Pastor Salman revealed as conniving con, not victim

We recently got caught up in the hype over a Phoenix Pastor, Michael Salman, who supposedly was being threatened with jail time and excessive fines for merely hosting Bible studies in his home.

After the initial overreaction, we posted an apology and clarifying update.

 Now it turns out there is even more.  In this revealing article in the Examiner, Michael Salman is exposed as a convicted felon who was sentenced to six years in the Arizona Department of Corrections in 1993.  He was released in 1999.

Take the time to read this enlightening investigative report, “Religious persecution or media con job?by Linda Bentley.


11 Responses to Pastor Salman revealed as conniving con, not victim

  1. Orion says:

    Pastors can be cons, just a priests can be pedophiles. Occupations have very little to do with character. Anyone who hasn’t figured that out after Penn State was willing to cover up known and on-going sexual abuse of young boys by Jerry Sandusky in order to keep the sports department money flow coming while sacrificing child victims is worse than obtuse. Joe Paterno was as complicit in the crimes as if he was in the showers with the boys. He should rot in hell and Sandusky should get the same treatment from Bubba in the “Pen” he’s in now. They kept the money flowing into their own pockets while children were being horribly damaged by these perverts.

    Michael Salman, while not accused of such vicious crimes is still a creep, convict and brute trying his best to manipulate public opinon. He nearly succeeded.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Wow. Thanks, SRA. This guy and his story had me feeling sorry for him.

    • Rambling Rose says:

      So did I! I read about his “plight” on The Blaze and thought they had the whole story. I wonder if they’ve aplogized or t least set the story right as this site has….

  3. coastx says:

    The immediate issue with this sociopath is his “specialness” posturing. Anyone who can’t see through this deserves whatever he does to their children. People will follow charismatics off their flat earth believing not thinking for themselves is normal. He’s a con, and people who follow him are stupid.

  4. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Linda Bentley aways does a great job on investigative reporting. I didn’t know she worked for the Examiner as well as the Sonoran News. The Sonoran News is the best newspaper around. It’s actually conservative!!

  5. StetsonXXX says:

    Fraud is fraud, whether perpetrated by a crooked books cooker or a phony pastor. Nice to see you guys acknowledge mistakes.

  6. Justin says:

    Michael Hashem Salman sounds more Muslim than Christian to me. He also looks Middle Eastern. My dad worked in Saudi Arabia when i was in 7th, 8th and 9th grade so I have more than a passing interest/knowledge. The wife beating also fits. Is there even more to this scam?

    • LD says:

      @Justin Your question may be the nexus which alerts the public to this fraud. Michael Salman, like Steven Anderson in Tempe, is MK/ULTRA, or the dark side of the CIA, which is the state department. The sooner people figure out what this is all about the safer the US is going to become. As it stands, folks are just not connecting the dots. See what you can do with this.

  7. Night Owl says:

    Here is the City of Phoenix’s fact sheet on the most recent Michael Hashem Salman case:
    He was plainly attempting to use his home as a tax dodge.

    • LD says:

      That, among other things. I worked with a master sociopath a decade ago. They are all over the map with their issues. The good thing is this is an opportunity to profile these monsters.
      There are some bright people on this site to this end. The bad thing is not many people will put this information to good use. The ugly is this guy will eventually reappear in some unsuspecting community and perp there. I say tattoo 666 on his forehead and ship him off to Wales and anyone in his Kool Aide congregation that wants to go with him. = )!