Blockbuster: Janet Napolitano, gal pals exposed in lawsuit

The New York Post runs a stunning report detailing the discrimination lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes Jr., special agent in charge of New York City’s investigations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Hayes, a veteran US law enforcement official alleges Homeland Security Chieftain Janet Napolitano pushed him aside to make way for a less-qualified woman who has “enjoyed a long-standing relationship” with Napolitano. 

The 21-page complaint, complete with lurid details filed May 21, 2012 can be read here. (Courtesy of Debbie Schlussel),

Hayes, who began his career with the feds as a border patrol agent in 1995, formerly served as director of ICE Detention and Removal Operations in Washington, DC, where he oversaw about 8,500 workers and a $2.5 billion budget. Yet Hayes says he was demoted following President Obama’s election and the appointment of Napolitano.

The court documents also allege that Suzanne Barr, Napolitano’s chief of staff at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has engaged in “numerous” acts of “sexually offensive behavior” intended to “humiliate and intimidate male employees.”

Arizonans who endured the extreme leftist gubernatorial reign of Janet Napolitano will recall that during her 2002 campaign, Napolitano publicly denied lesbian rumors swirling about her. In this later fawning, puff piece New York Times interview, she declared, “I just happen not to be married.” When asked at that time if she was “seeing anybody now,” she answered more truthfully than was then realized, “Yes, my staff.”

The lawsuit first reported yesterday by blogger Debbie Schlussel identified the woman as Dora Schriro, who was later appointed by Mayor Bloomberg as commissioner of New York City Department of Corrections, a post she still holds.  Here the New York Times referred to Schriro as a “veteran correction expert,” when she took a hasty exit from the post overseeing detention of illegal aliens, after a mere month on the job.

Arizonans will recall Schriro being over her head during a 2004 standoff at the Lewis Prison in Buckeye, AZ that was one of the longest in the history of U.S. prisons. Two prison inmates held two women hostage, repeatedly raping and assaulting them for 15 days. One of the victims, a contractor, sued the state for letting violent offenders work with civilians, and won nearly $1 million in a negligence settlement.

Dora Schriro watered-down previous job classification criteria, allowing lifers and other high-risk, violent inmates to hold jobs working with civilians. Local CBS affiliate Channel 5 carried this report.

Seeing Red AZ has an entire category devoted to the deceit and excesses of Janet Napolitano, going back to August 2007, not long after the inception of this blog. For a complete review, click “previous entries” at the bottom left of each page.  


20 Responses to Blockbuster: Janet Napolitano, gal pals exposed in lawsuit

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    This lesbian business is old news in Arizona. While governor Janet Napolitano was rumored to be involved with several different women. One was a state legislator, one a reporter, the other a Phoenix Mercury female basketball player. Napolitano rarely missed a game and always sat courtside.

  2. Doc says:

    …all with th’ seal-0-approval of OUR senatorial representatives, the retireing (THANK GOD) Jon Kyl, & Mr. maverickyness himself, john mccain! Give ’em a nice round of applause everybody…


    • ZOO says:

      Doc, you bring an important point. This should be more fodder for Wil Cardon. The verminous McCain and Kyl absolutely did support Napolitano as DHS secretary when the KNEW that she was an open-border amnesty-sucking Governor of Arizona, and completely UNFIT to be the head of homeland security.

      Time is very short, but I think if Cardon wants to knock out Flake he needs to attack these two rats that spawned, nursed, and raised Jeffy boy by reminding voters that the McCain brothers put this what-is-it in the driver’s seat, and left the dyking to her – which has become an unlaughable diaster and an open invitation to border pole vaulters – including terrorists from around the world.

      • Doc says:

        Not only did they vote “yea” to her appointment, let’s not forget Li’l timmy giethner, & EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE forgetful lawyer, Li’l eric holder! I cannot believe our senators are still…

        …our senators…

      • Doc says:

        ZOO…I’m sure I don’t need to point this out but as a reminder…they voted “yea” because j-no’s agenda was aligned with their’s & has been all along…

      • ZOO says:

        Exactly Doc. That’s why I think Cardon needs to pull out all of the stops and attack Flake via Kyl and McCain. The checked-pants GOPers can make all the excuses they want that the McCains twins have been elected over and over by the majority, but the MAJORITY ALSO voted for:

        Prop 200 (no voting & no benefits) 2004

        Prop 300 (no social services, no in-state tuition) 2006

        Prop 100 (no bail for illegal aliens in serious felonies) 2006

        Prop 202 (mandatory E-verify for Arizona employers) 2008

        McCain and Kyl, to my knowledge, have opposed every voter mandate except Prop 100. And our crowning jewel, SB 1070, was their crowning opposition.

