The mouth that roared

June 27, 2012

Who does the AZ GOP speak for?

This is a topic we have intentionally avoided. That’s not to say it hasn’t been irksome. It has. But internal strife during the most crucial election cycle in memory serves no purpose other than to take Republican eyes off the issues that divide us from liberals — most notably Barack Obama. 

His administration’s declaration of war on the state of Arizona, and decision to revoke the 287(g) agreements under which law enforcement interacts with ICE, renders the fight on terrorism impotent as well as rolling out a welcome mat for the illegal invaders of our country.

This is how the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on SB 1070 was deceptively massaged by Janet Napolitano — AZ’s liberal former governor, now the chieftain of Obama’s Department of Homeland InSecurity. This double-talking “Fact Sheet” titled Transforming the Immigration Enforcement System released less than two weeks ago reshapes the political pandering in time for the November election.

And as if in concert, Laurie Roberts, columnist for the pro-amnesty Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) takes on the issue of what she refers to as a “new tone on illegal immigration” at the AZ GOP, which she declared “metaphorically caused her to fall off her chair.” Previously she wrote about what she termed Trouble in GOPland regarding this 12 News’ Sunday Square Off program* in which she was one of the panel of guests along with lobbyist RINO Chris Herstam who headed Napolitano’s gubernatorial transition team. They were joined by the spokesman for the state Republican Party. 

Recent polling by Democrat and Republican polling companies for Fox News found that two-thirds —  65 percent — of voters nationwide support SB 1070. This number is up from 50 percent during the summer of 2010. The number opposing the law has remained unchanged in both surveys with thirty- one percent. Full poll results can be seen here.

 It’s the AZ GOP that doesn’t reflect the will of citizens —  not the other way around.

Arizona’s immigration law continues to show significant support from Republicans (84 percent) and Independents (67 percent). Nearly half of Democrats (46 percent) polled support the law.

Judging by the numerous comments — over two dozen — that were not put up on this site since they referred to the AZ GOP debacle rather than the subject of the individual posts where they were sent, the party is seriously out of step with its conservative constituents. The silence and lack of response from those in charge is intolerable, indicating those in charge agree with the party spokesman.

Public comments require a public response. Leadership requires leaders.

 *Channel 12 and the newspaper are housed in the same building and are both owned by Gannett.


$Billion sales tax ‘kitchen sink’ initiative disqualified

June 27, 2012

Massive tax: This one is “for the children”

Secretary of State Ken Bennett has disqualified a ballot initiative due to discrepancies in the pre-filed version of the language and that which actually appears on the petitions. It should have been disqualified for the deceptive title and horse pucky issues intended to separate taxpayers from their money in the worst economy since the Great Depression. A random sampling of the petitions at the Secretary of State’s Office found none of the petitions matched the language previously submitted to his office.

At issue is the Quality Education & Jobs Initiative, 15-pages of no-strings-attached, mumbo jumbo. The measure seeks a citizen vote to authorize a permanent 1-cent-per-dollar increase in the state sales tax, with the proceeds to “prevent legislators from cutting K-12 education funding,”  provide “dedicated funding to students of all ages,“ provide college scholarships, underwrite school construction projects and a children’s health program. And if that’s not enough, the act “protects public safety by ensuring continued funding for DPS officers and creates jobs by funding road, rail, transit and other transportation projects.” This biscuit will ensure support for the measure from unrelated sources.

Missing from the vague language, which includes no accountability for the massive funding and societal overreaches are these costly facts:  The extended sales tax will provide over a billion dollars a year. The Quality Education and Performance Fund will receive $500 Million. The Education Learning and Accountability Fund will receive $10 Million. The Education Accountability and Improvement Fund will receive $90 Million. The Arizona Board of Regents will receive $50 Million. A Children’s Health Insurance Program will receive $25 Million. A state Infrastructure Fund is slated to receive $100 Million. An additional governmental overreach called the Family Stability and Self Sufficiency Fund is on tap for $100 Million. And in case these social engineers missed anything they have even included a $125 Million mechanism to address” Inflationary Adjustments.”

The initiative group has indicated it will file a lawsuit over being disqualified from the ballot, and has hired former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Stanley Feldman as its lawyer. Tucson resident Ann-Eve Pedersen is the group’s chairman.

