“Top 2 Primary” exposed as anti-conservative ruse

Robb: “…another disappointing attempt to change election outcomes by changing the rules”

Columnist Robert Robb has done a masterful job of explaining the deception behind the ballot initiative facing Arizona voters this November. In ‘Top-2 primary’ no magic pill for moderation, he unmasks the misleading charade of “Open Election/Open Government” with the bright transparency of these opening words:

A little honesty and sobriety is in order about the top-two primary system initiative that apparently will be on the November ballot. The purpose of the initiative should be stated plainly and bluntly: It is to reduce the influence of conservative Republicans in Arizona.The rhetoric used to sell it will be more lofty. There will be a pretense of deploring extremism on both sides of the political divide. But what’s driving the initiative isn’t a concern that the Democrats who get elected in Arizona are too liberal. It’s a call-to-arms reaction to a bone-deep belief that the Republicans who run Arizona are too conservative.”

That should be more than enough to whet any conservative’s appetite for the rest of his commentary. Read it here.

It’s not what you’d expect to see in the pages of the leftwing Arizona Republic, which has made pushing this agenda a unified effort engaged in by reporters, editorialists and columnists –who must receive marching orders pumped into their ears through nocturnal subliminal messaging between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m.

We’ve been down this road before with other skillfully titled ballot initiatives that have turned out to be more blunderous than ingenious endeavors, falling far short of the grand promises made to citizens by devious proponents with ulterior motives. As an example, Democrat Paul Johnson, a onetime Phoenix mayor is co-chairing the initiative. And what a surprise — he has reregistered as an Independent to give this clunker a push.


6 Responses to “Top 2 Primary” exposed as anti-conservative ruse

  1. xamericanpridex says:

    ‘Open Primaries/Open Government’ is anything but ‘open’ and has nothing to do with government. It’s all about taking more choice away from voters.

  2. Angie says:

    Lefty Laurie Roberts is promoting the legislation in FaceBook.

  3. ZOO says:

    Speaking of anti-conservative ruse, the excrement at KPHO CBS 5 are at full grunt with their new and contrived newscast feature “Who Do They Work For?”

    Yesterday their target was SOS Ken Bennett. According to the filth at 5, Bennett’s remark in a email threatening to remove Obama from the Arizona ballot was at the order of Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily (WND), not the Surprise Tea Party. Per KPHO, Farah and others brainwashed the group at one of their meetings into prompting Sheriff Arpaio to act on the issue of Obama’s ballot eligibility and also mesmerised Bennett into his temporary involvement. They presented that Obama IS a citizen, not as their opinion, but as fact. I thought the jury was still out.

    And as we know, when the furor hit the fan over Bennett’s remark, he folded – good or bad, but that didn’t deter KPHO from turning it into a hit piece.

    You will recall the covert news team at KPHO physically chased Governor Brewer like a poor man’s 60 Minutes after she signed SB 1070, haranguing her with their charges of a gift to the private prison industry.

    These journalistic jackals are just getting warmed up, it’s a “month long feature.” Next you can fully expect featured attacks our Governor, Sheriff Joe, etc. etc. This obvious tainted pre-election political poisoning demonstrates that the stuck-in-amber left-wing prostitutes in the media can abuse their FCC licensing without repercussion. Will this CBS/DNC affiliate be on the attack against any elected Democrats? Have they already and I just missed it?

  4. Republican Voter says:

    This is yet another fraud being perpetrated against Arizona voters. The left knows Republicans are busy working at real jobs and going home to real families to engage in real activities such as scouting and sports. The fact that we are busy makes us easy targets for their deceptive measures. We saw it with Clean Elections, which aren’t so “clean” after all. The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission isn’t really “independent” when it turned out the majority of the panel were Democrats and the chair was just posing as a registered Independent, since she and her husband were donors to Dem candidates. It’s just like Planned Parenthood never mentions that you “plan” your family by aborting a few of your kids.

    Like the poster, I’m surprised that anyone at the Republic would write something that lifts the veil from the deceit. The only thing I can figure is that they want to show that they are “even- handed.”

  5. Anthem Al says:

    Even handed my ass! 100 pro to one negative article dupes no one! I’m glad to read Robb’s well written column, but it’s lost in a field of daily crappola.

  6. Sgt. Preston says:

    Robert Robb says the theory is that under this scheme moderates would have a better chance of winning on the general election ballot.
    “Moderate” is a word I have deleted from my vocabulary as it relates to politics. It’s a device used to give cover to LIBERALS. That’s a word actual liberals despise. That’s why they are now taking cover and perferring to call themselves “progressives.” Everytime I hear someone on FOX News use that term to describe a loony leftie, it sets my teeth on edge. Why do we play their game? Words matter. The left knows that, but we conservatives don’t seem to have caught on.

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