“Blue card Quayle” called out by US Rep.Schweikert

As CD 6 race heats up, one man is clearly the adult and it isn’t Benny/”Brock”

The Schweikert for Congress campaign has welcomed Ben Quayle’s decision to abandon his previous support for policies that he admitted were “backdoor amnesty” and oppose policies like President Obama’s plan to allow illegal immigrants under the age of 30 to stay in the country.

Just last month in an interview with KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix, Quayle expressed support for an immigration policy nearly identical to what was proposed by President Obama last week.

This week, Quayle called those very same policiesBack-door Amnesty” when he announced he was introducing legislation to block President Obama’s policy.

“We commend Ben Quayle for seeing the light,” said Schweikert for Congress campaign manager Dan Caldwell. Quayle’s 180 degree turn on this issue is good for Arizona. Typically politicians dig in and try to justify their positions and often take months, if not years, to change their position. Ben Quayle took less than a month to change his.”

Readers of Seeing Red AZ  are aware that Ben Quayle has had an ongoing problem with keeping both his district and his stories straight. When the less-than-truthful Quayle (aka “Brock Landers”) was writing for the soft-porn website known as Dirty Scottsdale, he actually described himself using these words on that website:  “…my moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot.”

Those were Quayle’s own self descriptive words…no one else wrote them. But they’d be difficult to improve upon.


6 Responses to “Blue card Quayle” called out by US Rep.Schweikert

  1. Blaine Dunning says:

    This could be just an election year thing, think of McCain and how he runs his campaigns. Then after, you all know what happens after he’s elected. The redistricting sure has made some of the primary’s more interesting for sure

  2. teapartypatriot says:

    Quayle’s duplicity is right out of AMNESTY-JOHN’s playbook. Every six years, for a period of SIX MONTHS (during his re-election campaign), AMNESTY-JOHN “acts” like a conservative who supports the values of the overwhelming majority of Arizona citizens. After he is elected, for the next SIX YEARS he continually spits in the faces of his constituents and pays no attention to their desires or interests (i.e., he acts like a typical lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist.) Look for the same from quayle.

  3. ZOO says:

    I did in fact vote for Quayle being impressed with his “knock the hell out of Washington” campaign. He has now been exposed as a checked-pants, so he is not only toast, he is small potatoes.

    It is difficult to muster much interest when Romney, as I predicted, has now completed the “flop” portion of his flip-flop. Not only is the election over (as in 2008) but as we await the SCOTUS decision on SB 1070, McCain and Kyl and their country club ilk are configuring the albino version of the Scream Act. Then for texture, you have Rubio out mamboing in defense of Romney’s eleventh hour flop. This is all calculated. The GOP’s turn at time-share on the White House doesn’t come up until 2016 when they will offer George Lopez as their candidate. Drink OLIGARCHY, it’s good and good for you.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    Well stated. We Arizonans have been played for suckers far too long. McCain, Kyl, now wanna-be Jeff the Flake and Bennie Quayle. The deception continues. I am so ready for those with business background who have made payroll and who know economics in the AZ Congress. That would exclude Ben Quyale.
    Schweilert stands head and shoulders above this Little Lord Fuantleroy Quayle who has nothing to recommend him but his Daddy’s concoctions. Even if I agreed with him (WHICH I DON’T!) he can’t speak without glancing at his notes as he mouths Obama’s words. I want a conservative representing me, not a bought and paid for jerk,
    He sounds like that goofball spokesman down at AZ GOP, who apparently hasn’t taken time to glance at our Republican Platform. He should have been shown the door last week. Quayle’s campaign is the place for him to peddle his amnesty crappola, not AZ GOP party headquarters. I won’t be donating another dime as long as that fool stays in place.

  5. CD9 says:

    Ok Zoo, I am stupid, please tell me what flip-flop, there have been so many.

  6. ZOO says:

    The secret word is “amnesty” and the topic you have chosen is illegal immigration.

    Romney in the 2007 campaign:

    “When we learn how many people there are and what their individual circumstances are, then we can decide how to proceed with each individual.”

    Romney in 2012 Republican debates:

    I will veto the Dream Act.
    The border must be secured before deciding how to deal with illegals already here.
    Amnesty triggers more illegal immigration.

    Romney in response to June 15th Obamnesty:

    His plan falls short and is temporary, I will make it permanent.
    Staple a green card to every advanced degree (especially for ethnic studies?).
    We must find a solution for these ‘kids’ and their families.


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