Washington insiders support Jeff McFlake

Consumed by fear, career politicians circle the wagons for one of their own

“I had hoped to stay out of the Republican senate primary,” proclaims a striving-to-sound-earnest, weary looking Jon Kyl in his most recent ad supporting Jeff Flake. To demonstrate his sincerity, he has doffed his tie and shakes his head in disbelief as he struggles to convey the gravity involved in getting his hand-picked successor elected to fill the senate vacancy created by his retirement. “Jeff Flake is my choice,” declares a somber Kyl.

Given that the DC duo of Kyl and his seatmate John McCain did an in-tandem endorsement of Flake nearly three weeks ago, Kyl’s phony statement that he had hoped to stay out of the Republican primary rings as hollow as his pledge to secure the border during his own last election. Immediately after returning to Washington, he joined McCain for another round of what they cunningly termed “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” It was nothing short of a euphemism for amnesty.  Taking their endorsements is a calculated risk for Flake, since GOP primary voters tend to be more conservative and are no longer drinking the establishment Kool Aid.

Kyl and McCain’s career dishonesty melds well with that of their six-term underling Jeff Flake. He’s the one who pledged to limit himself to no more than three consecutive terms. When confronted about it, Flake laughingly declared, “I lied.”  Kyl became known for saying “This is not intended to be a factual statement,” when called out following a data-filled declaration. And John McCain?  It’s noteworthy when he speaks intelligently.

In addition to bringing out the establishment honchos in support of his senate candidacy, Flake has been the beneficiary of vicious high-dollar establishment independent expenditure commercials and mailers against Cardon. The fear factor has grown in what was previously considered to be a cakewalk for Flake.

Arizona voters realize it’s time for a change from the status quo. Businessman Wil Cardon is a job creator. A fifth-generation Arizonan, Wil Cardon is a consistent and reliable conservative. Check out his stance on the issues. There’s a reason why conservative Arizona Congressman Trent Franks is a strong supporter of Wil Cardon’s.  He’s served in the House with Flake and knows him well enough to support his conservative opponent.

Tracy Thomas, former Chairman of the Goldwater Institute, for whom Jeff Flake worked as the group’s executive director, has issued this strong endorsement of Wil Cardon in Arizona‘s U.S. Senate race. Take time to read Thomas’ “3 Reasons to Support Wil Cardon.” Thomas is another leader who is knowledgeable enough about Jeff Flake to strongly endorse Cardon.

Since July 2008, Seeing Red AZ has devoted an entire category  exposing Jeff Flake for a reason. Scroll through the numerous pages. We urge you to acquaint yourself with who this man really is. U.S. Senate terms are 6-years long.  And once entrenched, it is virtually impossible to remove these career political hacks. Promises are easily made and quickly forgotten. It’s time for Arizona conservatives to reclaim this senate seat.

Vote for Wil Cardon.

16 Responses to Washington insiders support Jeff McFlake

  1. East Valley PC says:

    Another fine post outlining the differences between Flake and Cardon. The McKyl endorsements will do nothing to help Flake, and a lot to hinder his campaign. I’m just a Arizona voter, not a polling company. The one thing I say without hesitation is that only one person I know intends to vote for Jeff Flake. That’s music to my ears. He has been conning us in the East Valley for years. He’s as slick as they come. No wonder McKyl both hope for a seamless transition into Kyl‘s slot. He’s their clone.

  2. Jana Simmons says:

    Check out the varying degrees of hair bleach on Jeff Flake’s head. This Flake is so fake he makes my teeth itch.

    • CD9 says:

      LOL, teeth itch, words to describe the entire “trio of liars”. I love the way SeeingRed can take the mundane and make you want to read every word. Jeff McFlake is the exact same as McPiece of smelly and McKlook. Jeffy boy with his bleached hair and his beefcake pic, tanned bod and workouts is not worthy to be a Congressman any longer much less get a promotion to the Senate. If we can rid our selves of Flakey the self-serving R.I.N.O. McCain will not run again, he will realize he can not win, we will be RID of the D.I.D.’s. I truly believe McCain and his vile ways is what kept Trent Franks out of the race.


