Snake oil salesman Jon Kyl undermines conservatives

Markets elixir of RINO candidates at precinct level

Arizonans are accustomed to Sen. Jon Kyl’s political products not living up to the hype:  His strong support of Kennedy/McCain Comprehensive Immigration reform, “All Hot Air” 10-Point Plan to stop illegal immigration, and Kyl/McCain opposition to legislation requiring proof of citizenship to vote.

Now, snake juice squeezer Kyl is working overtime attempting to sell his endorsed slates of RINOs to commandeer the grassroots level precinct committeemen elections in all contested precincts.  The importance of these elections is extremely relevant since it is the elected precinct committeemen who elect the state party leadership.

This is, of course, the same Kyl who had committed he would not endorse in the primary.  Yet he has been front and center with his insufferable seatmate John McCain, endorsing any left-of-center, establishment candidate who will stand still long enough to share a stage with the deplorable duo. Among their notable picks are Jeff Flake, Ben Quayle and Kirk Adams, all challenging actual conservatives: Wil Cardon, David Schweikert, and Matt Salmon.  No one should be shocked by these selections. They meet Kyl’s criteria of those willing to deliver votes for the Republican Party establishment — standing in opposition to conservatives. 

Republicans in the RINO controlled LD 28 have been receiving mailers from Kyl endorsing his preferred precinct committeemen picks.  No conservatives need apply.  After all, Kyl is for the elimination of Constitutional conservatives who voice opposition to his milquetoast approach to fighting liberals.  Although Kyl gives lip-service to the concept of GOP Unity, the fact remains that the Kyl/McCain forces are habitual practitioners of division.  Dare we say that deceit is the only elixir Kyl sells?

 View the Kyl mailer HERE.

And the return address on the mailers? None other than Kathy Petsas —  most recently promoting her plan for “De-Kookification” — removing conservatives — from the state legislature and Arizona Republican Party,  a nefarious scheme that won the praise of the liberals at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic newspaper).  

20 Responses to Snake oil salesman Jon Kyl undermines conservatives

  1. Ben F says:

    One of the reasons I enjoy reading Seeing Red is that the stories are well written, fact checked, spelled correctly with proper punctuation and grammar. Therefore I find it hard to believe that I have to correct your punctuation in the headlline for this post.

    I am sure that you will agree that it should have read: SNAKE, oil salesman Jon Kyl undermines conservatives. They may take advantage of the public, but even the old snake oil salesmen had loyalty to other snake oil salesmen.

  2. ZOO says:

    So Arcadia, where roof rats rule, is a hotbed for Arizona’s “establishment” GOP sewer. With immigration lawyer Adam Driggs and his green card-furbished wife as precinct committeemen, who could ask for anything more?

    It would appear that the McCain-Kyl de-conservatites would be just as happy if Arizona voters revolted against their election tampering and their candidates were defeated by Democrats. Works for me. I am already committed to Driggs’ general election opponent, and am waiting for primary results to smear some gel ink (bold-tipped) for Richard Carmona. In my little corner of the world, every McCain/Kyl candidate will simply be an automatic vote for their opposition – Democrat, Libertarian, or what have you.

  3. Diogidog says:

    The McKyl gang of political thugs are open and upfront with their desire to run and ruin the Arizona Republican Party organization. When the TEA people and the Paulbots do it in a stealth manner (like 2 years ago and at the State Convention), that’s just fine? Ya’ll are political pollution. Viva the revolution !

    Birds of a feather …

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    McKyl and McShame–unleashed. They can finally come out of their political closet. Wonder what promises Obama has made to these two anti-conservatives?

  5. Lucy says:

    Of course I vote for whomever does not get the stamp of approval from McCain or Kyl. To me they are just like the endorsement from the Arizona Republic. What irks me though is that in many other states the non-establishment candidates are winning, but in Arizona that hardly ever happens. Kind of makes me want to move to another state.

  6. Jon Altmann says:

    What is meant by “green card-furbished wife” in the case of Adam Driggs and his spouse, Lenore? Lenore Driggs always has been and is now an American.

    • ZOO says:

      That is an “insider” reference to the male Adams’ livelihood as an immigration lawyer while doubling as a ” state senator” and helping murder five immigration bills in the Arizona state senate last year. I trust you will keep this quiet; Mr. Adams certainly has. His state senate webpage reads:

      “…Driggs also started a successful small business in Phoenix in 1997, where he continues to serve as a director…”

      Or course, if you were a USA invader seeking deportation shelter, with a few clicks you could get a much more detailed picture: Us&main_idx=Odriggs2004628225727&sub_idx=Odriggs200484162933

      Unconvinced? I’ll bet you’re one of those tough cases that demand references. O.K. –

      “Helped my two daughters Attorney Adam Driggs and Attorney Yasser Sanchez helped my two daughters get their greencards. The process went just as they described and they even worked out a payment plan. Fantastic guys and honest attorneys. – Emily!”

