RNC fires Nathan Sproul after reports of voter fraud

The Republican Party of Virginia has terminated the lucrative half million dollar contract it had with Strategic Allied Consulting over allegations of potential voter registration fraud in numerous counties in Florida. The group was hired to register Virginia voters.

This past week, the Florida Republican Party also fired Strategic Allied Consulting after reports of voter fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida arose. The state paid the firm $1.3 million to register voters.  And in a noteworthy display of distrust, the Republican National Committee has also severed its $3 million relationship with the firm, according to this report in the Florida Times-Union. The Tampa Bay Times has filed a thorough report detailing myriad problems. Florida enacted sweeping elections law to address voter fraud during the 2011 session.

Strategic Allied Consulting was also paid $466,643 by the Colorado Republican Campaign Committee and $666,536 by the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee.

And who resurfaces as the less than honorable face behind Strategic Allied Consultants? None other than duplicitous McCain ally, Nathan Sproul. It is an election cycle, after all.

His business, formerly known as Sproul & Associates changed its name to Lincoln Strategy Group in an effort to clean up its previously sullied image — but appears bonded to the words “strategy” and “strategic.”

Sproul’s misadventures of this type are not his first, as you can read here. He’s made millions from the Republican National Committee going back to his questionable dealings in 2004.

Sproul, a one-time executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, has previously been under investigation by the Oregon Attorney General’s office for altering the voter registration forms of several thousand students in that state.

The state and national parties moved swiftly to distance themselves from Strategic Allied Consulting, which should have raised red flags before it was hired this year. “We have zero tolerance for any threat to the integrity of elections,” said RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer. “When we were informed of an alleged incident we immediately cut all ties to the company.”

Good idea.

The overriding question remains, why does anyone still do business with Nathan Sproul — regardless of what he calls his company?

10 Responses to RNC fires Nathan Sproul after reports of voter fraud

  1. Richard Wayne says:

    For the Fifth Time!! This is one of Johnny Mac’s boys. I looked up the term sewer roach in the Encyclopedia and Nathan’s picture was there.

    Amazingly, in what I believe is a first, I heard that his picture is displayed in the image illustrating the top of a cesspool at Rothschilds Sucking Service, a fine Canadian firm. The image is titled: Floaties

  2. Kimball says:

    I should have figured John McCain was behind Nathan Sproul, since Sproul was behind Jeff Flake’s brother-in-law’s filthy campaign against Russell Pearce a few years ago. jeff Flake is just a younger, bleached blonde version of McCain.

  3. Hagar says:

    I remember when Nathan Sproul was heavily involved with the Christian Coalition here in Arizona. How far can a born-again Christian fall? Sproul may be the poster boy for it.

    • LD 7 PC says:

      Yes. He was snowy white in those days. Since then has been responsible for the coining of the word “Sprouling.” As in being “Sprouled,” or “Sprouled over.” You get the drift?

    • Ben F says:

      Actually he was NOT snowy white then. He sold out to McCain and was the traveling spokesperson for Mike Hellon and the liberal establishment. How do you think that he ingratiated himself to the point that he was rewarded with contracts that total tens of millions of dollars?

      The difference then was that most of the grass roots were not aware of his duplicity.

  4. Marianne says:

    When the ill gotten millions dry up, maybe Sproul will turn back to God. Unless the Christian Coalition was all part of his groundwork for bigger and better….?

  5. Orion says:

    I think the RNC deserves some blame for hiring Nathan Sproul. He was not an unknown and what reputation he does have is awful. Besides which, he’s lost major campaigns he’s been alligned with. Issues that resonate with faith-based voters that have won in other states lost in Arizona when Sproul was running them. What kind of track record is that?

    • John Q says:

      Don’t forget that the RNC staff were hired or approved by John McCain since he was the last Presidential candidate of the Party.

      His goal is his personal gain and the candidates or propositions be darned.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain. A cancer that was left unchecked. Has now invaded the weakened body. Sending all of its soldier malignant cells to every corner.

  7. Night Owl says:

    Voter registration fraud in 2008 led to the demise of ACORN. Does Sproul intend to bring the Republican Party to its knees in this most important election of our lifetime? If we aren’t victorious this time, I fear for the future of this nation and the generations yet to come.