Scott Bundgaard: A bit of advice about cow patties

The daily reports that former state Sen. Scott Bundgaard (R-former LD4) has filed a $10 million notice of claim against Phoenix police and city officials. This action stems from the events which occurred during a roadside brawl with his then-girlfriend. He later abruptly resigned his legislative seat during a break in the Senate Ethics Committee hearing against him.

Bundgaard, obviously trying to reclaim his reputation and pick up a few million bucks in the process, disputes the police claim that he invoked legislative immunity at the time the police responded after the altercation.

In a series of not very smart moves, this one rates high on the list. The money — in the unlikely event his suit were to be successful — would come not from an over-arching entity called the city of Phoenix. It would come directly from the over-burdened taxpayers who are fed up with being considered cash cows.

Speaking of which — best advice to Mr. Bundgaard would be this twangy bit learned from an old cowboy: When you’re out in the pasture and find a crusted-over cow patty, don’t poke it with a stick. It’s a good bet it’ll smell again. 


14 Responses to Scott Bundgaard: A bit of advice about cow patties

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Perfect analogy — besides providing a much needed end of week chuckle. This has been a tough week as news goes.

  2. LD 7 PC says:

    In this terrible economy, I particularly resent this latest Bundgaard gambit. As a taxpaying citizen I wouldn’t want to underwrite his hurt feelings to the tune of ten million dollars in any case. But in these tough times he will lose any shred of support he once had.

  3. Calypso says:

    Bad decision. You will never be anything more than Mr. Bundgaard again when you show the voting taxpayers how little regard you have for them.

  4. Realist says:

    Sorry Scott, you ain’t no Mary Rose.

    • Sam Aritan says:

      His ass isn’t wide enough and he hasn’t been at the trough as long, but he’s trying to give us the same shameless treatment.

  5. Fed Up says:

    Bundgaard’s lawyer, Suzanne Dallimore has also filed another $10 million notice of claim for another client as reported in the Republic. Dallimore appears to have a $10 million fixation. Nice cut of the action for her if either of these pay out. How many other such “clients” she has is anyone’s guess. She definitely thinks we’re cash cows if not golden geese……

  6. Night Owl says:

    Moo-ve along Scott. It’s over. I’ve paid your salary, but this is too-oo much.

  7. CD9 says:

    What is it with these Politicians? They get in trouble and blame us, They go to court for a phoney remedy with their sleezy Lawyers looking to make a buck at the expense of us the Tax Payers. Two words, Tort Reform.

    • Villanova says:

      Be careful what you wish for, CD9.

      “Tort Reform” is the rallying cry for the uninformed and those politicians who think it will benefit their campaigns among such voters. If you lost an arm and leg in a sideswipe collision with a truck and you were an innocent motorcyclist, you might not be such a proponent of limiting your ability to sue and recover.

      It’s juries that make the decisions and decide awards, not lawyers or judges.

      • Orion says:

        Excellent point! We live in a knee jerk society that hates lawyers unless they need them. Then they hire the best they can find. Having the ability to earn a living after seven years of higher education galls those who often find themselves in problematic circumstances through their own actions and have to pay someone with more knowledge and experience than they have to get them out of the mess they often created for themselves in the first place. I have a dolt of a brother-in-law who fits that description. Best advice for those who despise the noble profession of law? Represent yourselves when you’ve gotten yourself in a jam. I’ve often suggested that to my grousing relative though he’s never taken that route. I’ve also told him he should have removed his own appendix, since his doctor charged for his expertise, too.

  8. ZOO says:

    If Bundgaard passed a lie detector test that he did not invoke legislator privilege, that would certainly help his case. When this incident broke, he certainly looked a lot more beat up than the girlfriend.

  9. Not Fooled says:

    Scott Bundgaard was my state representative and then my senator. I even supported him years back when he ran for congress. I considered him to be smart and decent. Today I view him as a disappointment. A monetary payout in the unlikely case he would win this lawsuit will not rebuild his reputation, but it will put the screws to those of us who would have to pay the bill. If he spent the rest of his life as a state senator, (making well under $30,000 a year), he would never have earned 10 million dollars. Who is he kidding? Not me and I would guess not many others.

  10. Saguaro Sam says:

    Very Interesting. . .ole Scott has written a “guest” column over on Sonoran Alliance today, July 1.

  11. diogidog says:

    Yeah, but notice that the SA won’t let anybody comment? This is the ONLY Guest Opinion article that SA has blocked the “Comments” button – check their ‘history’ log. Could it be because SA instinctively knows what a horses’ ass Bundgaard really is and SA doesn’t want people to flame on just how big an ass Scott has always been?

    Now Bundgaard is going to rummage around in your pockets to find a cool $10 million dollars in loose change to venture his future endeavors. Squandered opportunity needs no assistance.

    Birds of a feather …