    • Disappointed says:

      Hey dude, (Altmann) what happened to all of the foppish titles accompanying your name, and your usual book sized comments?

  7. PV PC says:

    It’s obvious these elected precinct committeemen positions are not as lowly as Jon Kyl previously indicated in an interview, where he basically told us to put up his signs, stuff his envelopes, attend his events, get him elected and keep our f**king mouths shut. That did it for me! I never again lifted a finger for this arrogant former lobbyist.

    Now Kyl wants to skew the PC elections because many of us are conservatives who are sick and tired of being lied to by him, John McCain and their amnesty clone Jeff Flake.

    That’s why the mailers are targeting us.

  8. chick20112011 says:

    Huckabee is endorsing Quayle. That is a joke.

    • Kent says:

      This makes me sick, but not surprised. It’s more of the establishment wagon circling around Bennie the soft porm king whose VP daddy has clout and connections. Schweikert is so much smarter and better equipped for the job. They also don’t have a grasp on him. That’s exactly why the Kyl/McCain cabal are endorsing the puppet Quayle.

  9. no guts, no glory says:

    Kyl could have retired as a somewhat respected U.S. Senator. He chose poorly and now goes down in Arizona history as a political hack not unlike the disgraceful Dennis DeConcini.

  10. CD9 says:

    The Tea Party PC’s who were too lazy to get their signatures, even the TP has talkers but some are no walkers, are going to allow McLiar to take back the entire Republican Party by getting his own PC’s in office. The TP better beware, theya re a failure in arizona never getting the TP candidates elected like in other states. You TP talkers better look out you are letting Randy Parazz and the tio of liars MCSlime/McFlake?McKyl to take over.

  11. Realist says:

    I wonder if the “Lynch Mob” had anything to do with this? The return address is 5831 Berneil, Paradise Valley? I believe that would be the new LD 28. Could it be that “crack pot” who is calling everyone kooks also has something to do with the mailer. Hey McKyl, you’re known by the compahy you keep!

  12. Dennis O'Brien says:

    McCain and Kyl both voted to confirm US Attorney General Eric Holder. Need I say more?

  13. American Dad says:

    Jon Kyl is a committed leftwinger who presents as a Republican but undermines us at every opportunity. I’m sure you guys are busy, but this is very important. McCain was also onboard with these overt displays of their true positions.
    It’s here on your own pages for all to see:

  14. Annie O. says:

    Kyl/McCain/Shadegg/Flake operatives are all about taking the Republican Party to the left or if they can’t do that, then destroy it. Why do you think there are no more “Trunk and Tusk Dinner”fund raising events?…Because Kyl destroyed them by advising the guest speakers not to come. Why do you think the AZ House and Senate now run their own funding events?…..To draw money away from the State Party and elect their liberal incumbents. Why do you think the AZ Chamber of Commerce has a political fund to elect candidates favorable to illegal immigration?

    This is all because the grass roots dared to say no to the power elites who pressed for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and all the liberal legislation attached to it as well as the non-enforcement of immigration laws that are suppose to be in effect.

    Why would this foursome want to give citizenship to illegals who would be voting for the Democrat ticket thereby destroying the Republican Party? Can anyone tell me the reason?

    • ZOO says:

      I can certainly tell you why McCain is a pro-illegal, pro-amnesty, anti-law, anti-sovereignty mutha. Because his pill-doped wife owns the southwest distributorship (Hensley Beer) for Budweiser, and Bud Light is Mexican holy water. And no newspaper, conservative website, Republican opponent, or worst McCain foe will even talk about it, not even J.D. Hayworth. McCain has had a clear conflict-of-interest since he was a $2.00 dirty leg for the Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty whore house in 2007.

      But then that wa$ been the modu$ operandi of the Republican party who allowed Bu$h to add another 10 million illegal alien$ to the brew during his 2001-2009 reign of terror. Cheap-labor and cheap-sales trumped all. By 2020 on the outside, the GOP will be on its knees and make Barack Obama look like Joe Arpaio. Si se puede!

  15. LD20PC says:

    I hope I am doing this right, Fred Grandy is crucifying McCain, here is the link. He tells it out right, John McStupid makes him believe in term limits, I agree. I know this post is Jon McKyl, but they are two of a kind.


  16. Doc says:

    NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER vote a “slate”! In my “never-so-humble-opinion”…every Precinct Committeeman should do LEGITIMATE Due Dilligance on EVERY CANDIDATE in their voting block. Personal opinions are great. But Facts are facts, which is what we should be giving OUR CONSTITUENTS….for ?senator? kyl to be doing this, yet tout himself as a “conservative” is…..LYING….