Jeff Flake shifts again: Suddenly tough on Iran

Perfecting McMaverick repositioning

U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake has done another politically adroit about-face. This latest one is on the issue of tougher sanctions against Iran. Throughout his six terms, Flake had been a staunch opponent of sanctions, repeatedly voting against such penalties on Iran, Cuba and other rogue nations. Flake reveled in his prominence among a handful of members of Congress to oppose such actions.

But since declaring a senate bid he’s flipped on his long-held position — even praising the Senate when it voted for more stringent sanctions earlier this week. Tacking right while campaigning  to appeal to conservative primary voters is an angle he has learned from his mentor, John McCain. Six-year senate terms give plenty of time to recommit to Libertarian views without having to answer to the voters.

Just last year, Flake was one of only eight U.S. Reps. to vote against stronger sanctions. In both  2006 and 2007 he cast identical votes. 

Flake’s epiphany on the issue has suspiciously coincided with the declaration of his senate candidacy. Jeff Flake not only signed onto this tough Iran sanctions bill in May, he voted in favor of it as recently as December 2011.

Then after the Senate passed the measure on Tuesday, the cunning Flake actually praised the action in this statement: “Limiting the Iranian regime’s access to the capital it needs to produce nuclear weapons is a necessary action to be taken. We need to send a strong signal to Iran in advance of the Baghdad negotiations tomorrow that their actions to develop nuclear weapons won’t be tolerated. Putting a choke hold on Iran’s financial resources could avert disaster for Israel and the rest of the Middle East.”

Flake’s Iran votes have emerged as a campaign issue since conservative Republican businessman Wil Cardon, his serious opponent in the upcoming senate primary, pointed out that Jeff Flake once worked as a lobbyist and a registered foreign agent representing Namibia and a uranium mine there partially owned by Iran.  Flake has since received $100,000 in contributions from mining interests.

Last October Flake voted for HR 1904, authorizing a 2,300 acre land swap in Arizona that would give a Namibian uranium mining firm access to copper in our state. The company, Rio Tinto, is the majority owner of the mine in which Iran has a 15 percent stake. Nimble contortionist Flake voted against a measure that would have barred firms doing business with Iran from access to U.S. copper.

In his home district, U.S. Rep. Flake positions himself as a conservative.  In Washington D.C. he partners with Luis Gutierrez, one of the most ardent radical liberals in congress. Gutierrez actually commends Flake for helping “to turn more red states blue.” But when he was on a multi-state tour in favor of the Amnesty/DREAM Act, which they both championed, Jeff Flake stayed far away from his colleague as he rabble-roused in Phoenix

This is an association the home folks would never understand.

11 Responses to Jeff Flake shifts again: Suddenly tough on Iran

  1. chad palmer says:

    By their fruits ye shall know them. Wil is still gaining on Jeff. Just the truth from the trenches.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    While pansey politicians are flip-flopping, here’s what will be happening in Connecticut this weekend:
    15,000 Muslims to Assemble in Support of Sharia & Against ‘Islamophobia’. (from

  3. garvan says:

    Flake aside, I wonder whether anyone in favor of sanctions really understands how ineffectual they actually are, simply because the ruling elite of the rogue country never feels them.

    They go on eating filet mignon and drinking the finest wines.

    Take Cuba: sanctions never bothered Castro or his henchmen.

    Sanctions against Iran hurt the man on the street, and make him less likely to revolt against Ahmenijad.

    Think about it,.

  4. East Valley PC says:

    Jeff Flake will make us long for the days of the flushable Johns — McCain and Kyl. I hope people realize what a fraud the aptly name Flake is and will support Wil Cardon. Yes, he once worked on Flake’s campaign, but Ronald Reagan was once a democrat. People wise up. We must all commit to doing that and not allow The Flake to win this seat. We will live to regret it and so will our children and theirs. He’s a big time amnesty supporter. Play that scenario out.

  5. Ellsworth says:

    In writing about Flake’s long time association with Chicago leftie Luis Gutierrez, SRAZ wrote “This is an association the home folks would never understand.” You bet your sweet patootey we don’t understand it! We’ve never heard it from him. He is a deceptive skunk, a sneak, a liar and a snake. I’ve heard Flake speak on numerous occasions and all he talks about is his opposition to “earmarks.” Earmarks are the least of my concerns. We have our money confiscated through taxes and it goes to other people in other states. I wouldn’t mind getting some of it back here. Stop opposing earmarks, Mr. Flake and start opposing illegals who are flooding into our country.

  6. East Valley Voter says:

    I live in Jeff’s district. I know Jeff. I will not be voting for him for the US Senate. The thought of him in that office is chilling. This man sheds his skin and grows another in the blink of an eye. You never know which Jeff you’ve got at any given time. My association with him goes back to the old CD 1 and his broken term limits pledge in 2000. Jeff loves the aura of power in DC. He’s now trying to move on to higher office, but his arrogance and lying remain at constant levels.

  7. Hagar says:

    Will the REAL Jeff Flake please stand up!

  8. Doc says:

    …so Flake, in essence said, “apply th’ danged sanctions.”…right?
    …so mccain, on T.V. said, “build th’ danged fence.”…right?


  9. LD 20 PC says:

    I went around talking to Republican’s in my LD, meeting as many as I could, only two out of eveyr 12 is voting for Flake. Of course I make ssure to tell them Flake was a Registered Foreign Agent. At least one is now investigating that. Flake is everything you say he is East Valley Voter, He ran out the room at the Convention when we questioned him on his Immigration stance. I am still very upset at Bill Montgomery for endorsing him and many Tea Party members are writting to Jim DeMint mad as HE double hockey sticks that he endorsed Flake.

    Wil is gaining on Flake and as I walk my LD I talk about how Flake has deceived all of us and needs to go.

  10. Doc says:

    LD 20-So, I’ve already covered this, but once more: Chad Palmer, (above) went to mcfalke’s Prescott “town hall”. I had to work, so I asked Chad to relay 1 (ONE) question for me. “WHY did you tell your constituents that you’d only serve 3 terms, yet you’re still in D.C. 3 MORE TERMS LATER?” His response: “Well, I saw how bad D.C. was skrewed up, I had to stay & fix it.”

    This attitude is EXACTLY WHY D.C. IS SO SKREWED UP ! ! This guy needs to go…