Daniel Patterson: AZ’s gain is NM’s woe & Update

The daily’s Political Insider reports that problem-plagued former AZ Rep. Daniel Patterson, who resigned just before being ousted from office by his own colleagues who filed an ethics complaint against him, has landed a job in New Mexico. The guy who has been accused of domestic violence by both his ex-wife and onetime girlfriend, wasn’t very well vetted for his new position on the Silver City, N.M. Planning and Zoning Commission.

When contacted by reporters, the Town Manager said he was unaware of Patterson’s travails. Not only did he not know about the allegations levied against Patterson, but the manager said he had no idea Patterson was a former Arizona legislator. According to the report, Patterson listed his name as D.R. Patterson on his job application, stopping a Google search in its tracks.  

“Thank you for that information,” The hiring manager told the reporter.  “And can you tell me what the ethics complaint was about?”

Had the Silver City job application required his full name, the information would not be difficult to find. Seeing Red AZ has previously written about Patterson’s rowdy misadventures both in the legislature and his not-so-private life:

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We have not been alone. The Tucson Citizen had plenty, as did the Arizona Republic. Channel 15 ABC News (among other network coverage) and the AZ Capitol Times were among the many outlets covering the Democrat-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat who threatened not only the women in his life, but also his colleagues, some of whom expressed fear of him.

Arizona women can breathe easier with Daniel Patterson gone.  Now Silver City, New Mexico might consider issuing a warning to its female residents.

The Silver City News-Sun reports that disgraced former Arizona legislator Daniel Patterson, whom the newspaper describes as “beleaguered,” has rescinded his application for the Silver City’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Patterson applied for the post May 29, using the name D.R. Patterson. He was sworn in June 19, and his appointment would have taken effect Aug. 1, 2012.

Read the full report HERE.

7 Responses to Daniel Patterson: AZ’s gain is NM’s woe & Update

  1. MacBeth says:

    Silver City might be a small town, but they need to get up to speed on vetting their new hires. This is the computer age. Asking for a full name to conduct a Google search should be routine.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    For wary job applicant Daniel Patterson trying to conceal his true identity to use the initials D.R. Patterson reminds me of the 1970’s hijacker who used the name D.B. Cooper after receiving a ransom and parachuting out of the commercial aircraft in the Pacific Northwest.

    • Kelly says:

      What a hilarious comparison, AJ!!

      The difference is DB Cooper was never heard from again. Daniel Patterson shamelessly keeps turning up like a bad penny.

  3. D.R. (Daniel) Patterson says:

    This anonymous blog is wrong again. This is a volunteer civic position, not a ‘job’. I have a job. You just keep repeating anonymous political false allegations. I haven’t threatened anyone. Stop attacking people for working for our common good and quality of life. Thanks.

    • Pima Pal says:

      What a jokester! And what is your job, D.R.? Beating women? You call these false allegations, but all of the news media substantiated them as did the women involved. Are you calling Ruby’s mother a liar?

      As to this blog, I read it each and every day and find it a valuable source of conservative information and thought provoking viewpoints from the commenters. Nice to see a liberal like you here, D.R. Maybe you’ll learn something.

      • State Committeeman says:

        Good as far as you went, Pima. You forgot to add that Dan Patterson’s (oops…I mean D.R.’s) fellow Democrats in the state legislature voted to throw him out. He was even an embarrassment to them, and that’s saying a lot!!

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    What do you expect from a border state with a massive drug war resulting in thousands of deaths on it’s doorstep that still issues driver’s licenses to illegals? Do you really think they are going to spend time on Patterson’s application. They’ve got bigger pescado to fry as they adjust to be overtaken by Mexican drug cartels.