fathers Constitution was written for now and forever. We will use our Bill of Rights and protect her from all threats foreign and domestic so help us God.

  13. Cory says:

    Loving the squirming establishment hacks on the comment sections. We recorded the whole event. several hundred thousand people have viewed and reviewed it picking apart parliamentary and rule failures, as well as clearly biased leadership.

    How in your right mind can you still call us a fringe group when we stage nationwide takeovers at city and county levels. That requires millions of participants. Had we been the Mitt Romney crowd we would have simply stayed home. just like his “Clear Majority” did for his county and district conventions. but yet we don’t. Every day we wake up and we fight. we fight with our hands tied behind our back and a biased media oligarchy raining lies and disinformation disseminated by those who stand lose power. A revolution is brewing at the lowest level of every state in america. It must be frustrating, your inability to follow the orders of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly while our revolution presses on state by state annihilating the veil of inevitability the “presumptive nominee” has created and failed to uphold.

    If you consider yourself part of the old guard, the old way of doing things I only ask that you stand aside, you’ve done enough damage in your inability and unwillingness to stop the likes of warmongers and money printers such as George Bush and Barack Obama. It’s now the youths turn to fix the damage your lack of attention and care has created. Get out of our way, or continue to impede our progress, either way: What we’ve started cannot be stopped.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  14. Awake says:

    I enjoyed ready all of these biased comments from the sheep who can’t see Romney and Obama are exactly the same politically. Of course these people are mad, they have open eyes. But go cheer on yor favorite team and be blind to the context of the situation at hand. I hope you feel comfort in the blinding Zionist propaganda you obviously guzzle down on a daily basis. Think for yourselves cause Romneys not going to be there for you. He is there for Goldman Sachs just like Obama. Know everything fools!

  15. Justin Kelly says:

    Trash journalism at it’s finest.

  16. Robby P. says:

    I’m only 19 years old and was an alternate delegate for LD 17 in CD 9 and what I saw was sickening and disheartening. The republicans does not know how to hold a fare convention, everything was a complete mess. Our voice will not be heard unless we make you hear them…… Ron Paul’s views are the only way to bring in the younger generation and get enough momentum to beat “OBAMA” …. which seems to be the establishments only goal. The Ron Paul supporters WILL BECOME “DELEGATES” —-and we will bring the republican part to it’s roots.

    —– you can’t and will not beat OBAMA with out the RON PAUL supporters.

    —– We actually have values that we will stand by for life.

    —-Our only goal is to not just beat OBAMA but to elect the right man with the correct values to fix this country.

    —-This is happening in every state guys and we will not go away….. we are here to stay……………and we will bring the republican party back to its roots.

  17. Seeing Red AZ says:

    During the night and so far this morning, Seeing Red AZ has received nearly 250 comments, mostly from Ron Paul supporters, indulging in name calling with many using the same derogatory words and phrases, such as calling us “lying propagandists” and “Zionist protectors,” while calling Mitt Romney the “White Obama.”

    It’s clear they sidle up to Paul’s website for their daily dose of party-line deception, in much the same way liberals do. Although they deny their use of Alinsky tactics of disruption and chaos, we were on scene at the AZ GOP Convention, and saw the loathsome activities first hand. There may be some who sincerely believe Ron Paul is the answer to America’s ills. But Ron Paul himself is not among them, acknowledging he’s not going to budge, but hasn’t a chance other than bringing disruption to the process. Paul clearly revels in being a burr in the saddle.

    We have put up a fair representation of comments to this post, omitting the vulgarities and anti-Semitic rantings. Comments are now closed.

      Monday May 14, 2012:

    Since closing the comment section and putting up numerous comments of the hundreds from rabid Paul supporters, we received this lengthy comment from regular reader Tyler Mott. In the interest of presenting an accurate accounting, we have allowed this to go through, although normally something of this excessive length would not be posted. But these are abnormal circumstances and Tyler Mott was also in attendance at the Saturday meeting.

