AZ border agents shot: 1 murdered, 1 wounded & Updates

Napolitano has other priorities than U.S. security

In the early morning hours today, two U.S. Border Patrol agents were shot, one fatally, near Naco, the southern Arizona area known as a major drug-smuggling corridor. The wounded agent was airlifted to a hospital.  A third agent was unharmed.

In the most ironic of circumstances, the shooting occurred at the Brian Terry Station — named for the Arizona agent who was killed in a December 2010 shootout linked to the contemptible federal Fast and Furious gun-running scheme, which supplied over 2,000 guns to the violent and murderous Sinaloa drug cartel.  The botched operation is responsible for hundreds of deaths. U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, a longtime cohort of Janet Napolitano, was forced to resign his post in the cover-up that followed.

Today’s shooting occurred in the remote Cochise County area after an alarm was triggered on one of the sensors along the border and the three agents, on horseback, went to investigate.

And the Department of Homeland Security led by former Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano? Her latest mission is ensuring that illegal aliens with American same-sex “partners” are eligible to have protection from deportation under a new federal program.

“In an effort to make clear the definition of the phrase ‘family relationships,’ I have directed ICE to disseminate written guidance to the field that the interpretation of the phrase ‘family relationships’ includes long-term, same-sex partners,” Napolitano wrote in this letter. “Our nation is served when loving families are kept together,” she said.

Global terrorism is on the rise. Just weeks ago U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were savagely murdered in a brazen attack on our Libyan embassy. It has long been recognized that Arizona’s southern border is a portal for access into the U.S. for those intending destruction to our country and citizens.

Seeing RedAZ has previously reported that Hezbollah is now on our doorstep, as radical Muslims are gaining strength along the Mexican border. Although Tucson police officials have acknowledged the militant group’s presence, the MSM has busied itself reporting on the celebrity of the moment while the Obama adminstration turns a blind eye. As far back as October 2001, WND covered this combustible issue in an article titled Arab terrorists crossing border.

Yet Napolitano has decided this is the optimum time to issue a new directive protecting illegal homosexuals.

What a warm and fuzzy touch to bring in another constituency for the Fabricator-in-Chief Barack Obama, in time for the November election.

The Border Patrol has identified the slain agent as 30-year-old Nicolas Ivie. The search for the killer/killers is being led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. Reports from the area say a widespread search for the suspects has been underway all day, incorporating agents on horseback and helicopters.

This is Gov. Jan Brewer’s statement* in which she made no attempt to conceal her rage at the Obama administration’s border enforcement laxity: “It has been 558 days since the Obama administration declared the security of the U.S.-Mexico border ‘better now than it has ever been.’ I’ll remember that statement today,” she wrote.

*Courtesy of KTAR

October 7, 2012

Now we’re being told that Agent Ivie was the victim of “friendly fire as this sad chapter has become a political football for the Obama administration to kick around.    

H/T Examiner


The Feds will not pay to lay our Border Patrol Agent to rest. Arizona Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie leaves behind a young wife and 2 very young children. Donations are being accepted at the Arizona National Bank to help pay for funeral expenses.  Zion Bank in Utah is also participating. These accounts were not set up by the family. Nicholas Ivie’s widow is a stay-at-home mother and the funeral cost is not covered for our hero Border Patrol Agent.

If you would like to donate to help the Ivie family cover expenses, a foundation has been established.

The Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund can be accessed at any branch of National Bank of Arizona or through the Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund: National Bank of Arizona, 1160 East Fry Boulevard
Sierra Vista. (520) 439-5469

27 Responses to AZ border agents shot: 1 murdered, 1 wounded & Updates

  1. Kathy says:

    Were the Border Patrol armed with live ammo?? Or beanbags?? Another death Obama is responsible for. God Bless this agent and those who are fighting against our own Govt to uphold our laws.

    • garvan says:

      I just heard they had “non-lethal” ammo.

      Also, don’t forget about The Skunk’s directive that when shot at, the border patrol guys should “run and hide.”

      And then, if the smuggler pursues the border agent, he should “throw things” at the bad guy.

      And if that fails to deter the armed drug smuggler, then and only then is he allowed to shoot off a bean bag.

      I’ve got a solution for this bureaucratically-lethal policy: our border guards should buy their own hollow points.

      Then, when they encounter the bad guys, they should just off them.

      The obama “justice” department, at the urging of The Skunk, will prosecute our guys.

      We, in turn, spread the word about “jury nullification” so at least one patriot will be on the border agent’s jury.

      He or she will vote “NOT GUILTY.” All it takes is one vote to prevent a conviction.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    Here we go again. Another Arizona agent slaughtered and what is the response from Obama/Napolitano?
    The fact that ICE is being sidelined with these same-sex directives is liberal lunacy.

