Ben Quayle: Taking his amnesty cues from Obama

Who’s writing whose script?

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7 Responses to Ben Quayle: Taking his amnesty cues from Obama

  1. Fed Up says:

    Listen closely. Parroting Obama, Quayle actually says someone who had no criminal background…..”except for the illegal entry.” Is this clown kidding? Illegal means lawbreaking. Lawbreaking is criminal. Potatoe-head the younger is as obtuse as Potatoe-head the elder.

  2. teapartypatriot says:

    Little known FACT: dan “potatoe”-head Quayle, while mis-serving as “Vice” president – traveled to San Diego at least ONCE EVERY MONTH (often more), to visit his on-the-side, piece-of-tail. I lived in SD at that time, and I – and everyone else there – were amazed by these incessant visits – all with NO OFFICIAL DUTIES WHATSOEVER. As soon as his jet landed, potatoe-head got into his limo and speed off to a secret, not-disclosed location, where he enjoyed himself for several days before returning to DC. Several unofficial sources eventually figured out what was doing on and documented their findings – which were not disclosed to the general public.

  3. PV Voter says:

    I hope these Quayle/Obama juxtaposed lines make their way into a Schweikert ad! This is priceless since it clearly exposes the generational Quayle lameness. Benny is just another dummy from a wealthy family, who like his daddy was able to purchase a congressional seat for himself.

  4. Seen It All says:

    Ben Quayle can’t even speak without reading his notes. He’s an empty suit. David Schweikert has actual credentials having been a legislator and the Maricopa County Treasurer, with actual responsibility for investing and spending the taxpayer’s dollars wisely.

  5. Republican Voter says:

    Ben Quayle is a fool. Illegal entry is criminal behavior. That’s what the word illegal means: NOT LEGAL.

  6. PHX GOP says:

    As someone who has seen Congressman Quayle take a very strong stance against illegal immigration, I was shocked when I saw this as it seemed to contradict his stance. I watched the entire video and saw that this was completely misleading to make Congressman Quayle look bad. In the entire interview, Congressman Quayle says no to any amnesty plans, no to the DREAM act, and that he hasn’t seen any immigration reform plans that he can support. Watch for yourself.

  7. Doc says:

    I can’t believe this green-horn is still there. He said, “Somebody needs to go to Washington, and knock th’ hell outta’ th’ place.”

    …really? He couldn’t knock th’ hell outta’ a wet paper bag with th’ Biter, mike tyson helpin’out ! This clown needs ta’ GO…