Flake’s DC chum brags “I drafted amnesty language for WH”

Radical leftist U.S. Rep Luis Gutierrez, a Chicago politician well known to Barack Obama, and with close ties to AZ Congressman Jeff Flake, has told a group of constituents that Obama told him in December 2010 that comprehensive immigration reform could not be achieved legislatively because of Democrat fears of losing future elections. As an alternative Obama suggested exploring administrative options to accomplish their mutual goals. Gutierrez then crowed “I drafted amnesty language for the White House.

Read the Daily Caller’s cogent exposé here for a close-up look at the machinations of the open border/amnesty crowd along with the backing of the extremists at the racist organization La Raza (The Race).

And as you digest this article, think of the man who is running for the AZ senate seat, occupied for decades by Jon Kyl, reliably limp on border security except during an election year, when he revs up his tough talking machine.

Jeff Flake presents himself to his East Valley constituents as a jocular sort, who has made his ardent harping against “earmarks” his cause célèbre. Never mind that his crusade has been unremarkable. Speaking at libertarian-leaning Reason Magazine’s 40th anniversary bash in November ’08 Flake explained why the GOP got what it had coming to them in ’06 and ’08: His exact words: ‘The tone and tenor of the immigration debate has done the Republican Party immeasurable damage and focusing on social issues while ignoring our principles on limited government and free markets will not broaden our base.”

Flake was, after all the onetime executive director of the Goldwater Institute, a liberation think tank.

His words are reminiscent of those of former U.S. Rep. John Shadegg who in an interview with the New York Times, described Arizona Republicans desirous of a secure national border as “xenophobic and intolerant.”

These are congressional representatives of the citizens of the United States, who ran and were elected as Republicans.

Longtime readers of Seeing Red AZ will remember Luis Gutierrez as Jeff Flake’s comrade on issues such as amnesty and the farcical DREAM ACT, which rewards those here illegally. This blog has an entire category devoted to Jeff Flake’s preening arrogance, left-of-center positions, McCain-like flip-flops and liberal associates.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez actually commends Flake for “helping him turn more red states blue“ in this article in Progress Illinois. Is this the trait Arizona Republicans are looking for in their next U.S. Senator?


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  1. teapartypatriot says:

    OBOZO’s “October Surprise” on 01 OCT 2012:
    By executive order he grants AMNESTY to all 20+ MILLION ILLEGALS in the US. He orders the military to set up 500,000+ mobile processing stations across the country to 1. certify citizenship status to the ILLEGALS and 2, have them sign a form (in spanish, of course) registering them to vote d-cRAT in the Nov. election.

    Sorry, if I spoiled the “surprise”.

    • ZOO says:

      There is an argument out there that Obama cannot legally do this, or at least not across the board. Illegals crossing the border only once are guilty of a civil law violation and presidential pardon power is restricted to federal crimes. Obama does not have the authority to change immigration status, only Congress has that power.

      If they were a little smarter, Lulac, Maldef, and La Raza would be encouraging invaders to intentionally get popped and deported, then re-enter as felons. One would have to guess that the Obama adminstration knows there are a few zillion out there that already fit the mold.

  2. Clark says:

    A few of my favorite Flake immigration moments.

    “‘Comprehensive’ has gotten a bad word. But until we have a better one I’ll use that.” He says that while we need to enhance border security, that’s not enough. “You have to have a viable mechanism to deal with the people who are here. My party hasn’t come to grips with that.” He explains that his own state of Arizona passed a controversial law (now the subject of a federal court challenge) that allows for us to “more easily round people up. But that’s not the problem. The problem is what to do about them after we get them.” On a political level, he says the “tone and tenor of the debate” needs to improve on the Republican side. But the substance remains the nub of the problem. He says the problem is “more complicated” than his party would like to admit. But given the current politics, he says, “I’d like to be optimistic [about reform legislation], but I’m not.”

    And last, but not least,


    • MacBeth says:

      Amazing stuff here, Clark! I hope Wil cardon’s campaign see this and uses it! Flake;s own mother might not vote for him if she sees this. Muchas gracias. (Tht’s my best Flakey imitation!)

    • Lucy says:

      Thanks Clark –The video where McCain is speaking reminds me why I can’t stand him. He spoke those same words at many a town hall meeting I attended. “Well my response to those folks is: What is your solution?” What a total chicken non-answer. Then he just walks away or changes the subject. After not answering the question. Jeff Flake did the exact same thing to me at an LD meeting. How can you tell a politician has been in DC too long? They don’t answer your question!

  3. Atilla the Hunni says:

    Jeff Flakey was at the Republican Convention today, in CD9 he was not well received. He ducked out fast once we started asking him about Illegal Aliens. Please all support Wil Cardin, I do not care that he supported Flakey at one time, all I care bout is getting Flake out of Arizona Politics before we have another 30 years of McSlime.

  4. Douglas Rivlin (@douglasrivlin) says:

    The Flake-Gutierrez (McCain-Kennedy) bill that passed the U.S. Senate (w/ 23 Republican votes) in 2006 would have had a minimum 17 years lag before anyone who was legalized could become a citizen and vote. If Republicans think there is no way they can be competitive with family-oriented Catholic and Evangelical Latinos to vote for them 17 years from now, then Republicans are in very, very deep trouble. More U.S.-born citizen Latinos will have turned 18 in 17 or 18 years, even if we have a bill passed tomorrow that closed off all legal immigration, than would be legalized if legalization was passed. So Republicans are up a creek.