  18. Tyler Mott says:

    SeeingRedAZ, I know that you closed comments on your other excellent post about the convention, but I just wanted to share this with you if you would like, because there is one aspect that was missing from your post & that’s regarding how the snake, Nathan Sproul, messed things up for the Romney campagin at the AZ GOP Convention. This is what I wrote the night of the event. I was already pissed off after being at the Convention from 7:45 am to 9:05 pm. which meant that Judy & I had to get up at 4:45 am on a Saturday in order to be up there on time. Before I was at least respectful of the Ron Paul crazies, but not anymore. Here’s my report from that night:


    “I’m a Mitt Romney supporter & I’m just returning home from being a delegate to the Arizona Republican Party State Convention where we picked our delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. The end of the meeting nearly descended into chaos as Ron Paul supporters showed up to the convention en masse and through their sophistry & subversive tactics had at least two of their delegates elected out of Arizona’s 9 Congressional seats. Their tactics in Arizona were very similar to the successful tactics they deployed in Nevada (and Maine) recently, where they were able to get many Ron Paul supporters sent to the Republican National Convention.

    Due to the extremely poor tactics of Nathan Sproul, the political consultant who is running Romney’s Arizona campaign, Mitt Romney did not even have complete delegate slates available to help his higher number of Republican supporters present know who to support to combat the better organized & rabid Ron Paul supporters.

    The election of National Committeewoman ended with no clear winner as the Ron Paul supporters nominated their candidate of choice from the floor in a vote that required a majority in order to win. The Paulista candidate ended up getting the highest number of votes as two traditional Republican candidates split the non-loony, non-Ron Paul support of the vast majority of delegates. But by that time it was getting so late that most Mitt Romney supporters had already left & Ron Paul’s supporters were demanding that the run-off still be held. The Parliamentarian for the Arizona Republican Party ruled that there was no longer a quorum & in rapid succession it was moved to adjourn the meeting, where the run-off election for Republican National Committeewoman would be held by mail-in ballot instead. And the meeting was immediately adjourned by the State Party Chairman after this motion & with no vote. This made the Ron Paul supporters go crazy & they tried to take over the convention stage after the State Chairman called the meeting to a close by trying to say that the State Republican Party Chairman had abandoned his position by closing & leaving the meeting in a way that was against Arizona Republican Party bylaws.

    There were multiple problems with the ballots & as mentioned above grievous tactical errors by the Arizona Romney campaign. What should have been a happy day in Arizona for Mitt Romney, who easily carried the Arizona Republican Party Primary on February 28, quickly spiraled out of their control. Ron Paul & his supporters really must want Barack Obama to win in November with how they all behaved today even though Congressman Paul himself was not present for today’s turbulent & completely disorganized events.

    First things first, Nathan Sproul needs to be fired immediately by Mitt Romney’s campaign for not doing his job at all right. Sproul is notorious in Arizona for losing elections and for deploying dirty campaign tactics in almost every race in which he involves himself. Mitt should not be associated with anyone like Nathan Sproul & the problems today in Arizona could be directly laid at Sproul’s feet.”


    Also, as you correcly mentioned, the Arizona Republica had a completely incorrect story saying that Mitt Romney’s son, Josh Romney, who spoke at the Convention was “booed off the stage” by the Ron Paul people. POLITICO also quoted from the story & used a similar headline about getting “boo[ed]” “off the stage”. There were some incredibly rude boos, but Josh Romney held firm & finished his prepared remarks. I can’t stand Ron Paul supporters after this event. And this is how I responded to the POLITICO article:

    “I was at the Arizona Republican Convention & Josh Romney WAS NOT booed off the stage as “POLITICO” tried to imply in an online article. There were some Ron Paul supporters who were downright rude to him, but the younger Romney completed his prepared remarks & was very well received by the vast majority of delegates & others in attendance.