      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        We appreciate your kind words, CD9. We don’t always succeed, but massaging the mundane is how we get the message out. People are busy and the MSM is far to our left. We attempt to deliver information from a conservative perspective. Thanks to you and others, our readership is growing and so, we hope, is the conservative influence.

      • Doc says:

        COPY THAT CD9!!! All that stuff HE just sed, SRA!!! On a same ol’ situation note…I just saw McKyl on T.V (Fox 10 News) JUST NOW…Same suit-n-tie/schuck-n-jive huckster…say that David Schwiekert’s been in politics almost as long as HE has…& that it’s time to turn over th’ reigns to someone new…some who’s tuffer than he looks…McKyl supports…

        ….wwwaaaaiiiit for it….HOLD ON TO YER KEYBOARDS…..

        Congressman Ben Quayle…

        …0….gee…whatta’ suprize…next this dope who wanted to “quietly” retire’ll be endorsing Vern Parker…

        Wil’s gonna’ SMOKE Mcflake AND Carbona!

    • ZOO says:

      LOL. Thanks Jana, I needed that.

  3. ZOO says:

    No question John McCain is a self-inflated Teflon balloon, totally unconscious and indifferent to the burning hatred of his guts from hundreds of thousands of Arizonans. But I often wonder about the “weary” Jon Kyl.

    Is he tired of this charade? Is he spent from playing the role of “Knucklehead Smith”, with McCain’s arm inserted to the shoulder blade to create the illusion of a talking human form from the wood shop? We will likely never know. Will Kyl’s retirement result in him fading away with a fixed drool cup, a brand new shipment from the Scooter Store, and scrapbook on his lap at the Checked-Pants Retirement Home? Or will he continue to spread the Holy Word of McCainitus by opening the “Kyl Institute & Drive-Thru Dry Cleaning” at ASU? I can wait to see – indefinately.

    • CD9 says:

      Oh God, please take this trio of garbage to the trash heap of history and leave us be.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Let’s take a lesson from the voters in Texas, who today in a Repub run-off election, chose to turn their backs on the career politician. Read the good news at michellemalkin.com

    • Paul Marchant says:

      not everyone sees jeff as an insider. the Blaze reports, ” we have the chance to elect more courageous leaders like Ted Cruz, Richard Mourdock, Josh Mandel, Mark Neumann, and Jeff Flake.”

  5. Realist says:

    Saguaro Sam: You’re words to God’s ear!

    • Doc says:

      senator McKyl- Here’s a little diddy for ya’ from Motley Crue-“No! don’t go away maaaad. MMmmJust Go Awaaayyy!”

  6. CD9 says:

    OMG, McFlake not a Political Insider, Wait let me VOMIT.

    In Arizona there are many Tea Parties who will not work together or endorse. They invite all of the candidates in and tell the membership don’t ask them any embarassing questions, be nice. Hell, I refuse to be nice to McFalke, was he nice to us when he betrayed us with “The Strive Act”, was he nice on “Cap and Trade”, was he nice having his brother-in-law try and get Russell Pearce out of office, was Jerk McFlake nice when he went after Michelle Bachman the other day or came out against SB1070?

    I did not nor will I ever say or do anything violent like the “Occupy” bunch, but many need to know McFlake’s record. Many belong but do nothing but go to meeting, get out there walk and talk. If McNuts or McFlake or McKyl endorses vote the opposite, you know they are R.I.N.I.’s or D.I.D.’s.

    • Doc says:

      Again I relate th’ story of th’ March meet-n-greet in Prescott w/Mcflake. When asked why he “lied” he stated that he “saw how messed up D.C. was & he just HAD to stay & help fix it.”

      …there’s that.

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  8. chick20112011 says:

    Az Family has an article on the “fair” (sure/s) Public Policy Polling, a lib group. The poll says Carmona and Flake in a dead heat. The writer did point out that they didn’t poll on Cardon and OF Course, the number of Democrats/Republicans/Independents surveyed (just the total) isn’t reported. Aren’t there any JOURNALISTS anymore in the MSM?