Huma Abedin: Brotherhood ties deeper than family

“Outraged” John McCain is wrong again

Huma Abedin, it turns out, has very disturbing connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Though she is not a policymaker, she is an important adviser, and during her three-year tenure, federal government policy has radically shifted in the Brotherhood’s favor, to the point that the Obama administration is not only embracing the previously shunned Muslim Brotherhood but issuing visas to members of formally designated terrorist organizations.

Read this important article: Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood Ties Are Not Just a Family Affair by Andrew C. McCarthy. He is a former federal prosecutor who put the ‘Blind Sheik’ behind bars in the first World Trade Center bombing, and is considered the most important prosecutor in the War on Terror. McCarthy is among the most authoritative writers on the dangers of Jihad

Knowledge is power.  Read and get the facts.  It’s more than John McCain does. We’ve covered McCain’s irrational acquiescence to the Muslim Brotherhood and his vehement and intolerable attacks on Republican members of Congress who have requested an investigation. Arm yourself with information.

7 Responses to Huma Abedin: Brotherhood ties deeper than family

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    This is an excellent article by Andrew McCarthy. I recommend it to all of you. In fact, I just sent this link to my list of knowledgeable political friends as well as those who need persuading. In the subject line I put “Knowledge is power,” which I borrowed from the post. That should get them all to open the email!!

  2. Virginia says:

    Some of the other commenters here have been expressing their views (under other posts) that John McCain might be suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. It’s an insidious disease that I would wish on no one, but after thinking about it and remembering a beloved family member who suffered the ravages of the disease, I recall his initial symptoms were similar to McCain’s, including forgetfulness and confusion, decreased judgment, odd behaviors and attempts at humor to try to cover up the increasing mental limitations.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      He neither has Alzheimers or any form of dementia. His displays of “forgetfulness and confusion” are mannerisms he uses because he cannot remember all the lies he has told. So he stammers and squirms around trying to say something without saying anything.

      Odd behaviors and attempts at humor are what we see because he has never had to rub elbows with regular folks. He simply does not have the tools in his toolbox to be one of us.

      If his father and grandfather had not been admirals in the Navy, he would be a nobody and Cindi would have never given him so much as a glance.

  3. CD9 says:

    McCain also graduated at the bottom of his class at Annapolis, he crashed 4 or 5 planes and instead of being booted out the Navy his Father and Grandfather were able to keep him on the public dole. From Navy to Congress to the Senate, oh please we have supported this creep all his life.

    I do not know if he is in the throws of Senility, he has never been a good Conservative. After the Keating scandal when he made a deal with the Democrats not to charge him with anything he became a blooming R.I.N.O. He was not much better before that, just a rat to his best friend and his first wife. Oh and you mean you, ok I removed the names I called the people who voted for the Liar, in Arizona keep electing the Adulterer and Traitor? I can truthfully say except for Sarah Palin and the horrible feeling I got about BO I never voted for that man till 2008.

    • ZOO says:

      Actually, McCain did assume the role of ‘Wille Loman’ for several months in 1980 before his election to the House. He had been shackin with Cindy the year before and shortly after getting his first wife to agree to a divorce, he and Cindy were married in May 1980. He then went to work as a marketing representative for Hensley & Company owned by Cindy’s father James Hensley, traveling all over Arizona promoting Budweiser products – and himself.

      James Hensley had acquired the capital early on to build his empire as a bootlegger and later in a partnership with Arizona liquor baron Kemper Marley. Marley would years later be a prime suspect in ordering the 1976 car-bombing murder of Arizona Republic newspaper reporter Don Bolles, who had authored several pieces on Marley’s business and political dealings. Marley died in 1990, and was never charged in the case.

  4. CD9 says:

    Oh in his lifetime he actually spent a few months of one year working for a real world company? So be it, it changes one sentence, lol. He is still a R A T, he had an affair with the best friends wife who waited for him the entire time he was in the Hanoi Hilton talking to the enemy, Jane could do no worse. He came home and ran around on her.

    I keep hearing we can not reacall a Senator, ok lets just embarass him by getting petition signed asking him to resign. Let the entire world know we respect him as much as he respects us. He is with the enemy again.

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