Nail in political coffin: McCain’s expected Kirk Adams endorsement

 Conservative Matt Salmon is winning endorsements that matter

We hear that John McCain will be holding a press conference at the CD 5 campaign headquarters of Kirk Adams this morning.

Look for McCain to join his senate twin Jon Kyl in endorsing Adams’ flagging congressional campaign.  McCain, known to be a grudge carrier is still miffed over Matt Salmon’s rejection of McCain’s request for an endorsement when he faced a challenge by former Congressman J.D. Hayworth in 2010. You’d think the fact that Salmon donated to McCain in that race would have mitigated his ire over not being able to coerce an endorsement from him.  But it appears crossing McCain has its consequences — even years later. 

There are other considerations as well. Despite his stroll along the border and tough talk about securing the border with problem-plagued Sheriff Babeu, McCain remains committed to amnesty. Kirk Adams is in the same camp.

Here is evidence going back to 2008 when Adams headlined the host committee of a malleable candidate named Tony Bouie. The fact that Bouie, a lifelong Democrat reregistered a mere five days prior to filing for a state legislative run, was of little consequence to Kirk Adams. He joined Joe Yonko (Chairman-Elect of Cindy McCain’s Hensley & Co./VP of Communications at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce) Jason LeVecke, Mac Magruder, Steve Churci (Supervisor candidate and head of the AZ Restaurant Association PAC) and a long list of other illegal labor profiteers who oppose the Fair and Legal Employment Act, (“employer sanctions”) prefering to hire illegals over American citizens.

None of this is new. We wrote of their exploits and threats back in 2007.

Check out this seemingly endless list of Kirk Adams’ left-leaning campaign donors. No wonder recent polls favor Salmon by a wide margin.


15 Responses to Nail in political coffin: McCain’s expected Kirk Adams endorsement

  1. hedgehog62 says:

    How does Kirk Adams’ pushing of SB1070 as Speaker of the House make him pro-amnesty? How does his strong defense of it in the media during the backlash and subsequent court challenges make him pro-amnesty?

    • AZ Conservative Guy says:

      Are you kidding? Kirk Adams, who talks out of both sides of his mouth, has been supportive of candidates and elected officials who have been opposed to controls and supportive of illegal immigration. John McCain and Jon Kyl, both endorsers of Adams, have given lip service to border security only during their campaigns for reelection. They have both promoted what is deceptively called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” which is simply amnesty with a name that passed focus groups. If Kirk Adams was truly in opposition to a continued influx of illegals, why would he make Kyl his honorary campaign chairman and accept the endorsement of the known liar John McCain? Why would he take campaign donations from the open borders crowd? Instead of distancing himself from them, he cozies up to them. Adams is a farce!

    • diogidog says:

      AZ Birds of a feather …

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Anything connected with McCain should be considered toxic, tainted, or to be avoided at all costs.

  3. LD 19 Committeeman says:

    I’m usually of the opinion that endorsements are worth a warm bowl of spit (as Harry Truman’s VP was known to describe his own job), but when the endorsements are from people of the caliber of John McCain and Jon Kyl, I change my mind. Garnering and touting the support of such two-faced frauds shows the depths to which desperate Kirk Adams is willing to sink as his campaign continues to tank. When he was in the state legislature, Adams represented my district. He showed himself to be ego-driven and looking for greener pastures…like Washington DC. That was exemplified loud and clear when he jumped ship not long after being reelected in order to run for congress.

  4. jackhammer says:

    Shocking still up to old tricks , good news though these old guys are not getting any younger. I look forward to all the Conservative Reagan Platform Republicans in the GOP who are already making a difference in our Great State of Arizona! We will have Victory in our fight to save the Constitution and Bill of Rights Under God.

  5. Annie O. says:

    Thank you again, SEEINGREDAZ! I have printed this list of donors for future reference of those in favor of the destruction of the Republican party and the U.S. by promoting the invasion of unassimilated illegal aliens, drug cartels, human traffickers and Islamic terrorists

  6. teapartypatriot says:

    I haven’t heard a peep out of AMNESTY-JOHN on the CD8 election with conservative Kelly against a pelosi puppet. Have you ?

    Good ole AMNESTY-JOHN doesn’t want to get too close to ANY real conservative, especially one backed by the Tea Party – he’s afraid of catching something (like integrity, honesty, principles, good character, etc….)

  7. Clark says:

    I think it has been pretty obvious that McCain has supported Adams all along. They are two peas in a pod. Just a couple of months ago, McCain was Adams’ “special guest” at a fundraiser in DC.

    For a photo of the fundraiser invite:

    Adams must be scraping the bottom of the barrel out of desperation to try and save his campaign.

    • Rambling Rose says:

      That fundraising invitation tells it all, doesn’t it? Kirk Adams should change his name to Kirk McAdams!! Thoroughly disgusting. Yuck! Double Yuck!

  8. Kimball says:

    Kirk is so proud of Johnny Mac’s endorsement, he relegates it to a back page of Instagrams on his website and titles it “jsm.” (all lower case!!)

    For the less than astute, that stands for John Sidney McCain. This is hilarious!! Adams doesn’t even want to let people know he has Arizona’s Señor Senator Juan McAmnesty in his corner. Even HE knows this endorsement is an embarrassment!!
    Check out the photo. Adams looks pregnant. McCain looks senile.

    View this post on Instagram

    JSM endorsement

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  9. Doc says:

    mr. adams is a coward. He won’t pursue anything against th’ evidently illegal & annoying one or his possee ‘cuz he’s afraid of a “Constitutional Crisis”…oooohhhhhh….HEY! I do b’lieve we’re ALREADY IN TH’ MIDST-0-ONE-A’ THOSE !

    …now he get’s mcamnesty’s endorsement. THAT don’t suprise me one little bit…

  10. GOPcandor says:

    I’m curious, in 2010 Matt Salmon may not have officially endorsed but he clearly supported John McCain.

    “Senator John McCain has a consistent conservative record of fighting the outrageous pork barrel spending in Washington, strengthening our nation’s security and defending innocent human life. I am honored to support Senator McCain for re-election to the U.S. Senate. He is clearly the right man at this challenging time to represent Arizona’s conservative values in the Senate.”

    Why are he and his supporters now running away from that like it didn’t happen?

  11. GOPcandor says:

    Night owl, can we have a more subsstantive conversation? What are you referring to?