More from AZ Republic’s unbridled Absurdity Dept.

Politics has everything to do with comparison of actual sheriff to fictitious hayseed

The daily’s columnist E.J. Montini is always looking for a pretext to configure a means of slamming Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Montini’s latest gambit is to compare the fictitious, folksy Mayberry Sheriff Andy Taylor of the 1960’s to Maricopa County’s flesh and blood career law enforcement officer. In the world of the liberal columnist, Arpaio will always come up wanting. Mayberry was crimeless. Taylor, played by recently deceased actor Andy Griffith, lived with his Aunt Bea and was raising a motherless son. Too many questions and too few answers, but Montini slides right past them.

Besides the obvious quirky lifestyle, there is another reason Montini would find Griffith so appealing. It has nothing to do with the home-cooked meals served to the town drunk who opens the jail cell with a key on a convenient hook, enabling him to sleep off his toot.

The actual basis behind Montini’s negative comparison is that Joe Arpaio is a Republican. Andy Griffith was a committed Democrat who donated 100% to liberal candidates and shilled for ObamaCare. We covered the expensive and misleading propaganda campaign that cost taxpayers nearly $3,200,000 (that’s millions, folks!) for advertising placement and more than $400,000 to produce — noting at the time, it’s not just politicos that disappoint. Old reliables can do it, too

Here is the former television icon, homespun Mayberry Sheriff Andy Taylor — aka actor Andy Griffith — at age 85, pimping for ObamaCare. The ad was paid for by Medicare, which disingenuously said the campaign was not political but part of an “outreach to skeptical senior citizens.”

Then check out the horrible influence ole Andy was on cute little Opie — better known today as director Ron Howard. No doubt Montini will approve of him as well in a future column.


7 Responses to More from AZ Republic’s unbridled Absurdity Dept.

  1. MacBeth says:

    During the 1960’s, the left was beginning to destroy America, with taking over administrative offices at universities, protesting, smoking dope and openly having sex in the fields surrounded by thousands of onlookers at Woodstock chanting “Make love, not war.” It was when the slogan “Better Red (meaning Communist) than dead,” took hold as a bunch of druggies saw our exquisite liberties as nothing worth protecting. These ego-centric savages spit on our returning Vietnam vets. In that context, Andy Griffith’s portrayal of a small town homespun, and gunless lawman with a single deputy with just one bullet carried not in his gun, but in his shirt pocket, had a lot of appeal. By the way, those 1960 era hippies are now the ones in charge of our elementary and high schools, the very universities they forcefully “took over” and our government. They are the Clinton’s and Obama’s.

    That undergirded the original appeal of Andy Griffith. It was a yearning for the simpler times we knew before the takeover of the overly indulged spoiled brat mob.

  2. Sam Aritan says:

    For reasons I’ll never understand, the left wants the United States turned into a third world country where laws and national sovereignty stand for nothing. The Arizona Republic’s staff is full of them.

  3. Maggie says:

    This ad and the links to his and Ron Howard’s donations floored me. After watching the ad, I thought Andy was just a demented old fool. Then I realized he was just playing a role when we liked him as Sheriff Taylor. This is who he actually was:, Another big Hollywood liberal. Ron/Opie’s massive donations to the the worst candidates and causes were shocking. He gave hundreds of thousands to the DNC, Hillary and Obama among others. I will never see another of his movies. I’m ashamed to say that part of his contributions included my ticket purchases. Never again.

  4. Luke says:

    Montini has become nothing short of a joke. He’s a Johnny One Note and the tune is always liberal. The more the skeleton crew at the newspaper disparages Joe Arpaio, the more votes he will get. Everyone I know remains solidly in his camp. May God Bless him and his family.

  5. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Who even reads this supposed newpaper anymore? They’ll go the same route as the Scottsdale Progress newpaper and later the Tribune. which first cutt back deliveries to specific outlying areas. Then those closer in. Then three days a week. Then free. Now free online. The Republic is gasping. Best advice is don’t waste your time with this beached whale. It’s gonna start stinking real soon. It’s content has for the last decade. Soon its corpse will.

  6. Sweet Pea says:

    The fact that Arpaio lives with his wife of over fifty years who is the mother of their daughters is not worthy of comparison when Montini is at work. Liberals think it’s fine for a grown man to be mooching off his elderly aunt and forcing her to cook for Otis the town drunk.

  7. Dee smith says:

    I knew Ron Howard was a big Obama supporter him and his buddy Meathead. I know why I saw that ad with Andy Griffith I was totally disgusted.
    Anytime I send letters with comments or articles I always sign off with my name and Mesa, Az Home of Sheriff Joe