Grant Woods: Storefront lawyer for the lawless

Chances are you don’t have even a passing acquaintance with former Alabama governor, Democrat Don Siegelman.  But you might recall political gadfly and onetime Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods. Back in 2008, we wrote about his devotion to the governor who was convicted of bribery in federal court and was sentenced to seven years in prison.  Showboater Woods even came to Siegelman’s defense on a skewed CBS 60 Minutes program.

“I personally believe that what happened here is that they targeted Don Siegelman because they could not beat him fair and square. This was a Republican state and he was the one Democrat they could never get rid of,” Woods — an iffy Republican who has repeatedly threatened to reregister as a Democrat — said at the time.

Yesterday Don Siegelman was re-sentenced to serve more than six years in prison for his role in bribery, conspiracy, fraud and obstruction of justice charges in a state health care scheme. He also remains convicted of obstruction of justice from a federal probe of an alleged pay-to-play scheme with an Alabama businessman. The Wall Street Journal has more here under Corruption Currents.

Grant Woods, who began his dubious career as John McCain’s first Congressional Chief of Staff and all around toady, is well known for his liberal tendencies. As a dedicated McCain sycophant, Woods actually endorsed J. D. Hayworth’s liberal Democrat opponent Harry Mitchell and later endorsed radical leftist Democrat Felecia Rotellini when she ran for Arizona Attorney General. He was also the instigator of frivolous and dubious legal complaints to the FEC that resulted in the disappearance of Hayworth from the local airwaves. 

Invariably on the wrong side of issues, Woods prosecuted U.S. Border patrol agent  Nicholas Corbett, charging him with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of an illegal alien during a border altercation. Corbett, who said he acted in self-defense, was tried twice, with both cases resulting in a hung jury as Woods did not prove the case.

We’ve covered the Democrat endorsing RINO Woods herehere, here, here, here and here.

The fringe politico shows up from time to time.  Acquaint yourself with him and judge the company he keeps accordingly. Like the proverbial bad penny, he’s sure to be back.

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  1. Observer says:

    Woods was the chairman of Gov. Jan Brewer’s campaign. What’s up with that association?

  2. ZOO says:

    Grant Woods was convicted in the 1990’s of knowingly employing an illegal alien whose temporary visa had expired, and fined. He was foaming-at-the-mouth furious when Protect Arizona Now chairman Kathy McKee reminded the Periódico de la República de Arizona of his conviction, and they printed her words. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

    But his big claim to fame, if you don’t remember or weren’t in Arizona, was being crowned the ‘original opposition baron’ to Arizona’s maiden voyage against illegal immigration with Prop 200 in 2004.

    Some of that opposition included: John McCain, Jon Kyl, Jeff Flake, Jim Kolbe, Raul Grijalva, Trent Franks, Ed Pastor, John Shadegg, Janet Napolitaco, Terry Goddard, Phil Gordon, Rose Mofford, Jane Hull, Raul Castro, Service Workers Union, Catholic Church, Western Growers Association, and the filth at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

    Speaking of filth, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce put up $2 million to fuel Woods’ TV campaign against Prop 200 which depicted actors dressed as police and firemen with ‘tears in their eyes.’ These “public servants” pleaded with viewers to reject Prop 200 on the basis that they could not “put out a fire” nor “stop a crime” WITHOUT first checking citizenship. This was, hands down, the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the people of Arizona – and they basically got away with it.

    Prior to this ad campaign, statewide support of Prop 200 was around 86%. On election day, it passed with 57% of the vote. Woods later bragged that they could have defeated Prop 200 if they would have just started the TV spots earlier.

    Seeing Red is correct that this ‘Dracula’ turns up unexpectedly from time to time. In 2010, Jan Brewer named Woods as a “co-chairman” of her election campaign. (?) Figure that one out.

    But rewards come to those who wait. Woods popped out of his casket a couple of weeks ago to slam Joe Arpaio. The good news? He looked a hundred.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Thanks for the good information, ZOO. All conservatives can benefit from sharing such facts.

      • ZOO says:

        Thanks ACG. I hope future Arizonans can look back on four heroes (Kathy McKee, Russell Pearce, Rusty Childress, Randy Graf) and truly appreciate what they were up against.

  3. Angie says:

    Thanks for the reminder that this creature is still trying to be relevant somewhere. He won’t if we continue our vigil of the old vampire.

  4. Seen It All says:

    How about Woods’ shady Fiesta Bowl dealings with his crony Gary Husk? They were supposed to be investigating criminality and were ultimately investigated themselves for their disreputable dealings. Grant Woods is a snake!!

  5. garvan says:

    Don’t overlook the significance of the two hung juries in both of border agent Nicholas Corbett’s trials.

    Notice that the State did not try him a third time.

    Jury Nullification may end up being our defense of last resort when the unthinkable happens, such as the regime outlawing blogs such as this one.

    It’s on their agenda, you know.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Seeing Red AZ says that Woods is “sure to be back.”
    News Flash: He’s never been gone.
    Remember the ominous music from the movie “JAWS”?
    That’s what should run through your mind when you hear the name of Grant Woods.

    • ZOO says:

      He may not be out, but he is definately down.