In his March 14 column Robert Robb wrote this about the initiative

Stealth EV liberals aim to defeat WV Republican

June 26, 2012

Jerry Lewis and Walter Opaska share questionable connections

With the media’s focus on state Legislative races, city elections often get lost in the shuffle. But conservatives need to start paying close attention to the new dynamics cropping up in municipal elections.  A stunning example is seen in the race for Mayor in the City of Glendale where liberal operatives who have made their marks in the East Valley are emerging on West Valley candidate campaign reports.

Three candidates are running in the Glendale Mayor’s race: Conservative State Representative Jerry Weiers; Manny Cruz, 2010 Democrat candidate for Mine Inspector; and squishy Republican Walter Opaska. Cruz, taking a page from the Greg Stanton playbook, is running openly as a Democrat and relying on trade unions and Democrat legislators such as Steve Gallardo to assist his fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts. His politics are aligned with radical activist Randy Parraz and his liberal community organizer allies. Cruz’s problem is that the city of Glendale has a predominately Republican registration, so his initial hurdle is getting past the August primary without Weiers getting 51% of the vote.

This is where the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Walter Opaska’s campaign come into play. Opaska made Team Cruz happy to find out that he had hired Jerry Lewis’ campaign manager. Anson Clarkson is relatively unknown in Arizona politics, but those familiar with the recall of former Senator Russell Pearce know the degree to which Lewis’ campaign worked in conjunction with Parraz’ organizers to remove Arizona’s most conservative legislator and replace him with a mock Republican. Clarkson has also been a key player in the murky Kirk Adams congressional campaign against Matt Salmon and has led the attacks against Congressman David Schweikert. In addition, Clarkson is the campaign manager for Rich Crandall and his RINO Team in LD 16. Salmon and Schweikert are both conservatives.

Team Parraz, under the direction of Clarkson/Opaska, has taken the unseemly path of making patently false statements against Jerry Weiers while completely ignoring the leftist Cruz. Glendale street corners are filled with malicious secondary campaign signs that Clarkson/Opaska have placed in front of the Weiers signs. 

For the record Jerry Weiers has been a manager in a large corporation and owner/operator of a successful small business considered an industry leader in Phoenix.  After more than thirty years in the private sector, Weiers was recruited to run for the Legislature in 2005 — his first run for public office.  Weiers decided not to engage in the questionable end-run around the voter mandated term limits law by simply running for the Senate. To Clarkson and Opaska, risking a successful business to give back to Arizona as a public servant for a few years means you are a career politician. 

If Opaska can deny Weiers an outright victory in the August primary by splitting the Republican vote, then Clarkson will have again delivered for Arizona Democrats and liberals and a hotly contested race will take place in November between Weiers and Cruz. One can only imagine whose side Clarkson and his friends will be on then, but either way, conservatives in the West Valley need to recognize these names and begin paying attention to who is helping whom.

Rep. Franks defends Wil Cardon against vicious Club for Growth hits

June 26, 2012

“Sets record straight” on “absolutely false” attacks


U. S. Rep. Trent Franks has taped this 30-second spot supporting AZ Senate candidate Wil Cardon, in which he unequivocally endorses Cardon as a “job creator,” “conservative Reagan Republican” and someone with the “business skills we need in the Senate to fix this economy.”

Cardon began his campaign for the AZ U.S. Senate seat after Jon Kyl announced his retirement.  Seeing Red AZ applauds Congressman Trent Franks for his enthusiastic support of businessman Wil Cardon.  Franks’ message that “Wil Cardon will be a true conservative Republican senator we can trust” speaks between-the-lines volumes since he has served with Flake for nearly a decade.  And as his message resonates, Cardon’s poll numbers continue a steady rise. That’s why Flake’s status quo supporters at the Club for Growth are resorting to unfounded smear tactics against his worthy opponent. Despite the image he carefully massages among his East Valley constituents, Flake is anything but conservative.  And unlike Cardon, Flake has never created a job beyond hiring campaign consultants and taxpayer paid staffers.

Learn more about Wil Cardon by watching this interview on Politics Unplugged.

It’s time for a change. To learn more about career politician Jeff Flake, we invite you to click on the link with his name under “Categories” on the right side of our home page. The posts go back to July 29, 2008.

