Fool on the Hill takes a mental health break

Bye, Bye Biden?

It’s no secret VP Joe Biden is the consummate gaffe king. Recently Keith Koffler of White House Dossier, wrote a post titled Is Everything All Right with Joe? which included a collection of six video snippets that clearly illustrated the weirdness exemplified by Biden.

Koffler concluded, “Biden has always been prone to odd statements and verbal miscues. But if this new, accelerated pattern becomes entrenched, how long can a presidential campaign tolerate a portion of the ticket blabbering out nonsense chatter before it has a serious problem on its hands?

Today we read that Biden is off on a weeklong vacation ostensibly to “prepare” for his daughter‘s wedding next weekend. Aside from bringing along his checkbook, how much preparation does this man who already owns custom-fitted tuxedos need? 

This leads us to wonder if the vacation is the precursor to a trip off the ticket for the Fool on the Hill?

Speaking of which — Obama has a private meeting scheduled with Hillary scheduled during Biden’s break. US News & World Report suggests it might signal bye-bye to Biden. The poll running on the site does not bode well for Joe. It looks as though the vast majority of those voting agree the guy is a drag on the Dem ticket.

Last October we wrote that blunder-prone Biden was “An expendable drag on the Dem ticket.”

7 Responses to Fool on the Hill takes a mental health break

  1. teapartypatriot says:

    Rumor du jour: “monica-stain” bill agreed to help OBOZO campaign IF he dumps Bite-Me and runs with that girls gone wild, $47 Colombian prostitute-imitator, hillary, as VP.

    The pathetic, useless life of career political hack “Bite-Me” biden has amounted to nothing more than an inflamed pimple on the butt of America. The mental handicap of “Bite-Me” (which is fully qualified for treatment under obozocare) is a result of his multiple brain aneurysms which have made him incapable of operating heavy machinery (like a car or a screwdriver) — or preforming most normal tasks, like flying on an airplane or keeping his foot out of his mouth. When overseas, his insane behavior is degrading America’s stature in the world (you can almost hear foreign dignitaries mumbling “THAT’s what America has as a Vice President!). In Nov 2012 Americans will be throwing out “YOU LIE!” hussein and his failed socialist extremist pals and policies and then “Bite-Me” will be gone forever.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    Biden is a bonafide dope, Hillary can run circles around hm in the slickness department. That makes her far more dangerous, of course.

  3. MacBeth says:

    What a revelation! Of course she’s dangerous! She was pushing government health care when her philandering hubby was in office. If you recall, she was also promoting prescriptions for vitamins! Add to that her stated desire to tell medical school students what specialties they could pursue. Hillary wanted more GPs, so that was where she intended to force those who chose to go into other specialties. She is a terrifying power hungry b**ch. Imagine how she longs to be the first woman president.

  4. LD 7 PC says:

    Those videos of Joe Biden are nothing short of jaw dropping. He is more of a fool than I knew. Thanks for that link in the first paragraph. The videos aren’t funny. They’re frightening. This moron is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s obvious to me that Joe B. has sold his soul to the devil.
    He has survived TWO separate brain aneurysms which ruptured. Most people do not survive this catastrophic event one time, let alone twice. Each of his aneurysms were on opposite sides of the brain—again amazing that he survived. This took place in 1988, when survival rates were very slim for successful repair of brain aneurysms.

  6. LD 20 PC says:

    And? Is that what has made him the fool he is today? I think Joe will be traded in for Hillary, again the elites of the Republican Party picked our moninee and the Dims have kicked them in the arse and will walk away with another election if Odummer and Hillary run together. If Mitt picks the Dream Act Rubio then he may have a chance. But we will be in the same boat as with McNasty, how many of us wills tay home?

    • Doc says:

      LD 20 PC- I concur…biden th’ bonehead is th’ best hope we’ve got. If th’ annoying one keeps him on th dim-0-crap ticket…AND Mitt picks Rubio…we stand a chance of pulling this off. BUT…Obama/Clinton ticket may be unstoppable…except…what about Romney/West…as in Marine Lt. Col (Ret) Alan West. That may very well be the unstoppable combination.