In their very gay element at the daily

Gayness abounds at the República.  The anorexic pages, lacking much in the way of actual news, are brimming with one of the newspaper’s favorite topics.  Same sex agenda-driven propaganda stepped front and center with the newspaper back January 2008, when Randy Lovely  took over as chief editor and VP of News at the daily newspaper.

As an example, astronaut Sally Ride, who chose privacy in her personal life, was loutishly headlined as a lesbian in the daily‘s follow-up to her recent and untimely obituary.

Ample space was given to the $2.5 million donation made by Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, to the campaign to defend Washington State’s same-sax “marriage” law. Also worthy of a report were Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s and co-founder Bill Gates’ separate donations of $100,000 to the deceptively named Washington United for Marriage, supporting the law. The group says it has raised more than $5 million for Referendum 74, which will appear on the November ballot.

The referendum to uphold same sex “marriage” was put on the ballot after supporters of traditional marriage turned in more than 240,000 signatures placing on hold the law signed February 13, by Washington’s Democrat  Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Although voters in Maryland and Minnesota are attemting to ban such unions by public vote, Barack Obama — seeking votes wherever he can find them — has indicated his support for homosexual “marriage.”

In an article reporting on a boycott of Starbucks for the coffee company’s public support of the same-sex marriage law in Washington State, the newspaper’s bias is clearly evident as the headline uses the words, “Anti-gay marriage group” wants Starbucks boycott, rather than “pro-traditional marriage group.” It’s akin to the pro-abortion slant seen in the same pages, calling abortion a “woman’s health issue.” Don’t expect to see the words, “baby’s death issue” anytime soon.

Some recent examples of the Arizona Republic’s thrust to push homosexuality to the forefront of news can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. These are just a few of the reports appearing during the month of July.

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  1. Maggie says:

    The real eye opener is this list of leftist organizations who support the specious and anti-Biblical notion that sodomy is marriage. Planned Parenthood, liberal Democrats of every stripe, unions, the ACLU among them.

  2. LD 7 PC says:

    This is an AP headline: “Washington state gay marriage foes say they have enough signatures for referendum.”

    Got that? Gay marriage “foes?”

  3. ZOO says:

    The Gay Mafia is in high gear, fully empowered by Barack Obama, just as the Illegal Alien Lobby has been running on all cylinders for several years fueled by George W. Bush. I have seen people react in bewilderment to the term “Gay Mafia.” But after the incident with Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A, they are beginning to get it.

    The screeching reaction to Cathy by filth like Rahm Emanuel and Boston mayor Tom Menino is an unprecedented attempt to silence anyone of any prominence from speaking in exclusive favor of traditional marriage. You would think there would have been a counter-reaction to this from dozens of high profile people (not the expected) who would step to the microphone to demonstrate unity with Cathy.

    They are too afraid to do so. The Gay Mafia is swinging a large economic bat with the full support of ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, and the diseased Hollywood machine. They are quite capable of inflicting a negative shadow, if not economic impact, on anyone’s career or business.

    Is it any wonder that America is stumbling in the wilderness without focus on real issues that affect its survival and economic well being?

    Every day we arise to the crys of “illegal aliens demand this” or “LGBT demands that”, relegating real issues to ‘section B’, and misdirecting resources to the concerns of invading foreign criminals and home-grown social deviants; and all of it quite traceable to two consecutive sitting U.S. presidents. The fish rots from the head down.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    And let us not forget the ladies McCain, who have done not one, but two photo shoots for the “No H8” gay agenda campaign (the last being this year). Additionally, beer baroness Mrs. McCain has appeared in a video regarding the topic.

  5. garvan says:

    Homosexuals reportedly make up between 1% and 2% of the population.

    How did it happen that they have more influence than the 98% of the rest of us?

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      So-called political correctness is how it happened.
      Just read this yesterday: If America dies, it will be from self-inflicted wounds.

    • LD 21PC says:

      They have the media and the teacher’s unions promoting their deviant homosexual agenda for them. Not so many years ago, the American Medical Association classified homosexuality as a clinical disorder. It certainly is not the norm or human beings would cease to exist.

      Just by virtue of calling them “gay,” they have been made to seem better than mainstream heterosexuals — who are characterized as just boring and “straight.’ Celebrities such as Ellen DeGenerate and Rosie O’Donnell came into our homes via TV, inveigling viewers (many of them children). Then when they announced their same sex proclivity, the youngsters couldn’t bring themselves to turn away. It was all done with intent. That’s why the younger generation is more inclined to view deviancy as just an “alternative lifestyle.’

      Listen to what Bob Chanin, the longtime legal counsel for the National Education Association had to say about what matters to the teacher’s unions. Clue? It ISN’T your kids.

  6. Army Of One says:

    Deviancy mainstreamed is like heroine mainlined. They both destroy lives. And since homosexuals don’t reproduce, they recruit. Young kids are their most attractive targets.

  7. patriotmom says:

    It’s appalling and mindboggling to think that being homosexual has evolved into being “cool” over the last 50 years. Kids who would never have considered a same sex relationship are now experimenting the “bi” lifestyle thanks to the glamorization of homosexuality. People in San Francisco “celebrate” gays engaging in sex acts during Gay Pride parades, even taking their kids to these events. Meanwhile, Christians are being persecuted for the belief that traditional marriage is best for children.What a bunch of no fun straights we all turned out to be!

    Even the Greeks, who were extremely tolerant of homosexuality, did not allow them to marry.(They just didn’t kill them for it, which was pretty enlightened at the time.) There is no “civil right” to marriage- there is a societal norm that is found in all cultures. Glamorizing gay marriage has already resulted in polygamists stepping forward, multiple partner groups speaking out and NAMBLA is waiting in the wings. The foretold slippery slope is already heading down the hill with more deviants ready to jump aboard. This country is beginning to make Sodom look like Vatican City.

  8. Attila The Hunny says:

    This article by Mychal Massie was written in 2007 and refers to issues that were in the forefront at the time, but the relevancy with today’s topic cannot be denied. Mr. Massie is a black conservative and a voice of reason. Here he states why “Homosexuality is not a civil right.”

  9. garvan says:

    (Caution: this will be gross.)

    From time to time it’s helpful to cut through all the politically-correct B.S. and get down to the single core element of an issue.

    The central defining element of the “gay” movement is one man inserting his member into the feces-lined, disease-ridden rectum of another man.

    Some of these men engage in coprophagy. Others urinate on each other. (They call this “water sports.”) There’s more, but I don’t know printable euphemisms to describe them.

    Then they have “Gay Pride” parades to celebrate these unspeakable acts.

    How can any of these practices make a person “proud?”

    I’d seriously like to know.

  10. CD9 says:

    Ask the McCain’s, they seem to approve of deviency.

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