Vernon Parker: He’s baaack

As the clock was ticking and just under the wire at 11:05 a.m. today, Vernon Parker filed his petitions seeking yet another office. This time it’s a Congressional seat. Perennial candidate Parker tried that in the last election cycle after first giving a momentary go at running for Arizona Governor before forsaking his campaign. It was then he tried his hand at running for Congress, only to be soundly trounced, placing fourth while garnering only about 16 percent of the vote.

Parker, who makes quite a to-do about his role as PV Mayor, never reveals it was an appointed position. The only election he has ever won has been a town council slot in the 16-square mile enclave with a 12,000+ population.

The easily distracted and “mistake” prone Parker has trouble keeping focused. But what the hay?  The office for which he runs is clearly incidental. It’s like a dog going after a car. The fun appears to be in the chase. As the old joke goes, what would Rover do if he actually caught one?

For a parallel story, check out this My View commentary by Don Sorchych, Publisher and Editor of the conservative Sonoran News, an online and hard copy newspaper serving numerous North Phoenix and North Scottsdale areas. The newspaper’s mission statement says it is dedicated to exposing corrupt and unethical local, county, state and national business and political practices. That’s obviously why Vernon Parker is on its radar.

For even more background on problem-plagued candidate Vernon Parker, we have a plethora of revealing posts. We invite you to check them out HERE.

5 Responses to Vernon Parker: He’s baaack

  1. Maggie says:

    After clicking on some of these links, I’m surprised this guy would have the nerve to run again. If nothing else, he has gall in abundance.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    For those who put a priority on meaningfully dealing with the pitifully porous border we share with Mexico, Vernon Parker’s response to the East Valley Tribune is bound to set your teeth on edge. In an attempt to be all things to all people with a whole lot of his hero John McCain thrown in for good measure, he says he supports “building a secure fence.” But then he dances around the issue by declaring “the right technology should be employed and the immigration system needs reform so that those who want to enter legally can do that.”

    That sounds a whole lot like McCain and Kyl’s phony “comprehensive immigration reform” aka AMNESTY! Parker gave some lip service to concerns about drug cartels and terrorists, but in the end, it’s all about open borders. He came out in support of John McCain. Will McCain support Vernon Parker? Hmm? John McCain has already been out in the East Valley endorsing Kirk Adams. He probably had to drive through PV to get to Mesa.

    • Doc says:

      Th’ man’s a STONE LIAR, PERIOD. He shows up @ a J.D. Hayworth fundraiser, (I WAS THERE & saw him myself…) then pals around with McCain…

      …nuff sed…

      • AZ Conservative Guy says:

        Thanks for the reminder, Doc! I know what you say is the unvarnished truth! I was also there and saw Vernon Parker. Any respectable person wouldn’t be able to muster the raw nerve it took to show up at an event for JD Hayworth when he (Parker) endorsed McCain in that US Senate race. This tells me all I need to know about this two faced fraud named Vernon Parker.