Glenn Hamer: Heretic betrays GOP again

Obama’s wishes fulfilled by Hamer

The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) runs its sometimes feature titled “Into the mind of” and the mind the newspaper has recently chosen to feature is that of Glenn Hamer.

This quote of Hamer’s was given bold prominence: “It is a complete waste of time to work on further immigration legislation on the state level.”

There’s not much of a surprise there. A lot of folks still remember Glenn Hamer from his stint as executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. He left that position back in 2006 to become president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he represents the interests of illegal labor profiteers. Previously, Hamer had hammered out his skills toiling as a legislative assistant to Jon Kyl.

Hamer had struck an agreement with the Arizona Chamber while still in a paid position at the Republican Party — toadying to the Chamber and making decisions in direct contravention to the interests and policies of the AZ GOP.  What makes him even more memorable are his actions immediately after leaving his GOP post. 

After scampering over to the AZ Chamber as a Republican trophy, he oversaw the unconscionable.  His rump had barely touched down on his new leather chair, when the Chamber endorsed liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano for governor over conservative Republican Len Munsil. Fast forward to 2012 and the Chamber is endorsing Bob Worsley for Senate against Russell Pearce. They have been solidly in John McCain’s camp, as well.  The connective thread linking them all is the amnesty policy of open borders, which provides a steady stream of cheap labor to the Chamber members. 

In July 2007, Seeing Red AZ exposed the left-of-center Arizona Chamber of Commerce’s announced plans to target Republican state lawmakers who were instrumental in guiding the “Fair and Legal Employment Act” (more commonly known as the Employer Sanctions law) to passage. The Chamber formed a political action committee with the aim of unseating then-Rep. Russell Pearce and House Speaker Jim Weiers along with other patriotic Republicans, in that upcoming election cycle.

We wrote about the Chamber and its tactics in August 2011. Regardless of the efforts to make him appear chatty, talking about his young daughters in the newspaper’s piece, Hamer is a tool of the left. The Chamber’s concerns are not yours.  Don’t be fooled.


10 Responses to Glenn Hamer: Heretic betrays GOP again

  1. Bernie says:

    Why don’t you publish Hamer’s email address so that Republicans can hammer that piece of d***.

  2. Annie O. says:

    No tears here that their PAC was not successful in stopping either E-verify legislation or stopping the re-election of both Pearce and Weiers that year. These terrific legislators then went on to pass our great SB 1070 bill, which still has 11 of the original 14 segments active and in law. But the AZ Chamber is back trying to stop Pearce again, and we must work to see that they fail again! Patriots like Pearce are invaluable to Arizona and our Republic.
    If you can’t give him your vote (LD 25), at least give him your financial support at

  3. CD9 says:

    It seems as thought the last three State Chairs have all betrayed the grass roots for McSlime/McFlakey/McKook and throw in the Chamber. Lets get new blood in that chair someone who will be true to us and the platform. Someone who will stop the R.I.N.O’s and D.I.D’s from making further inroads into the party. Close out elections, if you want to vote Republican, become a Republican.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Couldn’t agree more, CD9! The crew down on 24th Street now ought to be moved down the street to Van Buren where the crazies are housed. We have no one whose wiling to stand up to the establishment of McCain and Kyl. Why do you think they are both endorsing Jeff the Flake? He’s in so tight with them there is no room under the covers. If Libertarian squish Flake wins the primary, Democrat Carmona will win the general.

      Remember how we ended up with Janet Napolitano in the first place? She won the general after the two Republicans (John Kaites and Tom McGovern) bloodied one another past sensiblity. In my opinion, Will Cardon is merely defending himself against the establishment cabal, but the effect will be the same. In the meantime, I implore you to vote for Cardon and encourage others to do so as well. We need a change from this dynasty of RINOs passing themselves off as just the ticket conservatives need to embrace, That’s a lie of monstrous proportions. We need to wise up!

  4. ZOO says:

    I’ve been screaming into the wind since March 2011 when the Chamber backed down state senate Republicans Barto, Crandall, Driggs, Gray, McComish, Nelson, Reagan, Pierce, and Yarbrough.

    There was no backlash (yawn) and now the message is being retransmitted directly from die Handel Der Fuhrer. So the COC rats see no need to awaken Cindy McCain and the guys this time, just fire a warning shot over their heads.

    It’s not too late. Come the primary, remove those who turned control of our state Senate over to the Chamber. Start with the COC’s “2010 Legislator of the Year”, immigration lawyer Adam Driggs.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Excellent suggestion re: Driggs. And don’t forget, it was Jeff Flake who recruited his own immigration lawyer brother-in-law to run against Russell Pearce a couple of years ago. Pearce beat him handily.

    • Angie says:

      Those cynical 8 will be replaced. They don’t realize that, had
      it not been for a courageous Senator Pearce we wouldn’t have a balanced budget, lower crime in Arizona, and even a surplus. This session we need to follow each and every bill that comes to them. They can still be removed by recall. We must monitor their votes to make sure we don’t end up like California. The corrupt immigration attorneys are selling out our country. The millions of uninvited invaders are now demanding and expecting all the benefits a legal immigrant and or citizen has a right to have. If these morons (8) continue to oppose legislature to protect our borders and our country as a whole, they deserve to be removed. That will be up to us -their employers. They can go to work for the Chamber of Commerce.

  5. Hagar says:

    The Chamber’s endorsement of such a light-weight as Worsley only shows its obsession with cheap illegal workers. Describing Worsley as a light-weight is being generous. I heard him speak at an LD25 meeting. He was pathetic. and in over his head for sure.

  6. No Name Please says:

    “into the mind of Glenn Hamer”? The headline would have been far more accurate had it read “Into the small mind of opportunistic Glenn Hamer.”

  7. Realist says:

    Chambers in general bother me. I suspect everyone has or had a friend who was the “smartest person” they knew. Mine told me the Chambers were started by Socialists. Interesting, because some are good and some are well…not so good depending on your political persuasion. One thing for certain, they are all PACs. Their goal is to control local & state governments in their local area.