The mouth that roared

Who does the AZ GOP speak for?

This is a topic we have intentionally avoided. That’s not to say it hasn’t been irksome. It has. But internal strife during the most crucial election cycle in memory serves no purpose other than to take Republican eyes off the issues that divide us from liberals — most notably Barack Obama. 

His administration’s declaration of war on the state of Arizona, and decision to revoke the 287(g) agreements under which law enforcement interacts with ICE, renders the fight on terrorism impotent as well as rolling out a welcome mat for the illegal invaders of our country.

This is how the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on SB 1070 was deceptively massaged by Janet Napolitano — AZ’s liberal former governor, now the chieftain of Obama’s Department of Homeland InSecurity. This double-talking “Fact Sheet” titled Transforming the Immigration Enforcement System released less than two weeks ago reshapes the political pandering in time for the November election.

And as if in concert, Laurie Roberts, columnist for the pro-amnesty Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) takes on the issue of what she refers to as a “new tone on illegal immigration” at the AZ GOP, which she declared “metaphorically caused her to fall off her chair.” Previously she wrote about what she termed Trouble in GOPland regarding this 12 News’ Sunday Square Off program* in which she was one of the panel of guests along with lobbyist RINO Chris Herstam who headed Napolitano’s gubernatorial transition team. They were joined by the spokesman for the state Republican Party. 

Recent polling by Democrat and Republican polling companies for Fox News found that two-thirds —  65 percent — of voters nationwide support SB 1070. This number is up from 50 percent during the summer of 2010. The number opposing the law has remained unchanged in both surveys with thirty- one percent. Full poll results can be seen here.

 It’s the AZ GOP that doesn’t reflect the will of citizens —  not the other way around.

Arizona’s immigration law continues to show significant support from Republicans (84 percent) and Independents (67 percent). Nearly half of Democrats (46 percent) polled support the law.

Judging by the numerous comments — over two dozen — that were not put up on this site since they referred to the AZ GOP debacle rather than the subject of the individual posts where they were sent, the party is seriously out of step with its conservative constituents. The silence and lack of response from those in charge is intolerable, indicating those in charge agree with the party spokesman.

Public comments require a public response. Leadership requires leaders.

 *Channel 12 and the newspaper are housed in the same building and are both owned by Gannett.

22 Responses to The mouth that roared

  1. Chandler GOP says:

    Glad you have finally posted on this!!! I’ve been as annoyed with SRAZ’s silence on this topic as I have been infuriated with the jerk offs at AZ GOP. At least I know why my comment wasn’t posted two weeks ago.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The Arizona Republican Party not only doesn’t speak for me, it will not get another dime from me until it makes some changes or someone addresses this outrageous overstepping. In case the spokesperson hasn’t read the Republican Platform which is very clear on the subject of illegal immigration. It includes these words:

    “We oppose amnesty. The rule of law suffers if government policies encourage or reward illegal activity. The American people’s rejection of en masse legalizations is especially appropriate given the federal government’s past failures to enforce the law.”

    • GOP PC says:

      Not another dime until the party addresses this outrageous overstepping? Are you kidding? This was two weeks ago!! Morrissey should have issued a strong clarification (and/or head rolling announcement) the very next day which was a Monday. He’s weak as water and his lackey should be freed up to work for the dems. I’m disgusted. To this day Morrissey has not addressed the Ron Paul takeover of our state delegate meeting. It’s obvious he can’t handle conflicts. That might be why he’s been married five times.

  3. Maricopa GOP says:

    The AZGOP leadership is not only out of touch with 86% of the polled Republicans and 67% of the polled Independents, it has managed to do something previously thought impossible – uniting the Party. Unfortunately for them, the uniting has been in opposition to the position so irresponsibly uttered by dumb Communications Spokesperson Shame Wikfors and condoned with silence by Chairman Mor(on)issey.

    The damage to the party will continue to spall unless and until the Chairman clearly and strongly condemns the position pontificated by Shame. Laurie may have been metaphorically knocked off her chair, but the ability of the AZGOP to lead in this crucial election will be deported to oblivion.