        This is a clear track record of non-representation of Arizonans by McCain and Kyl, and their endorsements of Jeff Flake are the words of traitors. What has Cardon got to lose by stating the COLD, HARD, TRUTH?

  3. garvan says:

    I wonder if she was ever involved with Janet Reno?

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Doubtful, garvan. Reno was too busy authorizing the killing of innocent kids at Waco to mess around with romantic liaisons.

      • garvan says:

        Not to mention sending in flak-vested, jackbooted armed federal thugs to kidnap Elian Gonzalez.

        But you never know. These government thugs also like their time off from brutalizing their subjects.

        I think Reno and Napoleone (more appropriate name) would have made a perfect item.

    • Realist says:

      Garvin: You might ask CD 9 congressional candidate Krysten Sinema about Janos sexual escapades.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    I’ve lived in Phoenix all of my life. It could be said that I’m older than dirt. I’ve never seen a worse governor than Janet Napolitano, and the inept Raul Castro was pretty bad! He was so aware of his own shortcomings that he abandoned his post (like J-No did) and became an ambassador to Argentina. Jimmy Carter (also horrible) knew he had to get rid of Castro, and shoe horned him into the spot to get him the hell out of the state. the damage was that great.

  5. patriotmom says:

    Seems like Cardon and Romney have a similar dilemma: the need to get real tough real quick. Both of them are facing opponents with TONS of flaws. The gloves must come off and quickly. It’s time to go “Chicago” on the opponents.

    • ZOO says:

      Without question, Cardon has already been tough. But he needs to get the message out that Flake is the McKYL monster reincarnate.

      I swear to my maker, it seems that we are living in the Twilight Zone or somebody spiked the water supply with lysergic acid diethylamide. At a time when Obama is openly, wantedly inviting, enticing, empowering, and lube & oil changing illegal aliens, Romney should be screaming his lungs out daily at what Obama is doing. But he won’t. McCain sent Romney an Albino-Gram commanding him to shut his mouth. If this isn’t America upside down, just what the hell is?

      The sad reality is that under George W. Bush, the Republican Party saddled this country with well over 10 million MORE illegal aliens and now the devil has come home. That 9-point margin for Obama that NBC is puking is easily accounted for by supporters of illegal aliens, whether they be White, Hispanic, or polka dot.

      I’ve been wetting my lips for the last four years, ready to blow taps for the GOP. Should they squeak the White House out in about 87 days and get one last shot of four years, Romney had better take this country and shake it like a blanket infested with bed bugs, or 2012-2016 may be the government of the people’s swan song – unless that is what we are witnessing now.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Want a laugh? The Republic’s headline on this saga of lesbian advancement at the highest levels of government by kindred spirit,Janet Naplitano is:
    “Lawsuit alleges Janet Napolitano sexism”

    Somehow I think that misses the mark by more than just a tad.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    For all the McCainiacs, Chamber of Commerce Boys and LDS’rs who are inclined to blindly support McFlake, take this story to heart. This is just one more example of ignorant AZ voters empowering the liberal destroyers. Do not forget the picture of McAmnesty, McKyl and JaNo walking down the senatorial aisle together.

    JaNo, incompetent from the start, brought Schriro in from another state, where she had effectively dismantled a correctional system. She came here to take care of JaNo’s “special problems,” and was rewarded with the Directorship at the Department of Corrections, which she immediately started in to change and modernize in a nice PC model.

    When that hostage/escape attempt occurred, police snipers were on scene and ready to end the standoff within hours. They were forced to sit idle because JaNo & Schriro refused to allow them to act. Police waited for the whole 15 days while those two women were being tortured in that tower, because Jano & Schriro were hiding somewhere together and would not let justice take its course.

    The only reason the second woman did not also sue because we have this here law in AZ that says a state employee cannot sue her employer. Go figure. JaNo should be supporting those two woman and their families forever, after what she (?) subjected them to.

    AZ Voters, do not repeat your mistakes. Fight the ACORN vote, and cast your votes to save AZ & US.

    God bless America.

  8. West1890 says:

    I proudly mailed my absentee ballot yesterday morning with the oval next to Cardon’s name clearly filled in. And this morning- new hope with Ryan selected as Romney’s VP pick. I’m finally beginning to feel we will survive, we will recover, we will prevail.

  9. Winston Court (@WinstonCourt) says:

    Until we remove these sicko perverts from public servant offices, sanity is taking a backseat. The deviated, perverted, sicko mindset dominates their thinking, their actions and their behaviors … this has no part in public service …

  10. chad palmer says:

    By repealing the 16th and 17rh Amendments we can end the fed res. and restore Economic Liberty. Vote Romney/Ryan – no gay marrige.

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