Left promotes schemes to separate you from your vote

More fishiness abounds in Arizona Republic

In her recent Quick Hit, the carefully crafted language of the daily fish wrapper’s editorialist/columnist Linda Valdez conceals far more than it reveals.  But know this: it’s simply another attempt at usurping power from the citizens.  Currently, the liberal focus is on the deceptively named ballot initiative Open Elections/Open Government intending to gut the election system and replace it with a top two” scheme” What its proponents are hoping for is that the two top candidates are Democrats.

There is a clue in Valdez’s cunningly chosen 69-words. It’s another misleadingly named effort to hijack our voices and our votes.  We’ve been down this road before. In the early1980s there was an effort to install the system which had an equally appealing name.  Sold as “Home Rule,”  it was deemed a winning contender, since who among us would be opposed to ruling our own home?  The measure was bandied about as a mere “housekeeping measure” dealing with “taxing authority.”

In fact the intended mission was to get citizens to the ballot box to….vote away their right to vote. Under the guise of simplifying the process, we would cede to the Board of Supervisors our ability to vote for what were contemptuously termed “line officers. 

The argument always began with the office of the mine inspector — a state official.  “Who knows who the mine inspector is or what he does? Why should that be an elective office?” From there it went down the line of county officers from assessor to  recorder and every office in between.  When the Sheriff was the topic, the incessant liberal echo was “The police chief is appointed, why not the sheriff?”

It is exactly this concept that Valdez — who despises Sheriff Joe Arpaio — is trying on for size.

The plan is to encourage voters to vote to give their votes away. Think of it as a deliberate attempt to separate you from your vote by telling you others can do it more efficiently and effectively.

There is a method to Linda Valdez’s madness. There always is. Valdez is a radical liberal who seeks to impose her extremist vision on us all.



8 Responses to Left promotes schemes to separate you from your vote

  1. LD 7 PC says:

    Thank you SRAZ for exposing the next scam to be perpetrated upon the people of Arizona. When I read the link to Valdez’s Quick Hit, I nearly choked. It’s their next plan for us.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    According to liberal-think, they are smarter than we Republicans. They know better what is best for us and society, in general. They’ve done such a great job in instituting unsustainable and costly government overreaches, how can we question them? They only want what’s best for us, after all…..Food, an education, home, transportation and healthcare given to us by the filithy rich. Nevermind that they pay the highest taxes, took risks and created jobs. But in the minds of the left, that makes them suspect. The government owes us! And how do we repay the nany state? Give them our votes as tribute.

  3. ZOO says:

    What makes Valdez believe voters would want the criminally corrupt MCBOS and Mary Rose Lardcox to hand pick the sheriff? Did her fugative shirt tail relatives suggest this one?

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      My thoughts exactly, ZOO. I will never willing turn over my vote to ANYONE. The Board of Supervisors? What a joke! Thieves and perverts will never get my vote. For that matter, Mother Teresa wouldn’t have gotten it, either. American patriots have fought and died to give us our sacred rights and the freedom to exercise them.

      • Joe Evans says:

        Those Constitutionally enshrined rights are what separate us from the regimes held high in Valdez’s affection.

  4. Diana The Huntress says:

    For Linda Valdez to say that a man who has spent a lifelong career in law enforcement ISN’T a lawman, is absurd. It’s another in a long string of lies printed as fact in the deceitful rag known as the Arizona Republic.
    After serving in the Army, Joe Arpaio was a police officer in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, Nevada. From there he moved to a career in federal law enforcement, first as a federal narcotics agent, infiltrating worldwide drug organizations. Eventually, he held top management positions around the world with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and headed of the DEA for Arizona, before running for sheriff. No other sheriff in our state’s history has served five 4-year terms. Arpaio is beloved by law abiding citizens and reviled by those who prefer a invasion of illegal aliens from all corners of the globe. Mexico is a third-world nation with corruption perpetrating every level of its government and military. Linda Valdez wants to import that here.

    Sheriff Arpaio’s bio tells the complete story.


  5. Catching On says:

    I’m a relative newcomer to Arizona, just arrived three and a half years ago. I would never have the information I find on this site. It is very much appreciated. Thank you, Seeing Red AZ.

  6. Doc says:

    Linda Valdez is apparently “hittin’ th’ PIPE” !

    Hey Linda! North Korea called…they’re lookin for their idiot…

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