    This irrational stance cannot be allowed to stand. Calls, e-mail, text and faxes are all appropriate.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    To: Seeing Red AZ,
    Please do not hold back. We need to be informed. There is a cancer in our country, and it has metastasized.

    IMO, we are headed toward a civil war, orchestrated by Obama and a complicit Congress
    Here’s one of the headlines on, today:
    New Black Panther Declares: We Will Hunt ‘Pink A**es’ Down, ‘Kill ’Em, Dig ‘Em Up & Kill ‘Em Again & Again & Again!’

    Political correctness; affirmative action, and the President wiping his azz with our Constitution has brought us to this place where what is considered right has become wrong and what we know to be wrong has become right.

    If you are so inclined, please pray and ask God for His Mercy.
    (And if you are currently not inclined to pray, believe me, the day is coming when you will.)

  5. ZOO says:

    The problem with the AZ GOP isn’t much of a mystery. They have been squatting to pee ever since they were bitch-slapped in March 2011 by that pearl of the racketeering world, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Drug addict and beer baroness Cindy McCain and her checked-pants thugs put their big corporate shoe down on the Republican-controlled state senate in no under certain terms, and they buckled like a balsa wood skyscraper in the Japan earthquake.

    Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs (immigration lawyer), Linda Gray, John McComish, John Nelson, Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, and Steve Yarbrough. These are the GOP rats that defeated five immigration bills at the command of the oh mighty; some are gone, some remain. But the determination and tone was permanently damaged, and the cowardness spread like cooties to other members of the party.

    Although Arizona has been stabbed in the heart by the criminal Washington cartel, the fear of Daddy Warbucks remains. Obama could mandate that every Arizona household must provide room and board for at least two illegal aliens, and you wouldn’t hear a peep.
    It’s time to change the sheets; we can begin by electing Wil Cardon. As he has said, “if we stick to our PRINCIPLES, we can end illegal immigration.”

    • Ben F says:

      That was not the AZGOP, that was the Republican Legislative leadership under the pseudo conservatives Speaker Tobin and President Pierce. I will tell you that off the record the leaders of the Party – state and Mcpa County – support Cardon over the Little Flake.

      • ZOO says:

        Forgive my ignorance. I assumed elected Republicans in the legislature were members of the AZ GOP.

      • ZOO says:

        This did NOT happen under current senate president Pierce. Russell Pearce was still president when these money puppets bolted.

      • John Q says:

        Most people list the Party elected officers and HQ staff on 24th Street as AZGOP since that is the recognized nomenclature for them. Republican Leadership at the Capitol are referred to either the Governor’s office and staff or the Republican Speaker of the House or leadership or the Republican Senate President or leadership.

        As to the Pierce/Pearce situation, the members you refer to were elected to their office by unthinking or RINO electors in their legislative district. Preisdent Pearce did not have the authority to sanction them although he worked against their plan. On the other hand, President Pierce aided them behind the scenes and sought their support for his leadership position.

      • ZOO says:

        Touche, John. But your second theory is flawed. Linda Gray was a stalwart conservative when it came to illegal immigration, and I have supported her for years. Remember her pic in the Periódico de la República de Arizona screaming at the grounds crew for a pro-illegal rally – when they tried to raise the American flag upside down?

        I swallowed my tongue after the defeat of those bills and reviewed the vote in the Arizona senate. I was glued to that session, particularly after the C of C dropped Napalm. I had several email communications with Linda and I found her ‘excuses’ to be disorganized, shallow, and all the way to ridiculous. And although she denied it, nothing will ever convince me that the C of C did not have any influence on her and the others. I hated having to learn that of my senator. She is retiring at the end of her current term.

        The bottom line is that even if some of these senators were on the fence, they should have stood firm to avoid the perception of impropriety. But then we all know, impropriety is why we have illegal aliens flowing from household faucets.