  3. Irving Rheingold says:

    This will continue as long as there is a demand for cheap labor and drugs. Period.

  4. AZRed says:

    Someone with connections PLEASE send this to Mitt Romney so it can be included in tomorrow’s debate. If he’s looking for a kidney punch this is a knockout! Bless the agents’ families and damn the policies that put them in harm’s way!

  5. ZOO says:

    The agent killed was 30 year-old Nicholas Ivie from Provo, Utah. Ivie joined the Border Patrol in 2008, and was a member of the volunteer clergy in the area.

    The U.S. / Mexico border should have been sealed within mere months after 9/11, but the two-party oligarchy has seen to it that the border remains wide open – each for their own self-gratifying purposes. The more encouragement and emboldenment the open-borders lobby receives, the less likely the border will ever be secured.

    This country has spent more money fighting the open-borders lobby and their elected officials in Washington than it would have taken to secure the border ten times over. We MUST vote out politicians who are sympathetic to the open-borders and amnesty hucksters, and that begins with Jeffrey Lane Flake. Send the message to the Arizona Republican Party that we will NOT support McCain-backed Republican amnesty operatives as representatives of Arizona in Washington.

    The Arizona Republican Party gave us a no-choice candidate for the U.S. Senate in regards to illegal immigration, and now it is time to say NO, NO, and HELL NO!

    • Chuck says:

      As a conservative, I agree with you about Jeff McFlake. I will not vote for him. But Carmona? What do you plan to do in this race? We need a strong Senate as well as keeping the House. The Senate confirms US Supreme Court Justices. I feel boxed in, but not enough to ever vote for Flake. It will be as though we’re voting for McCain all over again. Can’t do that, and haven’t done it in the last 14 years.

      • ZOO says:

        Chuck-When Carmona was Surgeon General, the Arizona Republican party solicited him to run against Napolitano for governor, and to run against Gabriel Gifford for the House seat in the former CD8. I believe we can tolerate him for one term, until a genuine conserative is offered by the state GOP.

        The state GOP has cancer and it is spreading. I posted an article here yesterday about Bill Montgomery emerging from his elected aura to join the ranks of McCain, Flake, Lewis, Worsley, etal. GOP primary voters abandoned the stand on illegal immigration to put up Flake. Voting for Richard Carmona is the ONLY thing we can do to send a clear message and that is exactly what I will do. It’s either that, or elect Randy Parraz state GOP chairman.

        The “Tea Party” in Arizona has been trounced, while it is flourishing in other states. That majority you want in the Senate only needs to be 51, and it can easily be obtained WITHOUT Jeff Flake. Gamble or surrender.

  6. garvan says:

    What is the name of the member of the rodent family that has black fur with a white stripe, and gives off a fetid stench if you cross paths with it?

    Hint: there was one spotted in Arizona a while back, but has recently been sighted in Washington D.C.

  7. ZOO says:

    This day just keeps getting better and better.

    NOW Mitt Romney is telling the Denver Post that if he is elected, he will NOT reverse the illegal amnesty that Obama bestowed on “Dreamers” – giving them two years to run amok and take jobs from Americans.

    If Romney does not REVOKE Obama’s illegal amnesty, that will sanction illegal acts by the office of the POTUS and simply lay the ground work for MORE demands from MEXICO to hand over amnesty to it’s exported criminals. What a ******* toilet America has become with revolving door treasonous filth running the country.

    The outcome of the 2012 presidential election? It just doesn’t matter anymore.

    • Joseph Bickley says:

      Zoo, I agree that voting for either main candidate for the presidency is a waste of time. They are all turds of the same color, controlled, told-what-to-think and bought by the manipulators behind-the-scenes who dictate American policy via the CFR, etc.
      Romney, if elected, will push us towards a socialist state, just maybe slower than Obama, and the cheering Repubs will embrace him. The president does NOT run the country; it is the people controlling their puppet strings who do.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        Joseph Bickley:
        We have taken the liberty of removing your first sentence, which was intentionally insulting to another commentor and longtime reader of this site. We encourage interaction and thoughtful dialogue, not spelling instruction. We are all busy and often type fast. Even those of us who write this blog have made typographical errors. Although we gratefully accept corrections, they are not appropriate for other readers.

      • sykotek says:

        Joe-apparently TH’ PEOPLE have forgotten that, as have most of our electorate. I’ll be voting for Mitt, but I’ll be holdin’ my nose while I do it.

