Jeff Flake: Those who know him best trust him least

Former chair of Goldwater Institute joins U.S. Rep. Trent Franks in support of Wil Cardon

Tracy Thomas, former Chairman of the Goldwater Institute, for whom Jeff Flake worked as the group’s executive director, has issued this strong endorsement of Wil Cardon in Arizona‘s U.S. Senate race. Take time to read Thomas’ “3 Reasons to Support Wil Cardon.”

His reasons are cogent and especially persuasive. Thomas pointedly states that Jeff Flake’s “main focus during his six terms in Congress has been on opening trade and tourism with Cuba and ending earmarks, both of which have been unsuccessful. He hasn’t passed any mentionable Arizona-focused legislation, and he is a vehement opponent of securing our borders.”

Recently, Arizona conservative Congressman Trent Franks issued this press release in support of Wil Cardon. And in this compelling video he “sets the record straight,” leaving no question why he endorses Cardon as a “true, conservative Republican senator we can trust.”

After serving with Jeff Flake in Congress for nearly a decade, Franks knows him well enough to support Flake’s opponent — “Reagan Republican” Wil Cardon.

It’s time for a change from the intolerable status quo. To help you learn more about career politician Jeff Flake, Seeing Red AZ has devoted THIS ENTIRE CATEGORY going back to July 2008, to the admitted liar and career politician Jeff Flake. Scroll through the pages and get up to speed.

One of our most popular posts is Where’s Jeff Flake and why does he want to help “turn more red states blue?” which exposes Flake’s long-standing association with Chicago liberal Congressman Luis “My only loyalty is to the immigrant community” Gutierrez, who actually compliments Flake for helping him turn more red states blue. Read Gutierrez’s article in Progress Illinois in which he commends Flake’s amnesty efforts.

Wil Cardon, who presents a stark contrast to Flake, is an outspoken critic of amnesty.

Help Wil Cardon get his message out. It matters.

9 Responses to Jeff Flake: Those who know him best trust him least

  1. chad palmer says:

    How do I stay neutral when Wil came to the Patriot Faire in Prescott and hung out with all us Rednecks. He is an honorable family man and friend. This is not an endorsement, just the truth from the trenches.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Whether or not Wil “hung out with rednecks” is not the issue, Chad. Wil Cardon is a conservative Republican businessman who is not part of the establishment cabal which is doing its best to guarantee John McCain has another indistinguishable RINO by his side in the US Senate.

      Jeff Flake is a Libertarian who runs as a Republican because Libertarians can’t get elected. The only jobs he has ever created are for high paid staffers in his local and DC offices. Jeff Flake is a fraud. It’s past time for him to honor his term-limits pledge to retire back in 2006, which he cast aside for ego-based expediency. He can return to Africa as when he lobbied for uranium mining interests as a foreign agent on behalf of the puppet regime of Namibia Watch Flake attempt to grin, smirk and laugh his way out of the question and turn it on its head by declaring Namibia a “victim.” Is this the man you would even remotely consider for the senate, regardless of whether or not he hung out with rednecks?

    • LD 7 PC says:

      Why isn’t it an endorsement? What’s with the neutrality cover? Stand up and be counted. Others stood up for you when you ran for a party office. Betch’a dollars to donuts they weren’t looking to vote for a wuss.

  2. Aide says:

    Will Kyl be endorsing Wil? Sounds like it

  3. chad palmer says:

    Brotherhood is better than blood. Stand for what is right and true and you will never stand alone.

  4. greenvalleygal says:

    Help me understand why FreedomWorks is working for Jeff Flake.

  5. Realist says:

    I take back what I said about Tracy Thomas in the preceding blog regarding Shawnna Bolick’s comments. Seems Trent Franks and Tracy Thomas DO KNOW McFlake a whole lot better than most.