What’s a Kyl or McCain endorsement actually worth?

They’re handing them out like candy… to RINOs and liberal extremists

Today we’re taking a short stroll back in time to see what our dynamic duo of flushable johns have been up to when it comes to endorsements and senate votes.

This past June, both of Arizona’s RINO senators stepped front and center supporting the nomination of Andrew Hurwitz, a liberal, politically connected Democrat AZ Supreme Court Justice, aiding his ascent to the already radically left 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Arizona República newspaper was so thrilled, it editorially championed retiring Kyl as a “statesman.”

Last year, Kyl toiled, ginning up support to install yet another liberal on the 9th Circuit — Federal Judge Mary Murguia, whose twin sister Janet is the President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza — “the Race” — a group whose two-sentence motto is chilling to everyone who values equal rights for all: “For the Race everything. Outside the Race, nothing.”  Murguia was nominated to the appellate bench by Barack Obama.  Among the honored guests at the investiture ceremony were none other than  Jon Kyl and Homeland Security chieftain Janet Napolitano, AZ’s liberal former governor who says with a straight face, “Our border has never been more secure.” Kyl and McCain both voted for Murguia’s confirmation.

This endorsement-happy pair also voted in support of the confirmation of Obama’s hand-picked selectee for U.S. Attorney General — the deceptive Eric Holder. Twenty-one Republicans voted against Holder, but not these two enablers. They even voted in support of the nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Numerous searches failed to verify the duo’s non-roll call vote on Napolitano, but given their proclivity for supporting leftwing appointees, there does appear to be a pattern.

Now, as Arizona voters are pondering their ballot choices, the twosome that have pontificated against primary endorsements strut their stuff: Notice a pattern here?

The pair did an in-tandem endorsement of establishment insider Jeff Flake for the senate post being vacated by Kyl. Wil Cardon is clearly the conservative choice, as evidenced not only by his well articulated positions on the issues, but also by the support he has received from AZ U.S. Rep. Trent Franks and former presidential candidate Sen. Rick Santorum.

Both Kyl and McCain have come out swinging since their boy Jeff Flake has been tied in polls with Democrat Richard Carmona. The fear factor has been behind the vicious ads against Cardon paid for by an Independent Expenditure Committee.

Kyl has bent low to endorse Bob Worsley in Mesa’s Legislative District 25.

Though conservative Travis Grantham is by far the sharpest candidate, knowledgeable on the issues and eager to make a difference, McCain supports longtime Chandler city politico Martin Sepulveda in CD 9.

Kyl and McCain have even stooped to endorse squish Kirk Adams who is challenging eminently more qualified former Congressman Matt Salmon in CD 5. Desperate Adams even recruited 1950s crooner Pat Boone to vouch for Adams commitment to senior citizens. 

Kyl and McCain have both endorsed silver-spoon punk Ben Quayle who has only a nodding acquaintance with truth. Congressman David Schweikert, is the man with actual credentials and the brains to make a difference in Congressional District 6.

Nearly out-the-door Kyl is on such a roll that he’s even endorsing in a supervisor race. Look for him to have a favorite in the Duncan Yo-Yo championship competition.


19 Responses to What’s a Kyl or McCain endorsement actually worth?

  1. Tomfoolery says:

    Betch’a run-for-every-conceivable-office Vernon Parker is hoppin’ mad! He jumped out in front of all comers to endorse senile senator McCain in 3010, and Martin Sepulveda gets the old goat’s nod instead. Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas, is how the old saying goes.

  2. MacBeth says:

    These endorsements should be about as valuable as those in the AZ Repugnant newspaper. There was actually a time when voters carried those list into the polling place. Now most of the folks endorsed by the newspaper lose.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I vote against the majority of the newspaper’s endorsed candidates and the ballot issues pushed by the socialists working there. I would NEVER vote for someone endorsed by McCain or Kyl. Those two old goats are shamefully trying to change the political makeup of this state from red to purple. RINOs are worse than Democrats. I expect the worst from the Dems. This is beyond disappointing. They are betraying the AZ GOP.

    • Realist says:

      Az. Conservative Guy:
      It goes beyond Arizona. These two, especially McTraitor is all over the country trying to defeat conservative candidates. It’s easily understood when you realize McTraitor/Shame was a democrat who had to be talked into running as a Republican(in order to win) when he first came to Arizona. I fear his political (self-proclaimed “progessive” views) are more aligned with the socialist democrats than the Conservatives. As Paul Harvey would say…”now you know the rest of the story”.