  6. embarassed says:

    Shane should not have said the Republican’s support the Dream Act. I have a dream, I dream my children can get an education in any school for a discount, oh sorry I am not included in that. The Party needs to make a statement but again they are too busy blaming.

  7. Ray says:

    The AZ GOP has lost its way and is losing a lot of us along their pathetic path. I have Mexicans in my own family….LEGAL not lawbreakers. Believe me when I tell you that not a single one condones this amnesty program being shoved down our throats. And for the record, all but one are Republicans.

  8. American Dad says:

    Thanks for finally saying what happened to my comments. It might make sense to Seeing Red not to authorize comments that don’t pertain to a specific post, but there was no place to vent the considerable frustration on what many of us regard as a conservative site. The fault is yours for not addressing this contemptible action when it arose. I have come to expect more here. It’s clear the AZ Republican Party is being led by nitwits and pacifiers. They need to be called out.

    We are a nation of laws and they must be obeyed to facilitate an orderly society and be relevant as a beacon of honorable and moral behavior. If the AZ Republican Party can’t adequately represent us, what do need them for? Wickfors is sounding like John McCain when he’s between campaigns. I agree with Arizona Conservative Guy. Not another cent for the state party. I’ll give my $$$ to Cardon, Schweikert and my own state legislative candidates. Why pay the salaries of those who are doing their best to help Obama get elected? My kids mean too much to me to support the current bunch of clowns at the AZ Republican Party who are undercutting their futures.

  9. chad palmer says:

    My phone number is still 928-273-0226 if you have the guts to call me and not just post under some anon name and tell me who you are and how we can stand togather and hold the line. I talked to Honorable Russell Pearce and we will not give up on SB 1070. Please call me and vent we are still Platform Republicans fighting for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I will honor and obey the rule of law and nothing will change the truth. Lets fight the obamanation togather and replace the liars with Patriots who are not getting paid by the fed who are run by 8 banks of which only 3 are in New York the other 5 are in other countries. Stay the Course.

  10. Richard Wayne says:

    Thanks SeeingRedAZ for all you do. It is always easy for those who are not invested in a product to be hypercritical. When you don’t own the building, it is simple to throw a bomb through the window. I am thankful that you recognize that we need to be as wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

    I have seen many times where knee-JERK reactions have caused more harm than the original offense. Thanks for your level-headed presentations.

  11. Doc says:

    SRA-Off topic but on point…THIS from “the Blaze”:

    …our sitting President “Congratulated” this guy….Uuummm…exactly what does that mean?

  12. FedUp says:

    Heads need to roll at AZGOP, starting at the top. There is no adult in charge when a spokesperson is allowed to stomp on the party platform without severe consequences. This man holds a job working for the Republican Party. His own opinions matter not a whit. Where is a statement from the Chairman reigning this maverick in? I agree with those preceeding my comment who say they will not donate to this group of fools. Changes need to be made YESTERDAY!!! No wonder the state party has money problems. With these dolts in charge, that seems to be the least of it.

  13. CD9 says:

    Morrissey has conceeded running the Party to his wife and Lori Urban. Worse Randy pullen is itching to get back in control. Lets get new blood in there people, someone who will not walk into McCains office and try and make amends under the pretext of getting campaign bux fom McStingy.

    • rj says:

      Lets take these one at a time.

      Point 1 is wrong. Morrissey listens to a lot of the wrong people on a regular basis – often to the utter frustration and intense aggravation of both his wife and Urban. They are both loyal to Morrissey in spite of his wrong decisions.

      Point 2 is right on – in fact Pullen has been cutting Morrissey’s throat behind the scenes for over a year and has just recently come out into the open when he thought the time was right,

      Point 3 is also right on – Morrissey has been played for the fool by the establishment who has promised him support in the future for his considerations today. Can anyone remember Wimpy?

      Too bad for us all that Morrissey has been co-opted by the belief that playing nice with his enemies is the only rational way to victory in November. He is a true believer, just has no political experience at this level and his naivete is used by the pros. Neville Chamberlain anyone?