EV Trib’s message to AZ República: “Free the News!”

“Stop the monkey business — Free the news!”

The East Valley Tribune has a few words to say about the Periódico de la República de Arizona’s (Arizona Republic) “paywall” and new policy of charging for online content that was implemented Monday. The Trib calls it “monkey business and has a very smart monkey who has hired on to do their ads.  He says a mouthful when he exclaims, “Ya know, my grandpa once taught me, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Well that’s the way I feel about my news.  Free the news.  Free the News!”

The Trib actually has several “Stop the Monkey Business” ads. We like them all and bet you will too.  Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 6.

Here’s what the East Valley Tribune has to say:

“On Sept. 10, azcentral.com implemented a “paywall” across its website so it can charge you for the news.

You’ll be watched as you click on stories, and when you’ve read too much on their site – or clicked too many pictures, watched too many videos, or commented on too many op-ed pieces – that’s it.

If you’re not signed up for a pricey new subscription plan, you’re done. Locked out.

Here at EastValleyTribune.com, we’re inviting you and anyone who cares about Valley news to stop the monkey business and free the news. That’s right: Free. The. News.

We believe the news should be free – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And you won’t be asked to enter a credit card on our site or risk being locked out.

News. Sports. Opinion. Politics. Education. Crime. Health. Money. Nation and World. Entertainment and things to do.

All free, online at EastValleyTribune.com, in print every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (you can read the e-paper, too), and now all day, every day on your Android or iOS mobile device.”

We agree with the smart monkey. There’s no reason to pay for a leftwing slant on what should be a straight news report. Head over to the East Valley Tribune.  That’s where your friends will be.

Free the News!

14 Responses to EV Trib’s message to AZ República: “Free the News!”

  1. ZOO says:

    KPHO (CBS 5) has been actively romancing the AzCentral crowd with TV spots for it’s online news site, with phrases like “it’s still free” and “no agenda.”

    If you want to laugh yourself sick, go no further than the September 10th edition of EIGHT’s Horizon, with a head-to-head battle between Randy Lovely, Gannet-sucking ASU journalism professor Tim McGuire, and KPHO general manager Ed Munson Jr. It’s an endless guffaw, but be warned – the flaming intercourse of Lovely should not be consumed before dinner:


    • American Dad says:

      Thanks for the Channel 8 link, ZOO. You are definitely a source of good information! I have to admit I didn’t watch it to the end. I have never before seen Randy Lovely other than in the chubby cheeked photo in the newspaper. Watching him, I realized he reminds me of almost-former Sen. Bwaney Fwank. I can see why you caution about viewing this away from meal times.

      The idea that charging for online reading is risky is more than a fact. The Arizona Republic is dead. It just doesn’t know enough to lie down .

      I’ll try to watch the rest later.

      • ZOO says:

        The pièce de résistance is McGuire’s lame attempt to draw a parallel between the Repugnants’s pay-per-pew and the subscription-required Wall Street Journal. We pay McGuire’s salary to be a strumpet for Gannett?

    • chick20112011 says:

      Arg, computer just erased my comments. Thanks for the link, here are a couple thoughts. (1) Professor from ASU, ASU Cronkite and the RAG are joined at the hip. Mutual boot-licking (IMHO) between Prof and Lovely. (2) Lovely is wearing a ring on his left-hand-wedding finger. Who is he married to?

      • chick20112011 says:

        Forgot number (3) Lovely looks and speaks like a younger Barney Frank. I agree with the assessment.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    The Arizona Republic has been a sick joke for a long time. Laurie Roberts milks the “kook” issue ad nauseam, the rest of them are all in the tank for illegals. In another five years when these aging hippies are out the door, the not very astute students at the Cronkite School will put the final stake in the heart of this once decent newspaper. (Decades ago, but that is a fact) Now they are basically a one note chorus singing the song of the left.

    • Villanova says:

      Funny you should give the Republic five years. We were with some friends over the weekend and this exact topic came up. Not a single one of the four couples will be paying for this new ‘service.” Only one couple currently subscribes and that is actually for reasons that are work related. All of us are in our early 40’s. We are all college graduates, 3 of us with Masters Degrees. We are all voters. All but two of the women are Republicans. Those of us who are aligned with the GOP are self described “conservatives.” If our group of eight are representative of the readership the newspaper is angling for, they have missed the boat. I’d say three years is a more reasonable lifespan in the current configuration.
      Key up the dirge….

      • Doc says:

        Villanova-I believe you’ve given th’ “e-rag” WAAAYYY too much time. I say 18 months @ best, then they’re TOAST…

      • Agree with Doc. Perhaps the opinion writers: Montini, Valdez, Roberts, Wingnut, Gonzales will gladly give up their jobs to save the paper for those who work for this RAG and have no choice in the direction of the newspaper.

  3. This is their mascot of breaking news and “scoops”, a stuffed animal. Can’t make Randy Lovely’s reasoning up.