Candidate Jeanette Dubreil: Already suing taxpayers

Jeanette Dubreil, a candidate for state representative from LD 22, and her husband, are seeking nearly $200,000 against the city of Peoria for injuries suffered by their 11-year-old son after he fell into a 10-foot-long metal pipe while playing at Palo Verde Park.

The claim seeks $165,000 for “pain, suffering, anguish and disfigurement” along with actual damages of $31,509.12 for medical expenses.

According to this report, the boy underwent surgery at a nearby hospital for deep leg gashes.

Jeanette Dubreil has been a steadfast supporter of former state senator and roadside brawler Scott Bundgaard. Returning the favor, he is one of her earliest donors with an in-kind contribution of $400. Phil Lovas was appointed to fill the seat when Bundgaard vamoosed during a lunch break in his ethics hearing.

Peoria taxpayers are getting off easy. The Dubreil’s hired Andre H. Merrett, Bundgaard’s previous lawyer, to represent them. If they had hired Bundgaard’s current attorney Suzanne M. Dallimore, the lawsuit amount would have been her customary $10 million, such as she is outlandishly seeking for Bundgaard and another client — both filed within days of one another.

9 Responses to Candidate Jeanette Dubreil: Already suing taxpayers

  1. LD 9 PC says:

    Jeanette Dubriel is getting an early start at suing Arizona taxpayers. She hasn’t even been elected. Hopefully, she won’t be.

    • stopthetsa says:

      Jet has my vote. She had no problem calling out Jack Harper and his lobbyists donor lists. She did a superb job as the Chairman for the Republican committee in our district. She has busted her butt to make this state a better place to live.

  2. rj says:

    JET is one of the most miserable wastes of protoplasm on the planet. Her outlandish behavior as a district chairman has been only compounded by her ridiculous charges against one of the most distringushed legislators in Arizona. She should be facing court action for both slander and libel by defaming her state senator with recklessly false charges of collusion.

    There is something in the northwest water supply that has created mutations best exemplified by JET and her cohorts Lisa, Anthony, Scotty, Tony and Teresa. As long as miserable slugs like these represent themselves as the face of the Republican Party in that area, the party will never gain the trust of the average voter.

    • diogidog says:

      Finally, somebody is calling these dirty sows from former District 4 just what they are ! Dirty sows.

      Birds of a feather (sows, too) …

  3. Braveheart says:

    TEN MILLION DOLLARS? And two such claims? For what?. Scott Bundgaard was making $24,000 a year at the legislature. It would take several lifetimes to get anywhere near claiming that type of loss. Besides, what guarantee does any elected official have of being reelected?

    Lawyer Dallimore is an opportunist who is probably tired of working and is hoping to retire with a plush cushion.

  4. Ben F says:

    Dubreil ripped apart the old LD4 organization, lied her head off time after time, turned friends into enemies for her own purposes, made wild accusations about other parties, led a coup attempt against her leaders, took advantage of her position for personal benefit and now is trying to bring that record to the state legislature. Hopefully the voters of LD22 will do all of Arizona a favor by not electing her to office.

    Dubreil and her supporters are all parasitic pond scum.

  5. blained13 says:

    You seem to never hear about these people in the Repulsive and the things they are doing. Hopefully the people of LD22 will enough common sense to not elect her.

  6. CD9 says:

    You all are being to nice, I can think of a lot more names to call her Diane Lisa and Linda. With all the problems the Party is having why do these _Itches even show their faces. We need to concentrate on electing good honest moral conservative Republicans, that leaves Jeanette and her bunch out.

  7. LD 22 Voter says:

    Thanks for this information. I had none of it and am glad to be so armed. This woman sounds ike a real piece ‘o work. These people all seem to think we are their fatted calf ready for their indulgent feast.