  4. Mike Johnson says:

    In my opinion a John/Jon McKyl endorsement harms candidates. That would be the strongest signal to me that the candidate was NOT a conservative. I hope these endorsed fools lose and lose big. They deserve to for cuddling up with this deceptive pair. McKyl certainly act differently in Washington DC than they do at home. No wonder they’re pushing for their clone, Jeff Flake. He’s cut from the very same mold.
    Many thanks for the information on those they have voted to confirm, and the liberal judges they’ve promoted. I looked at those vote links you provided and nearly choked!

    • garvan says:

      Perhaps it would be useful from time to time to re-tell the story of where the McCain money originally came from. I mean way back.

      • ZOO says:

        garvan – not sure what “way back” means, but here’s a snip of what I wrote in 2007, trying to keep McCain off the POTUS ticket:

        Since early 2004, McCain has stood staunchly against his constituents in Arizona in the fight against illegal immigration. His cohesion with the fat drunken sot, senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), to pass amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens from Mexico is being touted as a labor of compassion or humanitarianism. But when one looks at John McCain’s past and his present primary source of wealth, a different tale of corruption, greed, and treason is exposed.

        When McCain retired as a Navy captain in 1980 at a salary around $45K, he divorced his first wife, moved to Arizona, and married Arizona native Cindy Lou Hensley. Cindy’s father James Hensley, was the owner of Hensley & Company, one of the largest distributors of Budweiser products. McCain’s first job in Arizona in 1982 was a marketing representative for the Hensley concern, and he traveled the state hyping the virtues of it’s products and, of course, himself. In that same year, McCain was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in his first venture into the political world. This was in conjunction with and obviously financed by his wife Cindy’s $700,000 in salary from Hensley-related enterprises.

        James Hensley had acquired the capital early on to build his empire as a bootlegger and later in a partnership with Arizona liquor baron Kemper Marley. Marley would years later be a prime suspect in ordering the 1976 car-bombing murder of Arizona Republic newspaper reporter Don Bolles, who had authored several pieces on Marley’s business and political dealings. Marley died in 1990, and was never charged in the case.

        During John McCain’s twenty-five year tenure in congress as a representative and later a senator, he has never wanted for lack of financial resources – fueled by the Hensley empire. He was and is today, one of the wealthiest politicians in Washington. In the year 2000, Hensley & Company was the fifth largest distributor of Budweiser products in the nation with $200 million in profits from nearly 20 million cases of beer annually. Today, the operation is known as “Hensley Beer” and chaired by his wife Cindy Hensley McCain.

      • garvan says:

        You nailed it, Zoo.

        Wasn’t Hensley given the Budweiser opportunity partly as a way of getting him to keep his mouth shut?

        BTW, I went to grammar school with Kemper Jr. I remember going out to their spread for birthday parties. At that age I was of course clueless about his dad.

      • ZOO says:

        Hensley’s exclusivity deal with Budweiser began in 1955. But for today’s chuckle, you have to give your d.o.b. to view their website:


        Of course, you can bypass this requirement with an Obama Deferred Action card.

  5. CD9 says:

    Yesterday a wonderful conservative died from a Heat attack, why cant that nasty old McPieceofSh-t drop dead. Most of their endorsements are not going to win, we do not trust anybody they support. McKyl endorsed Michelle Ugenti, he knew she is going to win, he did not want his endorsements to be 100% wrong.

    I heard the Tukee Republican Women and Mike Broomhead set the debate up with almost all questions going to Wil Cardon first so Flake could answer them and not let Wil tell the truth about Flake’s record. But we know the truth.

  6. garvan says:

    I’m still waiting to hear a cogent argument that Kyl and McCain are NOT jackasses and fools.

    • ZOO says:

      Another great point garvan. Where do we go on the web to find ANY laudatory blurbs about McCain and Kyl – the DNC website?

  7. ZOO says:

    I was going to post some worthless blabber about Fred Thompson, the obvious voice-over behind Jeff Flake’s TV spots. Out of curiosity, I checked Flake’s “endorsement” list – didn’t find Thompson but I am quite disgusted at what I did find:


    I am the most disappointed at state Senator Sylvia Allen, and state Representative John Kavanagh. Over the past several months, these two people have earned my respect and I had truly hoped that THEY would be take the lead on illegal immigration in the state legislature with the master Russell Pearce temporarily deposed.