    Josh Romney also proved to be the bigger man in that he was very gracious to the Ron Paul supporters in attendance, even the few who did boo at him. The younger Romney said that he was impressed with how hard the other Republican candidates, including Ron Paul, had worked & how their supporters had supported some very important issues. The younger Romney was very impressive indeed.”


    All in all, what a horrible day & what a horrible & disorganized event! In the end, the AZ GOP Chair should be replaced for not even knowing or understanding the rules of his own convention. I personally had to walk up to the stage a number of times while the Chairman was addressing the Convention during votes to correct him on simple things like how many people we were allowed to vote for on any given ballot. He didn’t even know half of the time. Tom Morrissey did a horrible job. I know it’s a thankless, unpaid position, but wow!

    A lot of the problem was that people running the convention did not even understand the system that they had set up. The Chairman did not understand that we were voting for A Delegates & B Delegates in the case that Mitt Romney would allow Arizona to seat its entire delegation of 58 instead of just the 29 delegates that Arizona currently is entitled to because Arizona broke RNC rules by having a “Winner-Take-All” Primary before Super Tuesday. It is customary for the Presidential Nominee to forgive this type of transgression & to seat the entire delegation anyway – even if the rules were broken.

    The Romney campaign’s slates (once again the fault of Nathan Sproul who should be fired immediately if this hasn’t already been taken care of) only included spots for A Delegates too. So, either the Arizona Romney campaign had purposely decided ahead of time that there was no way Romney was going to seat all 58 delegates, or they were just dumb & setting themselves up for failure. Regardless, by not having complete slates (or lists of people for whom to vote) for A & B Delegates, the Romney campaign forced everybody to go along with one single person who Sproul had chosen for them for each Congressional District, and that required a hope that the Romney campaign chose someone that delegates from each congressional caucus actually liked. By preparing full slates, even if the top person the Romney campaign chose was not well liked, it would have been much more likely that person would have been replaced by another Romney supporter who was on the slate as a B Delegate. Romney supporters far outnumbers the Ron Paul moon-bats.

    Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman, Bruce Ash, who led our CD-2 caucuses to choose delegates from the new CD-2, did not even know that we were allowed to vote for up to 3 people on each ballot in our CD-2 caucuses. I had to correct him on that & plead with him in explaining to him that if we didn’t, we were almost undoubtedly going to vote for Ron Paul people for both B delegates since Ron Paul’s supporters were all united & the Romney supporters also wanted to be. In the end, that’s what happened in CD-2 anyway because the Romney campaign didn’t have anyone in particular to vote for on their slates as B Delegates. We overwhelmingly voted a Romney supporter as our A Delegate, who will surely be seated at Convention, but both B delegates were Ron Paul supporters. Romney’s only option now with how many Ron Paul B Delegates were elected will be to not seat the full Arizona Delegation. Romney’s campaign was completely outmaneuvered. This problem also could have been helped if the Chairman would have told everybody how many votes they would have on each ballot before they broke up into their congressional caucuses. But I doubt that Tom Morrissey even knew how many we were allowed to vote for in our caucuses.

    Also, Chairman Morrissey never explained during general session that in order to win the vote for National Committeeman or woman, a 50% + 1 vote majority was required. He mentioned something about a run-off, but never explained what would trigger a run-off. If voters don’t understand ahead of time how to avoid a run-off, then the assumption is that a run-off is only triggered with a tie vote. It was unbelievable that none of these things were explained to voters & it was unbelievable how poorly made the ballots actually were. For example, a delegate was allowed to vote for up to 31 people on the first ballot for delegates-at-large to the National Convention once we reconvened from the congressional caucuses, but there were hundreds of names on two separate legal-sized back-to-back sheets of paper & anyone could have voted for 31 on each sheet of paper instead because there was nothing tying the two paper sheets of each ballot together.

    So, if you’re confused about what I think happened on Saturday, yes, I’m a little bit agitated.

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