One of our most popular is Where’s Jeff Flake and why does he want to help “turn more red states blue?”  which exposes Flake’s long-standing association with Chicago liberal Congressman Luis “My only loyalty is to the immigrant community” Gutierrez, who actually compliments Flake for helping him turn more red states blue. Read Gutierrez’s article in Progress Illinois in which he commends Flake’s amnesty efforts. Wil Cardon, who presents a stark contrast to Flake, is an outspoken critic of amnesty.

Help Wil Cardon get his message out. It matters.

AZ’s plain-speaking treasure: Joe Arpaio

June 25, 2012

Sheriff calls SCOTUS decision by its rightful name: “Amnesty”


Paradise Valleyites: Voting to give up right to vote?

June 25, 2012

Don’t bother us with small stuff

It appears the bruising opportunity of democracy is too much for some of the toney folks living in Paradise Valley. After a single go-around of directly electing their mayor rather than having the Town Council appoint that office holder from among its members, the business of elections proved too unsavory for this affluent group of townsfolk residing in multimillion dollar mansions. Forbes lists the 85253 zip code among America’s most expensive.

What a glaring indictment of an elitist society which appears to care so little about our form of government — gifted by our Founders — that they are willing to give up the fundamental right that many others have fought and died to insure  — the right to vote.

Yet that is exactly what is taking place in the 15.5 square mile enclave which has just held its first mayoral election in its more than 50 years as a municipality.  Previously, the mayor was appointed by the town council in backroom deals inconsistent with our basic freedom of casting a ballot. Okay. Not exactly “casting.” To avoid the disruption of having to show up at a polling place, the PV ballots were all mail-in.

In 2010, the community of nearly 13,000 residents approved Proposition 402, placed on the ballot by the council, allowing for the town’s first direct election of the mayor. It passed 1,617-1,434.

Elections, it turns out, can be contentious. You have to bother to find out what a candidate actually stands for. People have opposing views and the injection of money into campaigns is not nearly dignified or tranquil enough to suit these exclusive folks. So the accommodating council has voted 4 – 3 to put the right to vote back on the ballot. You read that correctly. The prospect of giving up their right so that others may elect their leaders inexplicably holds great appeal — as they vote to give away their freedom — again.

Since the majority of the residents in Paradise Valley are educated and have attained success in their fields of endeavor, it would stand to reason that they would want a direct say in their governance. But astonishingly, they are willing to give it up. It’s not a stretch to imagine they are the ones who supported the formation of the so-called Independent Redistricting Committee, allowing an unelected commission rather than elected representatives to decide legislative and congressional boundaries.  They are no doubt the same ones who are signing the petitions being circulated by far-left Democrats and RINOs to neuter our political parties and rid them of “extremists” through a scam called open primaries.

Voting, it seems, is just too much of a bother for such high-minded individuals. Yet others rejoice in finally achieving the right.

SCOTUS issues split ruling on AZ’s SB1070

June 25, 2012

Arizona v. United States

The United States Supreme Court has affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded back to the Ninth Circuit parts of SB 1070. At  issue was whether Arizona’s law that, among other things, requires police officers to check the immigration status of anyone whom they arrest, makes it a crime for someone to be in the state without valid immigration documents, and makes it a crime to apply for or hold a job in Arizona without such documents, is invalid because it is trumped by federal immigration laws.

Writing for the majority, swing Justice Anthony Kennedy said, “The history of the United States is in part made of the stories, talents and lasting contributions of those who crossed oceans and deserts to come here. He neglected to insert the operative word “legal” when speaking of immigrants to America.  

Read the complete 76-page decision HERE.

 “The National Government has significant power to regulate immigration. With power comes responsibility, and the sound exercise of national power over immigration depends on the Nation’s meeting its responsibility to base its laws on a political will informed by searching, thoughtful, rational civic discourse. Arizona may have understandable frustrations with the problems caused by illegal immigration while that process continues, but the State may not pursue policies that undermine federal law,” Kennedy wrote.

Justice Antonin Scalia dissented, saying he would have upheld the state law in its entirety. His dissent underlines the issue of the importance of electing a Republican president who will likely be making at least three appointments in the next term.

The states of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah will be affected since they have enacted similar legislation to Arizona’s. It is important to remember that Arizona’s law mirrors federal immigration law. The Supreme Court appears to be setting the stage for legal challenges, which are sure to come.

Once again Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from deliberations due to her work on the case during her tenure as Barack Obama’s solicitor general.