    Allen and Kavanagh’s endorsement of Flake can only go two ways:

    1) they are anti-illegal immigration anti-amnesty anti-Dream Act anti-Strive Act phonies

    2) they fear Richard Carmona and are GOP heel-clickers first and foremost

    On illegal immigration, the difference between Cardon and Flake is the SAME as it would be between Cardon and Carmona. With a Flake- Carmona contest, there is NO choice on THIS issue, except to punish the McCain-Kyl primary tampering and stranglehold on our U.S. Senate seats.

    My LD28 favored state house Republican candidate is also on Flake’s list, as is the LD28 state senate Republican candidate and cesspool diver Adam Driggs. With few exceptions, I will be feeding the donkey in November. Enough.

  8. DeAnn says:

    Trent Franks is disappointing too. He has endorsed Gosar and Sam Scarmardo. Scarmardo was behind a recall in Lake Havasu that brought in a moderate Mayor and a Democrat. It shows more and more why we need to have term limits. They longer they stay in office, the less conservative they become.

    • Hagar says:

      Don’t forget that when the Medicare Prescription Drug bill was being voted upon, they held the vote over for hours to secure Franks’ “yea” vote and guarantee its passage.

    • American Patriot says:

      DeAnn and Hagar,
      It has taken real courage and strength of conviction for Trent Franks to buck the establishment and endorse Wil Cardon — the only conservative in the AZ race for US Senate. You’re kidding yourself if you think Jeff McFlake will be anything but a treasonous slime like his McMentors.

      THIS is the race that matters greatly to us, our children and the future of our nation.

      We have term limits at the ends of our fingers if we get off our asses and vote for the true conservatives and encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same. Are you a precinct committeeman? Are you actively working to support the candidates who are still committed to bringing our country back? Or do you just grouse on blogs?

  9. CD9 says:

    Yes there are times Trent Franks goes off the Conservative Reservation. But when I look around I still say Trent Franks and David Schweikert are the only Conservative Congressman we actually have.

    Americn Patriot, we need to scream that from the tallest chair, term limits, term limits, vote for Wil Cardon get McFlake out. I can promise all of you, I do not care who screams at me or tries to tell me we need a Republican in the Senate here, I will vote for anybody but Flake in November if Flake wins. It is all around my circle of friends and Tea Party members what the Tukee Republican Woman and Broomhead did to Wil Cardon at the so called debate. All questions went to Cardon first so Flake could give his lying excuses, the last question was on Amnesty because Wil Cardon had to leave.

    All you people stop listening to Brooomhead too, we are tired of that unmentionable radio stations name and call numbers. Find another news station, My God it can’t be that hard. McCain runs the committe that gives licensing and permits out to TV and radio stations, he controls them.

  10. Ajo Joe says:

    After he retired, FDR’s vice president, John Nance Garner was often quoted as saying the job of VP was “not worth a pitcher of warm spit.” This was sanitized from what the salty-tongued Texan was reputed to have actually said — “a quart of warm piss.”

    That’s exactly how I view the McCain and Kyl endorsements. In fact, I’m convinced they do more harm to Republican candidates who are trying to persuade voters they’re conservative. Support from those self-serving and practiced liars would never be an inducement for me!!!

  11. LEO IN TSN says:

    For all you Baja AZ Pima voters (or if you know one please pass this along) the Supervisor candidate whom McKyl has endorsed is down here. McKyl’s endorsement clearly identifies this candidate as one of the hand-picked, Chamber-of-Commerce pro-amnesty pro-sanctuary-county/state politicos, picked to run against conservative & knowledgeable Allie Miller.

    Mrs. Miller has all of the credentials to rescue this County, but much to the dismay of our COC elite, she is too conservative. They are trying to defeat her because of all the work she has already done to monitor the current Board of Supervisors, and to monitor and investigate the illegal expenditures and fraud in the failed Rio Nuevo Project. Her work has impeded the blind flow of millions of wasted taxpayer dollars to their COC businesses. She is so good that they have tried to bring the traitorous McKyl into the race to torpedo her candidacy.

    Spread the word to Baja AZ Pima—don’t let the McKyl flash blind you. Vote on Tuesday to save our County and AZ.

    God bless America.