Voter fraud exposé? Don’t look to AZ República

Just days ago in a post titled República: Voter fraud? What voter fraud? we revealed the source of the bizarre report by the “Investigative News21 Team” which unequivocally stated that “voter fraud is rare in the U.S.” This was the work of fledgling journatista ASU students indoctrinated at the left-leaning Cronkite School. Watch this shocking example of their biased disregard for viewpoints other than their own.

Don’t expect to read the findings of this Pew Report — Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficientin the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic).  Among the deplorable conclusions under the section on Voter Registration Inaccuracies, the report details approximately 24 million, or 1 in 8 registrations, are “significantly inaccurate or invalid.” More than l.8 million deceased individuals are listed as current voters, and approximately 12.7 million records nationwide appear to be out of date or no longer reflect the voter’s current information. An astronomical 2,758,578 voters are registered in more than one state.

Another analysis of California’s voter rolls revealed more than 723,000 invalid voter registrations.

We’re less concerned than Pew with the eligible citizens who remain unregistered. If potential voters don’t care enough to inform themselves about the candidates, propositions and serious issues that currently exist in our country, if they don’t realize the significance of their vote and lack a deep gratitude for the lives that were given to keep our freedoms, their votes are not missed.

With elections upon us, we urge you to take time to watch this video which clearly shows indifference to voter fraud by those entrusted to insure honest elections. Regardless of the glossing over of overt deception by the crack student News21 team, truth must be told.


7 Responses to Voter fraud exposé? Don’t look to AZ República

  1. American Dad says:

    It’s beyond reprehensible that this massive vote fraud is given short shrift by the press. They’re obviously in the tank for Obama’s reelection.

    Glad to read that Seeing Red AZ doesn’t blindly encourage voting by the uninformed or disinterested. What a shame that more brain-dead Americans don’t care enough to value our freedoms. People in repressed nations throughout the world would be thrilled to have the opportunities they blithely disregard.

  2. ZOO says:

    ASU’s leftist media arms are a growing cancer with a seemingly larger reach than the terminal Gannett daily rag. I am spitting blood after yesterday’s Horizon “journalists” roundtable. Brylcreem model Ted Simons was asking for “opinions” of various political races in Arizona. When landing on the Pearce/Worsley race, Simons goes to the dirty-socked liberal spokeshole Howard Fischer. Fischer goes into a soliloquy:

    ‘…the voters in Pearce’s district have probably noticed that things have been quiet in Mesa for a while, and they have not attracted controversy for a few months. Even though Russell Pearce believes he has the wind to his back, voters will likely be saying goodbye to Russell Pearce…’

    This is a “journalist anaylsis” and not biased wishful-thinking by Fischer??? Simons, apparently in post-climatic bliss, did not seek “anaylsis” from the other two participants of the roundtable and moved on. It is time to form the “FOES OF CHANNEL EIGHT.” What a malignant, agenda-driven sewer fueled by our tax dollars. Maybe we should all send them a check for a $1000 contribution and stop payment on it the next day.

  3. Sgt. Preston says:

    These so-called journalists care not a whit for truth if it conflicts with their liberal agenda. I remember my dad telling me the Democrat Party of today is not the one he belonged to before he “wised up.” He said it bore more of a resemblance to the Communist Party that was in full swing when he was young. He died a conservative Republican.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    What I saw in that video link disgusted me. The arrogant and rude behavior exhibited to an invited guest who is also a five tem elected official, by these boorish punks, is beyond anything that should be tolerated in a setting supposedly dedicated to higher learning. Those who were legitimate students should have been suspended. The polices should have been called for the others if they were actual trespassers. Can you imagine being a parent paying big bucks for this?

  5. Jeremy K says:

    Watch this shocking example of their biased disregard for viewpoints other than their own? People that were in the building in attendance who were not ASU students, nor students of the Cronkite school and probably not even students at all for that matter?

    I was there. Did you not watch Dean Callahan plead with them to stop? Did you not hear Rick Rodriguez also plead with them to stop? Then clearly stating, “we’re in the First Amendment Forum,” please let us continue. Do you really think a left-leaning school with a “First Amendment Forum” would invite Arpaio to hold a civil discussion if they truly were left-leaning?

    Furthermore, that video has nothing to do with New21, its investigation or any part of the program.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    The left figured out long ago that two offices they HAD to control are School Boards and County Recorders. ACORN now works hand-in-hand with most County Recorders, and you can see the result—illegal aliens, dead people, cartoon characters in the millions registered and voting. How long will it take for the conservatives to figure this out and go for the cure?

    In Baja AZ Pima we’re doing just that. We have a good conservative man, Bill Beard, running for County Recorder, to oust the dimocrat operative who resides there now. He will start the sanitizing process in Baja AZ. After that, it will be up to our Sec’y of State, Atty General and Governor to gird their loins and protect Mr. Beard and AZ. Will they do it?

    Support AZ, and support Bill Beard down here.

    God bless America.

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