Mitt Romney officially 2012 Republican nominee

Texas win puts Romney over top

Mitt Romney has locked up the 2012 Republican presidential nomination with a massive win in the Texas primary Tuesday. With 1198 delegates, Romney has now surpassed the 1,144 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination.

The Texas Secretary of State has the election results posted HERE.

CBS News has the estimated delegate count here. Full primary campaign results can be seen here.

Now onward to November. We’ve got work to do!

5 Responses to Mitt Romney officially 2012 Republican nominee

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    So glad this ordeal is over and Republicans can now unite behind and work for the candidate to remove the Marxist in the White House. This is the most important presidential election in our lifetimes. It will determine the course of this nation and whether we remain free or burdened with insurmountable debt that will plague all future generations and keep them from enjoying the freedoms and high expectations we have had. In the past, most Americans were able to look forward to achieving more than their parents had. We sought home ownership while our grandparents might have lived in apartments. We worked towards college educations that many of our parents and grandparents did not have. We had the ability to exercise self determination to realize our dreams.
    Obama has dramatically changed that by imposing socialist measures such as costly and unsustainable government run health care. Our liberty has eroded under this Marxist. Our children’s future will be bleak unless we put our differences behind us and unite to elect Mitt Romney. I beg you to each do your part.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      You’re right on the money with your comment, AZ Conservative! I was a Bachmann supporter. She did not win. Then I leaned toward Gingrich until he revealed himself and his outsized ego to be certifiable. We move on. I will do all I can to ensure we win this election with Mitt Romney. It is critical. America as we know it is on life support. Let’s not stand by and watch the greatest nation in history die through our petulance or inaction.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Regarding the elections in Texas yesterday, this via FOX:
    A man campaigning outside a South Texas police and fire station serving as a polling place in Tuesday’s Texas primaries was shot in the leg in an apparent drive-by shooting, but authorities hadn’t identified any suspects or determined whether the motive was political.

    San Juan police Chief Juan Gonzalez said he was withholding the identity of the 55-year-old victim until the man’s family could be notified. The injury was not life-threatening, and Gonzalez said he expected the man to be released later Tuesday.

    “I think it’s very unfortunate it happens here when people are exercising their right to vote,” Gonzalez said. “One of the main things that we’re doing is for the rest of the day we have placed an officer there to make sure citizens feel safe and they’re not intimidated or fear coming to vote.”

    Shortly before polls closed, just 155 people had voted at the location where the shooting occurred, though voter turnout was low across the state.

    The shooting happened on a busy street corner packed with workers and signs. Hidalgo County officials said in a statement that the shooting did not interrupt voting and hoped “this isolated incident does not discourage voters from participating in the electoral process.”

    The man had just started working that morning for the campaign of Hector “JoJo” Mendez, a candidate for Hidalgo County constable. Mendez, reached later by phone, said the man approached him Friday about some campaign work.

    Read more:

  3. jackhammer says:

    I have been in Texas several times a year since 1987 and they were talking about leaving the Union States as a joke. Now they have rallied behind Gov.Mitt Romney or Dr. Ron Paul. WARNING the same tactics we saw by Paul supporters all over the nation are just the beginning. Dr. Paul will not give in until he looses in Tampa and by then the chaos will reach epic levels until he stands next to Mitt and says now lets go beat Obama and vote for GOP Pres. Nom. Mitt Romney. I know these people, they think the louder, rudeness, violence is the way to win. I promise you we will win in the end with kindness, long suffering, meekness and love for our fellowman. Let us forgive and forget then unite to win from now on and win 11/06/2012 or our children will suffer for our mistakes under a dictatorship. A brokered convention will not fix the GOP only divide us even more, I pray for the day when the Tea party is the majority in the GOP. I voted for Mitt in 2007 and then voted for McCain, they are still better than anything coming out of the Democrat party.