“Family values” Quayle touts pro-abortion endorser

Ben Quayle proudly displays his endorsement by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on his campaign website. Quayle, running in the new CD 6 and challenging U.S. Rep. David Schweikert, calls her “a stalwart champion of conservatism…”

Quayle’s own shallow connections to conservatism emerged about the same time as his 2010 candidacy and only after reconfiguring his original story following being outed regarding his involvement in a raunchy website where he wrote under the pseudonym “Brock Landers,” referencing a porn star in the movie “Boogie Nights.”

Listen to Rice as she discusses her not so conservative views on the sanctity of life: “I have not wanted to see the law (Roe v. Wade) changed, says Condoleezza Rice.  “I think abortion is a terrible thing — I think it’s hard on the woman.” 

No word from Condi the Conservative on the effects on the baby. Bennie remains mum, also.

This is Congressman David Schweikert’s compelling view on life issues directly from his website.

5 Responses to “Family values” Quayle touts pro-abortion endorser

  1. Maggie says:

    On the website The Dirty (which he outright lied about being involved in before finally being forced to admit he was) Ben Quayle bragged, “My moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot.” Now he’s a paragon of family values? Pule-e-se. And if so, why the pro-abortion endorser?

  2. PV Voter says:

    Ben’s only reason for challenging Schweikert is due to the GOP registration in the district. When he announced his intention to switch districts, Quayle said of the voters “The large majority of them are in District 6, and their values are my values.” Was he accusing us of all being into soft porn and pro abortion? He needs a stategist who can muzzle him and just release written statements that have been vetted.

  3. Not Fooled says:

    Rice hosted a high dollar fundraiser for Quayle! Money is the great leveler. This is all part of the Bush League politics that trickles down from Quayle’s daddy serving as GHW Bush’s VP.

  4. LDX says:

    Stalwart champions of conservatism do NOT advocate for abortion, which means Quayle is pulling your leg with an occult hijinks.

    Do people get it? No. They don’t think. They aren’t willing to think, otherwise they would vet him AND Rice.

    This flies right over their heads, and sociopaths like Quayle end up doing considerable damage to the constitution, which people will at that time complain he’s a corrupt politician and wonder how he got away with this crimes.


  5. LD 7 PC says:

    Jon McKyl likes him too. This all emanates from the political powerbrokers. Don’t give them their way again. Quayle needs to come home….wherever that is these days. We need a grown-up in Washington. That’s David Schweikert.