WH, Holder stonewalling intensifies F&F cover-up concerns & Update

Obama fast and furiously intervenes on behalf of Holder

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder appearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today continues to stonewall on releasing requested documents detailing what the Justice Department knew about the failed Mexican gunrunning program known as Fast and Furious. The botched operation that supplied more than 2,000 guns to the violent Sinaloa drug cartel and was linked to countless murders in Mexico also resulted in heads rolling in the Arizona office.

U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke was out the door in record time and Patrick Cunningham, the chief of the Criminal Division invoked his Fifth Amendment protections against self incrimination, refusing to testify when called before Congress. The operation was finally shut down after the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in the Arizona desert. The fraud perpetrated on the American public through this rogue ATF scheme demands answers.

This morning, Barack Obama, going to extraordinary lengths to suppress information, has stepped in and asserted executive privilege as requested by Holder. U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee promises a contempt vote. With 22-16 Republicans to Democrats on the House Committee, passage should be assured.

Although this memorial to honor Agent Terry won unanimous approval in the senate, refresh your memory by watching Holder’s warped utterances, as he steadfastly refused to apologize to the dead agent’s family.  And while still heading up the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s Office Dennis Burke went out of his way to disqualify Agent Terry’s family as crime victims, since that would further implicate him and his minions.

In October 2011, ten Arizona sheriffs met in Phoenix to denounce the bungled scheme and demand a Special Counsel look into Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for their roles in “Operation Fast & Furious.” There was not a peep from CD 7 Democrat Raul Grijalva in whose district the murder of Agent Terry occurred.

Corruption in this administration is not kept under wraps as the documents are. It is there for all to see. Eric Holder should be held in contempt and removed from office.  Ditto for Barack Obama in November.

Holder found in contempt of Congress by House Oversight Committee

By a vote of 23 – 17, the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee has voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his failure to produce documents specified in the Committee’s October 12, 2011, subpoena. The vote went along party lines with all 23 Republicans on the panel voting for contempt, and all 17 Democrats against the contempt resolution.

A contempt resolution will be brought to a vote in the full House next week unless Holder hands over the documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious.

Holder’s angry statement — no doubt crafted by staffers who anticipated his arrogantly unresponsive and inadequate performance before Issa’s committee would result in such action,  can be read HERE

8 Responses to WH, Holder stonewalling intensifies F&F cover-up concerns & Update

  1. Mohave Mike says:

    What a disgrace that political correctness and a lousy GOP candidate gave us this miserable liberal partisan. Obama and his administration are snakes, one and all. America is being screwed without a kiss.

  2. Villanova says:

    Dennis Burke has strong ties to Janet Napolitano. He was her Chief of Staff when she was governor and AG and her all around toady. She slipped him into this job for he was ill equipped and from which he was eventually canned. Burke, like another leftist, (former Associate Justice David Souter) never married and still lived with his mother. He probably thought those would be exemplary qualifications for a US Supreme Court appointment before his ineptness hit the fan.

  3. teapartypatriot says:

    For the Clueless that get their “news” (i.e. leftist propaganda) from the socialist media and therefore know NOTHING about Fast & Furious:

    Summary of Fast & Furious (F&F): a program of the OBOZO regime that was designed to manipulate public opinion so they could destroy the Second Amendment freedoms of Americans to own guns. A key element of this despicable plan was to allow mexican drug cartels to gain free access to purchase guns and rifles in the US (principally, Arizona) and then, after the guns had been used in horrific crimes by the cartels, to sway US public opinion against such “easy” access to guns by federal legislation (or more OBOZO’s dictatorial decrees) to severely limit ALL gun sales to American citizens. The F&F operation was totally and completed botched by the ATF/DOJ when they lost track of the thousands of weapons they let the cartel buy. Nonetheless, the weapons were used in thousands of murders, including the murder of US Border Patrol; agent Brian Terry.

    Why the “Executive Privilege” cover-up: Documents showing the direct involvement in this plan by Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder, numerous other high WH officials and OBOZO, himself, would destroy this rogue, anti-Constitutional, anti-democracy regime if the public saw them. Hence, the OBOZO regime will do whatever it takes to keep them hidden.

    Why hold Holder in Contempt: He has stonewalled legitimate Congressional requests for F&F documents for well over a year, and he blatantly LIED to Congress in his 04 Feb 2011 letter stating no knowledge of or involvement in F&F.

  4. Attila The Hunny says:

    Isn’t this interesting? I just found it doing a Google search, What a surprise to find out the leftwing instrument known as the New York Times has been withholding information on this scandal and Eric Holder’s involvement in it, including his admissions?

  5. Doc says:


    …and our elected representatives continue to sit on their hands…

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Reported on June 11, 2012:

    Federal agents seized more than 32,000 rounds of ammunition from a stash house at the southern Arizona border. Ammo allegedly waiting to be transported into
    As usual, no arrests.

  7. Kathy says:

    More & more people will be killed from F & F weapons, thanks to the Obama Admin. The cover up will continue for years to come. Obama leaks National Security secrets & terrorist kill lists for political gain to show he’s a “tuff” guy. But now executive privilege for F & F where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, the ICE agent (sorry I don’t recall his name) and 100’s of Mexican citizens & police officers killed with F & F weapons that his Admin provided & mumms the word. Very interesting since supposedly Obama didn’t know anything about F & F – the why the order????

  8. teapartypatriot says:

    “A contempt resolution will be brought to a vote in the full House next week…”

    In other words, OBOZO has a full week to issue a dictatorial decree disbanding Congress. Watch for it.