      In addition to Garvan’s mention of Woods’ failed role of Johnny Sutton wanna-be trying to convict one of our brave Border Patrol agents to the sexual satisfaction of Mexico, he also fell flat as a Trump-stump (Bayrock Group) trying to cram a luxury high-rise down east Camelback residents throats.

      Everything he touches turns to s***, which should be a clear signal for him to pack up, move to Mexico, and wallow in nacho-bearing nannies. But that said, if they can over-starch his clothing he may go into stand-up as 2014 gubernatorial candidate. Let’s see, Woods or Randy Perrez? Touch choice.


      • East Valley Conservative says:

        Yes ZOO, the post is about the slimeball RINO, democrat endorsing Grant Woods. Andrew Thomas fits in perfectly since he promoted himself as a conservative and yet was very happy to have Grant Woods endorsement. He stood there with Woods, Democrats Gordon and Shields and Romley and was thrilled to be able to do it. Is this your idea of conservative actions? It sure isn’t mine. I believe that was point. Its valid and that’s why you don’t like it. Sorry, dude but sometimes the truth hurts.

  7. Hometown Guy says:

    How about a memory jogger? A lot of conservatives have conveniently chosen to forget it, but in 2004 former Attorney General Grant Woods (a well known RINO), then Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon (a liberal Democrat), and outgoing Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, (another RINO), and liberal union leader Billy Shields, all gathered with Andrew Thomas at a press conference and publicly endorsed Thomas for County Attorney! He appeared with them and was happy to take their accolades.
    Best guess is a lot of liberals would rather forget that embarrassment also.

    In this article, Don Harris who was the Democrat nominee that year said of Thomas and his leftist endorsing pals, “They’re political whores. You know it and I know it.”
    Don’t take my word for it. Read it here:

    • State Committeeman says:

      Surely this is a joke???

      • Hometown Guy says:

        No. It’s absolute fact. Here’s the Arizona Republic photo to prove it.

        Andrew Thomas was more than happy to take the endorsements of each and every one of those committed liberals. His conservative creds were useful when they served his purposes. Illegal immigration was his key to opening the door with conservatives. But he showed himself to be just another shoddy politico with extravagant plans for himself. Now disbarred for abuse of power, his came crashing in on his own egocentric head.

      • ZOO says:

        HG – If I didn’t know better, I would think my browser suddenly jumped to the New Times. Andrew Thomas is among office holders you can count on one hand that did exactly what he promised when running. What politician would decline an endorsement from most anybody? Woods and Romley are rotten lunch meat, but they are still Republicans. So just how is it that us “conservatives have conveniently chosen to forget”..? I don’t think most of us knew to begin with. Is an endorsement from sewer rat Filth Gordon supposed to be a badge of disgrace or reason to reject Thomas as a candidate?

        I credit Andrew Thomas for “tricking” that sexless wombat Napolitano into signing the human smuggling law. Do you remember how she squealed like a morphed pig when the law was used to arrest the “smugglees” as accessories? For that reason alone he should still be the county attorney.

        Thomas, while tipping toward over-zealous, bristled at activist judges who were turning the illegals loose just as fast as Arpaio could catch them. If memory serves, the real battle between Thomas, Arpaio, and the filth at MCBOS began when Mary Rose Lardcox and company took away funding for MSCO that had been given to them by the Arizona Legislature for human smuggling.

        I do not pretend to know every little detail of the Thomas term, but I do know that he went after illegal aliens as promised and eventually their mentors controlling the purse strings and protecting them from behind the bench. This thread is about Grant Woods, and your attempt to turn it into dog-pile-on-Andrew Thomas is trollish at best. I was going to keep my mouth shut until you came along with post #2. Enough!

  8. CD9 says:

    Grant Woods is and always will be a McLiar’s Liar. What the little man wants Woods does, but what is worse when Woods going to the FCC, was the powers that be at that unnamed station fired JD and we all lost. I believe the only reason JD is not back ont he air is McCain has astrangle hold on the senate committee that oversees the FCC and has threatened them with fines and retaliation. Like McCain has done for years to anybody who crosses him. The man is ruthless.

    Please tell me why these people register as Republican’s? For political expediency? To win elections because their true beliefs would put them on the trash heap of politics? Of course the answers to all is YES YES. McSh– lost his strangle hold on Arizona, Woods never had any, but their reputations are in the toilet along with the impecibly dressed Romley and the Sainted Kyl. It took us years of talking to inform the voters who these people were and what they were doing, but blogs like Seeing Red and Drudge have us talking and reposting all over the web. People read and most are smart enough to look up what they are being told now, why do you think even the Republican’s are fighting the Tea Party and are trying to regulate the Internet. They need to stop us, they need to stop the flow of information, please please watch your voting this election. I got my ballot and voted WIL CARDON, TRAVIS GRANTHAM and only very conservative candidates in the other races, if McLiar endorsed or, it pains me to say it, Sarah Palin endorsed I voted against them.

    • Army Of One says:

      I’m with you, CD9.
      We have a fine assortment of actual conservatives to choose from in the upcoming races. We’ve been conned too many times by McCain, kyl, Woods, Palin and their ilk. It’s time for real change and to back as far away from the establishment candidates as humanly possible. I hope Seeing Red will post endorsements in some of the major races. Early ballots are already arriving.

  9. chick20112011 says:

    Grant Woods needs to award himself his “woody” award. (when he was hosting on KFYI)