        Continue to invest in Precious metals such as Hardened Steel, Brass, & Lead…

  8. Annie O. says:

    One more high profile border patrol agent murder to be laid at the feet of McCain ,Kyl, Flake and Shadegg as well as the Chamber of Commerce’s Glenn Hammer and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    They have done everything they could to turn us over to the Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. Of course the Democrats started this lunancy but the Republicans could have stopped it. instead, led by McCain and Kyl, they joined in the Democrat effort.

    How many thousands of deaths can we lay at their feet? How much money did they receive from cheap labor business leaders like Mac Magruder. to fund their campaigns. You of course know that “Republican Precinct Committeeman. Magruder has endorsed open border Democrat Penzone for sheriff, don’t you.

    How they will be honored in the Spanish language history books the children of Amerika will read a few decades to come.

    • ZOO says:

      Bill Clinton opened the gates of the border. George W. Filth and the Republican-controlled Congress (2001-2007) blew them off the hinges.

    • Hagar says:

      Magruder wants cheap illegal labor for his McDonalds franchises. Does anyone know which McDonalds he owns? I want to be sure not to go to any of them.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    We are standing on the sidelines, talking, talking, talking about our country, which is disintegrating in front of our eyes.
    When are we going to do something?

    • garvan says:

      Whaddaya got in mind, Sam?

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Well, I recall a time when a Governor and legislature of a certain state (not AZ) decided to draw up legislation to tax and regulate farmers in order to pay for more free stuff for the inner city thugs and thugettes.
        What did the farmers do? After describing the political move as bulls**it, they decided to deliver the goods.
        They delivered tons, and I mean tons, of cow manure to the grounds of the state capital. It was a joyous sight (but the smell was pretty bad). The farmers proved their point; the politicians backed down, and there were some memorable photographs.
        I’m not suggesting a special delivery of cow dung to any certain politician, though the mental images are great!

        Perhaps, instead, something to honor the memory of our law enforcement personnel who have given their lives for us. Jan Brewer came out swinging today. Maybe something down at the Capital. Something heartfelt.

      • garvan says:

        I sorta remember something like the load of manure. Where did that occur?

        Damn good way to tell the liberal scum what we think of them.

        Manure never goes out of style. I can visualize a load in front of liberal politicians’ district offices, too.

  10. CD9 says:

    I for one am going to do something with my vote. I will for the first time in 35 years vote Democrat for the Senate, we will get our 51 without open borders McFlake. I am voting for Mitt, but he is already changing his mind on Immigration, remember the debates, he lied to us on immigration, but at least let hope he does pay attention to the rule of law.

  11. Night Owl says:

    Earlier today the imbecilic McCain appeared on KTAR radio and apologized for the issue being politicized by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer!! HE is the one who should hang his ugly head in shame!! He has been an ardent amnesty supporter for years. Now he and his like thinking buddy Jon Kyl are promoting their protégé Jeff Flake. Flake is the worst. The only discernable difference is Flake has mastered the deceptive craft of grinning like a Cheshire cat while he stabs us in the back. Count me in with those who say NO to The Flake.

  12. Seen It All says:

    Janet Napolesbo has never cared about Arizona. Our state was merely a stepping stone for her in her leftist career path. She was born in New York City, raised in Pittsburgh, PA and Albuquerque, N.M, and educated in California and Virginia.

    Had it not been for the sleazy campaign that former TV-12 weatherman-turned-lawyer-turned-lobbyist John Kaites ran against Tom McGovern in the 1998 attorney general’s GOP primary, Napolitano would never have gained the trajectory that spearheaded her Dem rise. Voters were so disgusted with the physical and mental dwarf John Kaites that they abandoned the Republican ship in that race altogether and that put Napolitano on course. It was all too similar to the way Dem Dennis DeConcini rose to the rank of AZ US Senator, in which Republicans John Conlan and Sam Steiger disgusted the voters decades before (1976) with their internecine brutality. Too bad no one pays attention to the lessons of history. Conlan’s conservative base deserted Steiger and ended up voting for DeConcini.

    We’ll see that happen again as conservatives who are disgusted with deceitful McCain clone and amnesty enthusiast Jeff Flake’s rotten campaign against Wil Cardon will desert him for Democrat Carmona.

  13. LouiseAnn says:

    I have called McCain’s, Kyl’s, Schweikert’s offices for MONTHS about Fast and Furious. They have made no statement, have not called for the impeachment/ resignation of Holder/ Obama, etc. At this point I don’t give a damn about any of it!! Only problem – I have children. What do I do to protect them????

    • Doc says:

      LouiseAnn-I’ve been sayin’ for YEARS that “our elected “representatives” continue to DO ABSO-FREEKIN’-LUTELY NUTHIN’…

  14. Saguaro Sam says:

    Read this and find out who DHS is really interested in (hint: look in the mirror):

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