Obama’s Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement

This startling study takes a few moments to load, but is well worth the wait. For ease in reading, use the arrows next to the page numbers.


4 Responses to Obama’s Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement

  1. MacBeth says:

    Don’t have time for the full 33 pages right now, but read the first few and believe this is going to be quite an indictment of this evil man in the WH who is intent on destroying our nation. I’ll be back….

  2. teapartytami says:

    Thank you guys, this is a major report to keep and study. it has been forwarded to”interested” citizens…..
    the kind of report we get from frank gaffney’s group sharia the threat plan A and B

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Progressive organizations behind White House policy have crafted specific, second-term plans for President Obama to issue amnesty to millions more illegal aliens living inside the U.S.

      There are also designs to remove the caps on H-1B visas and green cards, a move that would bring in an untold number of new immigrants.

      Other second-term plans include a program for government agencies to immediately register as voters the new Americans who would receive amnesty

  3. patriotmom says:

    It’s unfolding just as predicted: the estimates about “dreamers” will prove to be woefully inadequate.News coming from INS agents is that the DHS is telling them to let anyone go who claims to be a dreamer. Doesn’t matter if they just walked across the border and can’t speak a word of English- if they claim they went to high school here, they are in.

    It’s clear that the Dems don’t feel that they can rely on the record birthrates of illegals in this country to keep the number of Dem voters high: they need to continue to bring in fresh blood on an ongoing basis. Forget public safety, national security, voter integrity. Stuffing the ballot box is all that matters.

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