DOJ official snubs call to protect 1st Amendment

Perez repeatedly refuses to answer question posed by U.S. Rep. Trent Franks

This major issue primarily revolves around the idea contained in a proposal that has been made many times in the United Nations by Islamic-led interests. The concept is that there should be a “Defamation of Religions” international law that would criminalize negative speech about any religion, although the proposals have always focused on Islam.

The idea is “nothing more than an effort to achieve special protections for Islam — a move to stifle religious speech,” according to an analysis by Jay Sekulow Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice.

“This is a battle for our basic freedoms,” Carl Moeller, chief of Open Doors USA warned. “This [U.N. idea] is Orwellian in its deviousness. He said Muslim nations would use it as an endorsement of their attacks on Christians for statements as simple as their belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ, which Muslims consider an affront. Worse would be the “chilling” effect on language that the U.N. plan would create worldwide, he said. “This would be a huge blessing to those who would silence dissidents in their country’s Islamic regimes,” he said. “This stands as a monument to the gullibility of the masses in the United States and other places who don’t see this for what it is.”

Rebuffing support of religious free speech during a July 27 congressional hearing, Tom Perez, Obama’s far Left Assistant Attorney General who runs the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, refused four times to answer this simple question posed by Arizona Republican Congressman Trent Franks, chair of the House Constitution subcommittee:

Will you tell us here today simply that this administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?”  Watch this video and listen to Perez’s waffle.

WND’s Bob Unruh has written a riveting article about the far-reaching consequences of this issue. Read it in its entirety HERE.

Perez is the Obama administration’s front man behind the politically motivated lawsuit filed against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The reason? The sheriff actually enforces the immigration laws that DOJ is supposed to uphold.

10 Responses to DOJ official snubs call to protect 1st Amendment

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    It’s clear Congressman Franks is furious with this Omamite, but still manages to speak reasonably as he pushes for an answer that will never come. You’d have to be living under a rock not to realize the Obama administration is pro-Muslim.

    The fact that John McCain gets so bent out of shape when this truth hits him in the face shows his massive disconnect to reality. McCain will go after Franks, Bachmann and the other congressmen who question Huma Abedin, but not the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s either seriously ill with dementia or else undeniably corrupted by the left. Maybe both. His associations have always veered that direction, from Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold to Hillary Clinton.

    • Angie says:

      That never would have happened had we elected JD instead of this old fool. Elections have consequences. McCain is in bad need of a new brain. As for Perez, the proof is in his last name.
      Most likely he is a descendant of illegals, those illegals who are going to college on our dime and will turn against the USA once they have achieved their “Dream” which will be American nightmare. This country is generous and fair to a fault. At the expense of true USA and legal immigrants and their descendants. The illegals will always fight against the rule of law. This corrupt administration will leave it’s brand of socialism even long after it’s gone. McCain needs to go and no more McCains re elected EVER! As for Obozo, I hope he either gets imprisoned (for the fraud he is -usurping the presidency!!!) tried and punished to the highest degree allowed under the law.

      • Fought For My Country says:

        Angie, Thomas Perez is the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, a third world nation abutting Haiti. It would be interesting to know the means they used to get to America. This leftist took the lead in prepping the legal brief against Arizona‘s SB1070 and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

        And using the identical language that former AZ US Rep John Shadegg used in an interview with the New York Times, Perez denigrated secure-borders citizen activists as “xenophobes.” Shadegg insultingly added “intolerant” to his diatribe. Don’t believe it? Here’s the proof at the bottom of the first page::
        These are Shadegg’s words:

        “I believe the Republican Party in Arizona has been hurt very badly by the image created by those who have been most outspoken in their attacks on the illegal immigration issue, who have created the appearance that Republicans are xenophobic, that seem by their comments and are by their comments intolerant.”

        When our own elected Republicans sound identical to liberal Democrats, using interchangeable words and phrases, we’re in big trouble.
        Glad this goon is gone!

      • Kimball says:

        JD Hayworth is so much smarter and more decent than John McCain could ever hope to be. Hayworth is a patriot who puts America and her citizens first. His senate victory would have been ours. His loss certainly is.

      • ZOO says:

        FFMC: We have subversive rats in the Arizona GOP today that mirror Shadegg’s twisted, bend over and spread’em outlook. One would be silver-spooned Tyler Montegue (Bank Of America) and another is illegal alien ambulance chaser and Randy Perrez’ right hand cyanide dispenser Chad Snow. Snow became a newly registered “Republican” at the creation of “Citizens For A Better Arizona,” and both he and Montegue are constantly lobbying party chiefs to throw up a “big tent” with one entrance at the border. These are just two of those working behind the scenes and peddling ‘Hispanic vote percentages’ – which is like betting on a greyhound with three legs.

        These “for the party” provocateurs choked on their own sputum when the Arizona Latino Republican Association recently came out and endorsed Russell Pearce and Joe Arpaio, and released their ‘hounds’ on blog sites to discredit and belittle the ALRA. Montegue and Snow have both hands in the cookie jar (illegal immigration profiteers), just like Mr. & Mr. Beer Baroness McCain who want to supply every newly arrived border hopper with a case of ‘holy water’ (Bud Light).

    • garvan says:

      No sarcasm intended, it has occurred to me that McCain, in his dotage, is clinically losing it in the cognition department.

  2. CD9 says:

    I think I will contact Trent Franks’ office and ask him to write a bill that would start the process to get us out the UN. Please tell me when was the last time the UN had anything good to say about the US? WE are the largest contributors to that pathetic organization. If it has to start in the Senate, we will have to ask a Senator from another state, the two here are too busy thinking up ways to betray us. If Jeff McFlake wins we will have two MCLiars, support and vote for Wil Cardon, please.

    • garvan says:

      Good idea. The U.S. can maintain its seats on both the general assembly and the security council for only $18,000 per year.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    Just found this on a Google search: More than 40 percent of the Dominican Republic’s citizens live below the poverty line and the average yearly income is less than $5,000. Obviously Perez is doing considerably better here in the USA. You’d think he’d be grateful for the opportunity, but instead is intent on destroying the United States like his boss, Obama.

  4. Maggie says:

    Fought For My Country:
    Thank you for your service. That’s more than John Shadegg ever did, yet he was free to insult those of us who want to have our borders secure and our nation protected because of efforts such as yours. What a twisted world we live in!!