$Billion sales tax ‘kitchen sink’ initiative disqualified

Massive tax: This one is “for the children”

Secretary of State Ken Bennett has disqualified a ballot initiative due to discrepancies in the pre-filed version of the language and that which actually appears on the petitions. It should have been disqualified for the deceptive title and horse pucky issues intended to separate taxpayers from their money in the worst economy since the Great Depression. A random sampling of the petitions at the Secretary of State’s Office found none of the petitions matched the language previously submitted to his office.

At issue is the Quality Education & Jobs Initiative, 15-pages of no-strings-attached, mumbo jumbo. The measure seeks a citizen vote to authorize a permanent 1-cent-per-dollar increase in the state sales tax, with the proceeds to “prevent legislators from cutting K-12 education funding,”  provide “dedicated funding to students of all ages,“ provide college scholarships, underwrite school construction projects and a children’s health program. And if that’s not enough, the act “protects public safety by ensuring continued funding for DPS officers and creates jobs by funding road, rail, transit and other transportation projects.” This biscuit will ensure support for the measure from unrelated sources.

Missing from the vague language, which includes no accountability for the massive funding and societal overreaches are these costly facts:  The extended sales tax will provide over a billion dollars a year. The Quality Education and Performance Fund will receive $500 Million. The Education Learning and Accountability Fund will receive $10 Million. The Education Accountability and Improvement Fund will receive $90 Million. The Arizona Board of Regents will receive $50 Million. A Children’s Health Insurance Program will receive $25 Million. A state Infrastructure Fund is slated to receive $100 Million. An additional governmental overreach called the Family Stability and Self Sufficiency Fund is on tap for $100 Million. And in case these social engineers missed anything they have even included a $125 Million mechanism to address” Inflationary Adjustments.”

The initiative group has indicated it will file a lawsuit over being disqualified from the ballot, and has hired former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman as its lawyer. Tucson resident Ann-Eve Pedersen is the group’s chairman.

In his March 14 column Robert Robb wrote this about the initiative

4 Responses to $Billion sales tax ‘kitchen sink’ initiative disqualified

  1. ZOO says:

    The communist rats in the education (teachers) union desperately want a guarantee of employment and expect you to KEEP paying more sales tax for the rest of your life to achieve that. Enrollment in K-12 began dropping right after the signing of SB 1070, and is still dropping. Wth the “fear” of a now semi-worthless law (Bush appointee Chief Justice Roberts voted with the SCOTUS liberal slime to gut it) still looming, there will be more exodus.

    With the state opting to disembowel the anti-cronyism (job for life) statute, now the union goons figure to play right up your alley (it’s for the c h i l d r e n) and usurp that effort with your tax dollars. When these marxist educators spent two million dollars to get the current sales tax levied, most voters stayed home on vote day and played with their toys out of indifference. It will come back again. Unplug your X-box.

  2. teapartypatriot says:

    the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialists NEVER,EVER saw a tax they didn’t like or wouldn’t enact -especially when it’s a BILLION DOLLARS designated for their union pals who launder the taxpayer’s money into union dues that go straight back to the d-cRAT socialist party. STOP THIS SCAM OF TAXPAYERS !!!!!

    NB: it is NOT for the children, period.

  3. blained13 says:

    Glad to see this get thrown out, we’ll have to see what the courts do with it now. We all should remember they said when this passed the first time it was a short term fix. Of course most of us knew they would try something to get it extended. I also thought there was something in the bill about they couldn’t drop spending below 2011’s budget but i could be wrong. This was a bad idea from start and hopefully now its finished.

    • ZOO says:

      You are absolutely correct. The union Nazis want education appropriations frozen at 2011 levels, so if they are successful in bus-loading the unemployed, illegal aliens, and welfare dregs to the polls to pass this, the legislature can’t cut education funding to equal the windfall of a FOREVER state sales tax with the union label sewn to it.